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Thanks for another good trade murcielago
wanderer_27: Thanks for another good trade murcielago
Thanks to you too wanderer_27
[H] Witcher 2 GOG (will expire on 31.12.2014)

[W] whatever is now on sale GOG, but maybe Total Annihilation Commander Pack?

Looking for Caesar 3, Settlers 3 and 4, and Pharaoh + Cleopatra.

Edit: Thanks Dessimu for M&M 7 and 8
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Successfully traded with , [url=]Niggles Fuin
and Dessimu.
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SirRobbie: ...
Thank you for a great and interesting trade, SirRobbie! ;)
Thanks to Dessimu for a great trade! (I FINALLY GOT "BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL" BITCHES!!!!!!!!)
Thank you very much X-Com for the smooth and great trade !

i´m looking especially for:

Raiden III (GoG)

Impaler26: WANT (GOG):

The Settlers® 4: Gold Edition

Currently in the Settling For Less bundle for €1.99 (full discount)


I can buy a €1.99 game from the Flash Sale or games of equal value from the following bundles:

Might and Magic Series
The Ultimate D&D Collection
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Zone
City Builder Bundle
The Witcher Tag Team
Sid Meier's Pack
Rayman Series
FPS Icons
Dungeon Crawlers

Or have a look at my trade list, i'll offer many bundle keys for one GOG key so just ask if you find something you want.

P.S.: I still have 4 copies of The Gamers (GOG) and 1 copy of Age of Wonders (GOG) to give away, just ask! :)
Pm Sent :)
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I can also buy individual titles from the following bundles for max. discount:
Might and Magic series
Gabriel Knight Classic
The Ultimate D&D Collection (already have codes for those)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Zone
The Witcher Tag Team
The Gamers Series Pack
Daedalic Adventures
Age of wonders Pack
Loads of Larry Love
FPS Icons
Dungeon Crawlers
Edit... concluded
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Thank you to Magoxx for a great trade!

Here is my updated list
Looking to buy the following individual games from bundles (at a full discount):

(from Loads of Larry Love) LEISURE SUIT LARRY
(from Godmode Bundle) POPULOUS™: THE BEGINNING
(from Settling for Less) Settlers 4
(from Settling for Less) Settlers 2: 10the Anniversary

Conversely, I can buy (at full discount) individual games from the following bundles, this is an open offer (I don't require a trade):

Age of Wonders Pack
The Witcher Tag Team
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Zone
FPS Icons
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cmh5: Bump.
Thank you for a great trade, cmh5!