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Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Underworld are currently very cheap on Steam, but I bought some more important (to me) Tomb Raider titles recently and thus won't make this purchase.
Would be great if I could get them through trade.
Lookie here.
Thanks to X-com for a smooth trade!
Thanks yogsloth for a great and easy trade!

Here is my updated list.
new games added!

<span class="bold">My Tradelist updated</span>
Bump for updates! I Thank pablodusk for the sucessfull trade! :-)
<span class="bold">Updated</span>
I'm not looking for anything specific at the moment so feel free to make an offer!

HERE is the list of games I have available, as well as a list of people I've traded with.
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Steam games Post bump
my offer:

(H) Alan Wake german STEAM key (W) Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

would be better for the gifter to be european. i am not sure whether you can redeem keys from germany outside of europe. with this game it should work however.
edit: offer expired
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<span class="bold">My Tradelist updated</span>
Thank you to hummer010 for a great trade
I'm very interested in the key for Fate: The Traitor Soul that comes in the new Destiny Bundle over at Bundlestars, but I'm not going to buy the whole bundle just for that one. If someone bought the bundle and is looking to get rid of that one key, take a look at my list here and see if something strikes your fancy.
HeadphonesON: Thank you to hummer010 for a great trade
Thank You!