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I didn't take anything away from this promo. Probably for the best as I made an agreement with my wallet I would do just that ;-)
Right, promo for Topware games is now over. We can now wait for the next weekend promo. :-)

My haul ended up being nothing, was tempted to grab the Earth games, but later I decided to pass on that. I probably would have grabbed Knights and Merchants, if I didn't already have it on Steam from a previous Indie Royale bundle. :P
And the new weekend promo is Indie RPG Icons!
SR Dragonfalls DLC
SOTS The Pit Pilgrim DLC :P
Nothing - i already have all games in the RPG promo except for Doomdark's Revenge. :D
Little bump :P

And as for my haul... nothing as of yet. I would have picked up Driftmoon, but I already have it on Desura. (from a trade)

EDIT: I'm thinking about getting King of Dragon Pass though.
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Nothing as of yet, but I'm currently eyeing Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Sword of the Stars: The Pit: The Pilgrim.
There are 4-5 interesting games, but no money....
It's always the hard choise between rent and gaming.....
Still thinking about King of Dragon Pass...
jamyskis: *rimshit*
Smannesman: Eww.. just, eww.
I thought the same thing...like "is that when it hits the rim of the bowl and..." yeah, lol.

I've not bought anything yet but as I told you before BillyMaysFan, I'm extremely pleased with King of Dragon Pass, definitely worth it on sale or at full price.
Sunday bump!

And I'm just going to go ahead and grab King of Dragon Pass... that will be my haul this weekend :P

EDIT: aaaaand purchased ;-)
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BillyMaysFan59: Sunday bump!

And I'm just going to go ahead and grab King of Dragon Pass... that will be my haul this weekend :P

EDIT: aaaaand purchased ;-)
GET King of Dragon pass. unless you like having a life
So much fun. just got it yesterday, and i can't stop playing it

now if you will excuse me, i have to go sacrifice to the gods so my crops will be plentiful and deal with an out of wedlock mother.
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Shadowrun Returns DLC so I can have the game up to date.
I actually haven't bought anything in weekend promos for quite some time.
They should make more promos on old games, for example Panzer General hasn't been on promo since I don't remember when.
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Lords of Midnight looks great, but unfortunately I can't buy it. I got King of Dragon Pass, so LoM is definitely #1 on my wishlist now.
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