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What is Alipay?

Alipay is the largest online payment service provider in China. With more than 800 million Chinese accounts, Alipay is already the biggest mobile payment processor in the world.

The e-commerce giant sold a record-breaking $9.3 billion worth of goods during the 24-hour sale on China’s Singles Day, the world’s largest one-day online shopping holiday. Alipay, the main payment option on Alibaba’s sites, has played a crucial role in processing such massive amount of transaction values from over 200 countries.

Alibaba's IPO By The Numbers: Bigger Than Google, Facebook, And Twitter Combined

Why GOG should add Alipay to its payment option?

There is a big game market in China, and Alipay is the easiest and best way for chinese gamers to buy games online.


And Steam, Humble Bundle, Greenmangaming already have Alipay in their payment option. If you never see it , that s probably because they set that Alipay only show up when your IP address is in China.

As a chinese gamer, Here are some pics when i buy games using Alipay on Steam, Humble Bundle, Greenmangaming.

So GOG, Please add Alipay to your payment option.
Alipay sounds like an alimony manager, are you into hit and runs over there in china?
WBGhiro: Alipay sounds like an alimony manager, are you into hit and runs over there in china?
It's owned by a company called Alibaba Group, who among many other things, also run AliExpress (an Ebay-like marketplace), and the Chinese version of Yahoo!.