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African_wildlife: I've updated my list — especially One Finger Death Punch 2 is expected to have demand.

I've curated the list meticulously and I've tried to keep "shovelware" out entirely, but I may dump my entire batch of keys out in the future, with respective categories.
Thank you for the awesome trade :D

Agreed that it took some time to finish, but I am glad that I made a new acquaintance....!

Enjoy your games...
Time expired.
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Added the following games:

Enslaved Premium Edition
Impact Winter
Pac Man Championship Edition DX
Forgotton Anne (from the last Humble Bundle)

The Descendant - Complete Season
The Office Quest
other games
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Thank you philipp_chris for the trade.
theslitherydeee: Thank you philipp_chris for the trade.
Thank you as well for the trade, theslitherydeee.
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WANT (from the Sale)
- The Age of Decadence
- The Red Strings Club


Thanks! ^^
Thanks Vingry for trade. :)
PMPMGamer: Thanks Vingry for trade. :)
Thanks for the successful trade as well, PMPMGamer! :)
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Retroman88: I know this is a big ask but does anyone have the Duke Nukem gog games they would be willing to trade. I have since got them elsewhere but would like to add them to my gog library.
Thanks for a great trade!
Thanks to X-com for a smooth hassle free trade - brilliant!

Also I have recently found out there was a gog release of XIII - This is also a BIG ask but does anyone have it to trade?