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The last thing I need is another game (like that ever stops me), but I'm strongly considering Lords of Midnight just to see this piece of gaming history that I somehow missed. But I think it was cheaper during the summer sale, right? Maybe I'll wait....
And done.

1. Shadowrun: Dragonfall DLC
2. Sword of the Stars: The Pit: The Pilgrim DLC
Right now I'm thinking on whether or not to grab Sword of the Stars: The Pit.
One more bump before the promo ages.....
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Bought the Avernum series and I've been having lots of fun with it. We need more party based rpgs.
Right, promo over....

And my haul is King of Dragon Pass.
And this weekend promo is Nordic Nobility.
BillyMaysFan59: And this weekend promo is Nordic Nobility.
Hard to resist some of those $1.79 games, even knowing that with my backlog I may never get to them. I have a shopping addiction; combined with a collecting/hoarding addiction for the double win!
Nice promo, finally popped the two Nations game onto my shelf. GOG knows how to get into my wallet...
Damn, I wanted to grab Gothic 1, but it's not part of the sale, so nothing for me this week.
Nothing from my wishlist, but some thoughts:

1) Gothic 2: Already have it on retail
2) Gothic 3: Same as above
3) Desperados 2: Is it really that bad when compared to the first one? How exactly is it so much worse than the 1st?
4) Jack Keane 2: Nah, too expensive. :P
5) Aquanox: Playable with kb+mouse or better with joystick?
6) Aquanox 2: Same question as above. Also, is it improved in comparison to the first one?
7) Chaser: Another FPS I don't have. Seems the most tempting out of all.
8) Panzer Elite Special Edition: Easy to learn? Slow? Fast?

I'll be having those thoughts till Monday. Then, I will decide if and what I will buy. Feel free to try nudge me towards one of those games.
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Decided to grab Panzer Elite as well. I've a number of those realistic mechanical war sims here, even though they tend to end up fairly low in my backlog priority queue.
I need time to decide whether or not I'll get something from this promo.... despite some of the games looking fascinating I might pass, in order to give my checking account a break ;)
I just got the following

1 - Painkiller Black edition
2 - Spellforce Platinum edition
3 - Spellforce 2
4 - Spellforce 2
5 - Spellforce 2

and still nothing in my haul...I'll take a closer look at the games in this sale