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You might want to add Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander as it just got a free DLC last night via Galaxy and via offline installers today :)

The DLC in question is the Diplomatic Diversions DLC and it adds the following:

- Whole new landscape: Act 2 has 25+ new missions and quests for all factions
- You CAN'T catch them all: with multiple prompts, conditions, and outcomes, these will make each playthrough more diverse and surprising
- MOAR Lore: You've grown to love the denizens of Halcyon 6's universe, now you get to know even more! Who they hate, what they worship, who to trust, how they... smell?

That's the official description from the devs :)
PaterAlf: Kingdoms and Castles got a content update (new buildings, new ships, possibility to play on bigger maps) and has been added to the GOGmix.
Don't forget Kingdom: New Lands with the Skull Island content :)