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‖ Jun28 • NEWS: Explore two fascinating narrative games from Plug In Digitalarticle
‖ Jun28 • NEWS: Release: Fragments of Himarticle
‖ Jun28 • NEWS: Weekly Sale: Summer Sale Encore and GOG MIX with games up to 85% offarticle
‖ Jun29 • NEWS: Release: Curved Spacearticle
‖ Jun29 • NEWS: Release: Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol BUNDLEarticle
‖ Jun30 • NEWS: Release: Greedfall - De Vespe Conspiracyarticle
‖ Jun30 • NEWS: Coming soon: They Always Runarticle
‖ Jun30 • NEWS: Coming soon: Webbedarticle
‖ Jun30 • NEWS: Midweek Sale: games that will improve your detective skills up to 90% off
‖ Jun30 • Test thread
‖ Jun30 • NEWS: Release: Secret Agent HDarticle
‖ Jul01 • NEWS: Release: Necromunda: Hired Gun Bundlearticle
‖ Jul01 • NEWS: Play the Okinawa Rush demoarticle
‖ Jul01 • NEWS: In development: Townscaperarticle
‖ Jul02 • NEWS: Weekend Sale: games filled with action up to 90% offarticle
‖ Jul02 • NEWS: Enjoy the two classic puzzle games from Ziggurat interactivearticle
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‖ Jul05 • NEWS: Coming soon: Manor Lordsarticle
‖ Jul05 • NEWS: Coming soon: StarCrawlers Chimeraarticle
‖ Jul05 • NEWS: Weekly Sale: games that you can finish overnight up to 90% off
‖ Jul06 • NEWS: Coming soon: Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaosarticle
‖ Jul06 • NEWS: Coming soon: Death Trasharticle
‖ Jul06 • NEWS: Release: Ys IX: Monstrum Noxarticle
‖ Jul07 • NEWS: Release: The Pirate's Fatearticle
‖ Jul07 • NEWS: Discover two exciting dating sims from Magic Notion Ltdarticle
‖ Jul07 • NEWS: Midweek Sale: games that will run on most PCs up to 80% offarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Check out the full schedule of the WitcherConarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: The Witcher and more - discover exciting free games on GOG.COMarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Discover some cool game-changing mods for The Witcher 3: Wild Huntarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kingsarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Interview: Looking back at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with its creatorsarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Coming soon: Succubusarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Release: Ancient Enemyarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Release: Nemezis: Mysterious Journey IIIarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Release: Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations - 1942 DLCarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Release: Boomerang Xarticle
‖ Jul08 • NEWS: Start the celebration of The Witcher franchise early on GOG.COMarticle
‖ Jul09 • NEWS: Three games from the Anstoss (On the Ball) series return to bring you more funarticle
‖ Jul09 • NEWS: Nemezis III: Mysterious Journey is coming to take us on a journey full of puzzlesarticle
‖ Jul09 • NEWS: Weekend Sale: relaxing simulation games up to 85% off
‖ Jul09 • NEWS: In development: Black Skylandsarticle
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‖ Jul12 • NEWS: Weekly Sale: games from Activision up to 67% off
‖ Jul12 • NEWS: Experience the French Touch Sale with new releases and deals up to 90% offarticle
‖ Jul13 • NEWS: Sorcerer Update for Solasta: Crown of the Magister is livearticle
‖ Jul14 • NEWS: Coming soon: Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All!article
‖ Jul14 • NEWS: Midweek Sale: games for the entire family to enjoy up to 90% off
‖ Jul14 • NEWS: Giveaway: Syberia I & II pack
‖ Jul14 • NEWS: Syberia - Eyes on the Game #7article
‖ Jul15 • NEWS: Release: Steel Division 2 - Nemesis #4 - Storming Toulon DLCarticle
‖ Jul15 • NEWS: Release: Highrisersarticle
‖ Jul15 • NEWS: Coming soon: Lost at Seaarticle
‖ Jul15 • NEWS: Coming soon: Black Geyser: Couriers of Darknessarticle
‖ Jul15 • NEWS: A French-style masterpiece: Asobo Studio tells us more about A Plague Tale: Innocencearticle
‖ Jul15 • NEWS: Release: Streets Of Rage 4 - Mr. X Nightmarearticle
‖ Jul15 • NEWS: Patch 5 for Baldur's Gate 3 is now livearticle
‖ Jul15 • NEWS: Release: Guild of Darksteelarticle
‖ Jul16 • Regarding the GOG GALAXY update
‖ Jul16 • Regarding the GOG GALAXY update
‖ Jul16 • NEWS: Release: Paper Beast - Folded Editionarticle
