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Braggadar: Pokies = Aussie / NZ slang for poker / slot machines.
thats what i figured, but knowing a few other meanings of it, I had to check.
joppo: I don't know much about the paysafe cards that other users have been touting to say whether they are an adequate alternative, tho. I don't think we have these here? Or maybe we do and they're just called by other name.
Cavalary: They say you should, at least in some cities. It found stuff when I searched for Manaus, Belem or Brasilia. Not for the other larger cities though, no idea whether bug or really not sold there.
Huh, I guess we do have them, I just never bothered to look. I will check a nearby store later.
(And you're right about a bug. Requesting sale points for a large city once didn't give me results, but a second time did)