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Surrounded by great games and don’t know which one to play next? Worry not, we’re here to help you solve this classic gamer’s dilemma with the GOG Games Festival! We’ve packed the next two weeks with new releases, hot gaming deals, the latest demos to try, and a whole line-up of exciting upcoming titles that you can wishlist.

First, take a look at titles that are coming soon to GOG.COM, including Psychonauts 2, a highly anticipated platform-adventure game that is set to premiere next week, on August 25th. There are more upcoming titles joining our catalog, including adventure simulator Occupy Mars: The Game, the point-and-click thriller Slender Threads, the charming adventure game Eastward, and a brutal action RPG titled No Place for Bravery. Also, be on a lookout for a spicy sci-fi adventure game Subverse. Stay tuned as more titles and announcements are set to appear on GOG.COM in the coming days!

If you simply can’t wait to get your hands on some of the upcoming titles, check out our collection of demos during the GOG Games Festival. You can also discover a true FPS classic in a totally new light by grabbing a free copy of Quake II RTX. This version of the game includes three levels to test with more ray tracing-fueled visual fireworks if you own the original game.

We’re also expanding our catalog of classic games with four grand installments of the cult action-adventure series featuring the famous Lara Croft. Tomb Raider: Legend (-86%), Tomb Raider: Anniversary (-89%), Tomb Raider: Underworld (-89%), and Tomb Raider GOTY (-80%) are now available on GOG.COM!

We hope that with these and the upcoming game announcements, demos, and new releases we’ll stimulate your appetite for new gaming discoveries. If you’re still looking for your next game to play, we have prepared a wide selection of over 1,200 game deals up to 90% off that will satisfy even the most fastidious tastes. They include:

· Amazing Cultivation Simulator (-15%)
· BioShock Infinite Complete Edition (-75%)
· Cyberpunk 2077 (-33%)
· Dorfromantik (-10%)
· Gods Will Fall (-75%)
· Iron Harvest (-70%)
· Mafia III (-75%)
· Metro Exodus (-60%)
· Pizza Connection 3 (-80%)
· Shadow Warrior 2 (-85%)
· Tropico 6 (-50%)
· The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition (-80%)

Prepare yourself for another unforgettable gaming adventure by visiting the GOG Games Festival which runs until September 2, at 1 PM UTC.
Cool Tomb Raider gog releases with great prices.
But I wonder a bit if i really need all 3 of Legend, Anniversary and Underworld..
phaolo: Cool Tomb Raider gog releases with great prices.
But I wonder a bit if i really need all 3 of Legend, Anniversary and Underworld..
They're considered a trilogy. You can play Legend and Anniversary on their own, but Underworld is a direct sequel to Legend that also has story elements that you only understand if you play Anniversary.
All I wanted was to pick up Recompile and Mortal Shell, while the new DLC is included for free.

And now... RIP, Wallet.

Awesome news that No Place for Bravery and Psychonauts 2 are coming to GOG, though!

Looking forward to the other new announcements
Cool, the first of the Tomb Raider Reboot is here. That makes me hopeful for the more recent installments.
My reaction to Subverse game that will be published at Gog store:
WOW, what The Surprise!!! Maybe Gog store from now will give option for gamers to byu EROTIC games???
I think it's good opportunity both for store and gamers. For first - make more money (store = money), For second buy and play favourite games without DRM. As always both will win!
P.S. I'm for EROTIC games at Gog store from my first visit to store!!!
Had zero idea this sale was incoming..
While it's unfortunate that we're not getting the two newer Tomb Raider games yet, THESE were the ones I've really wanted. TR Anniversary is my favorite in the entire series, followed by the 2013 game.

Absolutely awesome to finally have DRM-free copies of 'em.
Thank you, GOG
NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL RELEASES!!! Snatched Tomb Raider right away! Such releases revive my faith in GOG platform! KEEP 'EM COMING GOG!!
Instabought the 4 Tomb Raider games. Hopefully the rest are coming soon.
Quake II RTX: I wanted. I feared it would have been for Bethesda shop only so thanks.
Tomb Raider GOTY: GOTyt for free on Steam last year...come on.

Good to have some new demo, I'm already interested in HROT and Death Trash demos but will check out what's the rest. Oh, Project Warlok 2 and B.I.O.T.A., waiting for those two as well.

Nine Noir Lives: another game with animals with a good cover art and poor actual graphics

Subverse: years ago I would never believe to see something so erotic on GOG. Even now I'm like: NOO! NO WAY! WHAT! First the camel toe and then that fok machine! :O
Post edited August 19, 2021 by Dogmaus
Thank you GOG, it does feel like a festival.

The first Tomb Raider is probably what got me into the action games genre and at this sweet release discount, how can I not buy it! :)

P.S. While you guys are experimenting with changes to your website, you may want to reconsider the Wishlist tag color. The Goldish color was much more pleasing to the eye.
A couple of temptations:
ADOM historical low and Revenant now I know there is a German patch available elsewhere.
Demonicon might be a nice ride back to the Dark Eye lands.
high rated
Full list of games – link.

Impressive event, GOG.
1. Great releases – insta-bought Tomb Raider games,
2. A lot of free content – it's always great to try some demos – it's easier to decide where to invest your time and money, and demos are also great to discover games you'd never try otherwise.
3. And decent discounts in bundles – especially some games at -95% in Devolver bundle look pretty amazing :)
Good to see some Tomb Raider!
I was hoping for Days Gone too since it's been out for more than three months.