‖ Jul16 • NEWS: Coming soon: Winkeltje: The Little Shoparticle
‖ Jul16 • NEWS: Coming soon: two new games from WIRED Productionsarticle
‖ Jul16 • NEWS: Coming soon: Spindlearticle
‖ Jul16 • NEWS: Weekend Sale: games full of aliens up to 87% off
‖ Jul16 • NEWS: "Impossible" is not French - Interview with Eric Chahi • article
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‖ Jul19 • NEWS: Release: Phoenotopia: Awakeningarticle
‖ Jul19 • NEWS: Release: 9th Dawn IIIarticle
‖ Jul19 • NEWS: Three weekly sales await with great games up to 90% off
‖ Jul19 • NEWS: Join our Indie Games Summer Contest!article
‖ Jul20 • NEWS: Coming soon: Endzone - A World Apart: Prosperityarticle
‖ Jul20 • NEWS: Release: Steel Division 2 - Reinforcement Pack #11 - Army General Cooparticle
‖ Jul20 • NEWS: Release: Death's Doorarticle
‖ Jul20 • NEWS: Release: Cris Talesarticle
‖ Jul20 • NEWS: Coming soon: Starmancerarticle
‖ Jul20 • NEWS: Coming soon: Evertriedarticle
‖ Jul20 • NEWS: Release: Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefedarticle
‖ Jul20 • NEWS: Release: RimWorld - Ideologyarticle
‖ Jul21 • NEWS: Midweek Sale: build an empire and save up to 90% off
‖ Jul21 • NEWS: Release: Ticket to Eartharticle
‖ Jul21 • NEWS: Release: Lost at Seaarticle
‖ Jul21 • NEWS: Check these IGF and GDCA Finalists and Honorable Mentions for some of the most unique games out therearticle
‖ Jul22 • NEWS: Release: Song of Farcaarticle
‖ Jul22 • NEWS: Coming soon: Patronarticle
‖ Jul22 • NEWS: Coming soon: Catie in MeowmeowLandarticle
‖ Jul22 • NEWS: Release: Warhammer 40,000: Battlesectorarticle
‖ Jul22 • NEWS: Release: Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Editionarticle
‖ Jul23 • NEWS: Coming soon: two new games from PQubearticle
‖ Jul23 • NEWS: Release: Hot Brassarticle
‖ Jul23 • NEWS: Release: Amazing Cultivation Simulatorarticle
‖ Jul23 • NEWS: Release: Blue Firearticle
‖ Jul23 • NEWS: Isometric games and Bethesda Publisher Weekend up to 90% off
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‖ Jul26 • NEWS: Release: Tunguska: The Visitationarticle
‖ Jul26 • NEWS: Coming soon: Dodgeball Academiaarticle
‖ Jul26 • NEWS: Discover 3 classic gems from Big Finish Gamesarticle
‖ Jul26 • NEWS: Release: Second Sightarticle
‖ Jul26 • NEWS: Weekly Sale: unforgettable classics and titles from Humble Games up to 85% offarticle
‖ Jul27 • NEWS: Release: LongStoryarticle
‖ Jul27 • NEWS: Coming soon: Skydrift Infinityarticle
‖ Jul27 • NEWS: Release: Adiosarticle
‖ Jul27 • NEWS: The first major update for The Tenants is here!article
‖ Jul28 • NEWS: Release: The Forgotten Cityarticle
‖ Jul28 • Way of the Samurai 4 delisting
‖ Jul28 • NEWS: Chernobylite leaves the development stage!article
‖ Jul28 • NEWS: BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION receives an update and a discount!article
‖ Jul28 • NEWS: Coming soon: Haven Parkarticle
‖ Jul28 • NEWS: Midweek Sale: games that will take you to the skies up to 90% off
‖ Jul28 • PC Building Simulator - Deadstick Case delisting
‖ Jul28 • NEWS: Pre-order: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteousarticle
‖ Jul28 • NEWS: Release: Unbound: Worlds Apartarticle
‖ Jul29 • NEWS: Release: Dr Livingstone, I Presume?article
‖ Jul29 • NEWS: Release: Eldest Soulsarticle
‖ Jul29 • NEWS: Release: Skydrift Infinityarticle
‖ Jul29 • NEWS: Release: Banners of Ruinarticle
‖ Jul30 • NEWS: Release: Vesperarticle
‖ Jul30 • NEWS: Release: No Longer Homearticle
‖ Jul30 • NEWS: Weekend Sale: games where you join villains up to 90% off
‖ Jul30 • NEWS: Wings - Eyes on the Game #8article
‖ Jul30 • NEWS: Grab your copy of Wanderlust: Transsiberian!article
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‖ Aug02 • NEWS: Release: GRIMEarticle
‖ Aug02 • NEWS: Special Sale: games from Frogwares 80% off
‖ Aug02 • NEWS: Weekly Sale: a mix of captivating games up to 90% off
‖ Aug03 • NEWS: Release: Riddle of the Sphinx The Awakening (Enhanced Edition)article
‖ Aug03 • Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island delisting
‖ Aug04 • NEWS: Midweek Sale: roguelike and roguelite games up to 90% offarticle
‖ Aug05 • NEWS: In development: Starmancerarticle
‖ Aug05 • NEWS: Release: Haven Parkarticle
‖ Aug05 • NEWS: Release: The Falconeer - Edge of the Worldarticle
‖ Aug05 • NEWS: In development: Death Trasharticle
‖ Aug05 • NEWS: Release: Dodgeball Academiaarticle
