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“Would you like milk in your tea?” “I’ll just have cereal and milk for breakfast this morning.” “A milk bath is so good for your complexion.” “Look at my milk mustache!” How many times have these same phrases been used without a thought or concern? Such a common item as milk could never be the source of violence, treachery, or even murder…… could it? The quaint little village of Tres Leches would tell you a different story.

For years, some would even say as long as the village has existed, the milk has flowed freely. The plush gardens and yards of Rancho Batido Licuado flowed freely with milk for all the townspeople. For as long as people could remember Don Wannotrouble would make a milkshake which would bring all the people to his yard. The town was happy and all were able to enjoy milk free of charge. As the generations passed the family fell on hard times. The most recent Dons were the Siamese hermaphrodite brothers/sisters Krypsynio and Vitekaria. Their chronic health issues kept them from maintaining a controlling interest in Rancho Batido Licuado.

Therefore an insurgence threatened to take over the ranch and all milk production for Tres Leches. The brothers/sisters fought heroically as only Siamese hermaphrodites can, but the insurgence proved too difficult. Nefarious lawbreakers in the night dragged Krypsynio and Vitekaria out of their home. They tied the brothers/sisters to four horses and sent the beasts at full gallop in different directions. Their poor body was brutally torn into pieces. The last thing heard from each of them was a small sigh of relief, “I thought I’d never get a moment to myself." And then they died.

The townspeople rallied to this horrific crime vowing to find the perpetrators as well as make sure the legacy of Rancho Batido Licuado was preserved. “We must find the members of the insurgency and bring them to justice!! But who among us could commit such a heinous act?” There was only one way to find out. A thick rope was tossed over the largest branch in the tree in the town square. As the noose swung slowly all eyes moved away and started scanning each other with a new conviction. Among their number must be villains and they must be brought to justice this day. IT HAS BEGUN. And it won't end until all the anti-town factions are gone.

************************************************************************************************************** *************************


1. flubbucket is the All Powerful Moderator of this game! Feel free to contact me by the GOG forum PM system at any time! The answer to your stupid question will be forthcoming. Please realize I sleep, work, yell at the kids who may accidentally stray into my yard, so apply patience where needed. You may also contact Krypsyn or Vitek, but at your own risk!!

2. All players have a vote, which they may use against any player. A vote may be withdrawn by unvoting. Once a player acquires more than 50% of the votes, the player will be lynched and the game will go to night. No amount of unvoting can prevent this.

3. A player may also vote nolynch. A majority of nolynch votes will end the day without a proper lynch.

4. Please remember to bold your votes and unvotes like this: Unvote JoeSapphire, Vote SirPrimalform.

5. When you are dead, you are dead - stop posting. A single "bah!” post is permitted and encouraged right after your death. Your death notification will include a link to the “Dead Thread” (i.e. the observation lounge) where you may continue to spectate and postulate in a relatively spoiler free environment.

6. Don't edit your posts! This is very important! Editing a post is grounds for being modkilled to death!!!

Due to the forum software I must also ask you not to double post. This is because two consecutive posts from the same user in a short time frame will merge, creating the appearance of an edited post. The time limit after which this stops happening is 10 minutes.

Accidents happen, but repeated double-posting/edited posts will anger flubbucket and he will have the edit elves give you a cactus colonoscopy. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

7. If you wish to ask me a question in game, please bold your text or PM me.

8. Do not discuss the game with anyone outside the thread, except for people specified in your role PM, and then only at such times as the PM specifies.

9. Do not quote or paraphrase too closely any PMs you receive from the mod. If you are afraid your paraphrasing is too close, contact me and I’ll check it out. Directly quoting your PM or paraphrasing too closely will anger flubbucket and is grounds for modkill.

10. All players should post at least once every 48 hours. If you expect to be away for more than 48 hours, please let me know either through PM or in the game thread. Failure to do this will result in me sending you an anal prod via PM and in thread.

11. If you can no longer participate in the game, let me know and I will and try to find a replacement.

12. All players in the winning team win, assuming any other win conditions have also been satisfied. Anyone who is subbed out or modkilled loses.

13. NOTE SPECIAL RULE: At the end of Day Phase, whether lynch or no lynch, you may continue posting in the game thread. It is NOT required but is allowed. You may talk about the game, the voting, the suspects, your feelings, your polyps or not post at all. I will notify you of impending Night end so those players who might not have survived can make the necessary arrangements. At that time night time chat in the game thread will cease until the Beginning of the Day post.


15. Please remember it’s just a game. Be polite and remain calm. Anyone not being polite is just trying to get YOU to make a mistake so they can lynch you. Don’t fall into the trap. Politely lynch them or night kill them for their rudeness.

List of Players:

1) HijacK <-----(DEAD)
2) Sage103082
3) trentonlf <-----(DEAD)
4) yogsloth
5) TwilightBard <-----(DEAD)
6) JMich
7) Robbeasy
8) adaliabooks <-----(DEAD)
9) dedoporno <-----(DEAD)
10) CSPVG <-----(DEAD)
11) DarkoD13 <-----(DEAD) Town Coroner
12) Lifthrasil <-----(DEAD)
13) RWarehall <-----(DEAD)
14) Ixamyakxim <-----(DEAD)
15) Crewdroog <-----(DEAD) Neutral Special Win Con
16) ddickinson
17) cristigale <-----(DEAD)
18) HypersomniacLive <-----(DEAD)
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[url= ]COUNTDOWN TIMER[/url]
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Well kids here’s how this is going to happen. This is TWILIGHT and you may use this time to post whatever you choose, but there will not be an RVS as such. I will make one suggestion, if you have questions to pose them to me via PM so you are clear on your role. Other than that we will be doing one other thing in this short period.

----------------------->UNGOOGLEABLE TRIVIA<------------------------

Yes that’s right, the fabulous game you’ve all never heard of with even more fabulous prizes!!!



There will be three chances to answer questions and win prizes, fabulous prizes. These prizes, fabulous prizes will be items useable in the game. The player who correctly answers the trivia question first will win and we will move on to the next question. I may give subtle hints along the way to some of the questions so be watching. Winners will be notified via PM and prizes will be a secret.
I'm assuming we can post in here now. Is that correct, Mr. Yogurtmaster?

Also, I miss P1na, SirPrimalForm, and JoeSapphire. Thank you for reminding me about them.

Bring on the trivia then.
I did hear from SirPrimalform and he sent his regrets.

He did say he was willing to be on the subs list, but near the end of the bench. He was also kind enough to point out my pathetic spelling error in song.

oooh oooh a new game!

No RVS?? good....
Should we post the answers to your questions publicly here, in this twilighted thread? Or should we send you a PM, to not spoil the riddling for the others?
All answers should be posted here in the thread.

After a few more players have shown their faces I will post the first trivia question.

Also I won't be telling you if you're wrong, so keep guessing.

I love being able to edit my posts. I'M DRUNK WITH POWER!!!!!!
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flubbucket: After a few more players have shown their faces I will post the first trivia question.
flubbucket: I love being able to edit my posts. I'M DRUNK WITH POWER!!!!!!
Power? I'm not sure I know that drink.
This is me, showing my beautiful face.
Is JMich online? If he's town let's wait for him. If he's not you can proceed with the trivia. :P
Has DarkoD13 stopped beating his dog??
Yes. No. Wait, is that a trick question???
Okay I'll give in.



1) First name of former milkman I worked with in Saint Louis?
1) Jack

The milk must flow.

1) First name of former milkman I worked with in Saint Louis?
Roger Thompson. Used to be a minor league baseball player. A pretty good pitcher until he lost his arm in a tragic pony riding accident.