‖ Aug05 • NEWS: Jupiter Hell leaves the development stage!article
‖ Aug06 • NEWS: Pre-order: Tandem: A Tale of Shadowsarticle
‖ Aug06 • NEWS: Coming soon: Greak: Memories of Azurarticle
‖ Aug06 • NEWS: Interview: Stephan Hovelbrinks tells us more about Death Trasharticle
‖ Aug06 • NEWS: Weekend Sale: games where you explore the world up to 90% off
‖ Aug06 • NEWS: Grab your copies of Syndicate Plus, Syndicate Wars, and Ultima Underworld I & IIarticle
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‖ Aug09 • NEWS: Release: 8-Bit Adventures 1: The Forgotten Journey Remastered Editionarticle
‖ Aug09 • NEWS: Release: No One Lives in Heavenarticle
‖ Aug09 • NEWS: Weekly Sale: visual novels up to 75% off
‖ Aug10 • NEWS: Pre-order: Aragami 2article
‖ Aug10 • NEWS: QuakeCon Sale: games from Bethesda Softworks and id Software up to 85% off
‖ Aug10 • NEWS: Release: Patronarticle
‖ Aug10 • NEWS: Release: Black Bookarticle
‖ Aug11 • NEWS: Coming soon: INDUSTRIAarticle
‖ Aug11 • NEWS: Release: Later Datersarticle
‖ Aug11 • NEWS: Midweek Sale: exciting platformers up to 90% offarticle
‖ Aug12 • NEWS: Release: Faraday Protocolarticle
‖ Aug12 • NEWS: Coming soon: Frostpunk 2article
‖ Aug13 • NEWS: Coming soon: UNSIGHTEDarticle
‖ Aug13 • NEWS: Weekend Sale: games with rich stories up to 90% off
‖ Aug14 • NEWS: In development: Dread Templararticle
‖ Aug14 • NEWS: Coming soon: PowerSlave Exhumedarticle
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‖ Aug16 • NEWS: Release: Road 96article
‖ Aug16 • NEWS: Discover 5 exciting games and a Special Sale from Sekai Project!article
‖ Aug16 • NEWS: Pre-order: Mortal Shellarticle
‖ Aug16 • NEWS: Special Sale: games for all tastes up to 90% offarticle
‖ Aug17 • NEWS: Release: Doki Doki Gravity Divearticle
‖ Aug17 • NEWS: Release: Greak: Memories of Azurarticle
‖ Aug18 • NEWS: Complete your collection of Myst games thanks to fantastic discountsarticle
‖ Aug18 • NEWS: Release: Hell Architectarticle
‖ Aug18 • NEWS: Release: Mortal Shellarticle
‖ Aug18 • NEWS: Release: Ambition: A Minuet in Powerarticle
‖ Aug19 • NEWS: Pre-order: Syberia: The World Beforearticle
‖ Aug19 • NEWS: Release: Recompilearticle
‖ Aug19 • NEWS: GOG Games Festival is Here To Help You Choose the Next Big Game to Playarticle
‖ Aug20 • Quake Enhanced Update
‖ Aug20 • NEWS: Play 3 demo versions of exceptional games from Retrovibearticle
‖ Aug20 • NEWS: Release: SLUDGE LIFEarticle
‖ Aug20 • NEWS: Discover 6 upcoming titles from Devolver Digitalarticle
‖ Aug20 • NEWS: Pack your virtual travel gear and join our Tomb Raider Contest!article
‖ Aug20 • NEWS: Interview: Charles Boury tells us more about Road 96article
‖ Aug20 • NEWS: Read about 4 Tomb Raider games that recently arrived on GOG.COMarticle
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...-2021-W33. I won't update this thread anymore.
Feel free to continue.
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I appreciate the effort you put into this thread, thank you!

Your thread is comprehensive, my efforts are less so.

I will continue, albeit at another location:
JackknifeJohnson: ...-2021-W33. I won't update this thread anymore.
Feel free to continue.
Appreciate all the effort you put into it.
What are the odds that someone from GOG staff will pick up the banner and do this, since it's something they should have been doing anyway? :/

Why did you delete the contents of that last post though? I'm quite sure you had some more links in it.
JackknifeJohnson: ...-2021-W33. I won't update this thread anymore.
Feel free to continue.
Thanks for your valuable work JackknifeJohnson!
And also thank you to solar_dome for continue the effort!
Stranger Things 3: The Game delisting
Post edited August 31, 2021 by solar_dome
JackknifeJohnson: ...-2021-W33. I won't update this thread anymore.
Feel free to continue.
Thank you for all your effort JackknifeJohnson! The delisting posts were the most helpful.

solar_dome: Stranger Things 3: The Game delisting
Thank you for posting this. Delisting news are always the most important IMO and should be highlighted in every way possible.
Cavalary: What are the odds that someone from GOG staff will pick up the banner and do this, since it's something they should have been doing anyway? :/
They used to have more of a news archive.
I wonder the reason for getting rid of it.
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