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welcome to the official GOG Galaxy forum thread. Please read the below info first:


The Cloud Saves backend will be enabled for selected users in batches. We expect the full rollout to take at least a few days. If the cloud saves feature didn't start working for you yet please give us a few days. We will be posting updates on the rollout process in this thread.


List of games supporting various GOG Galaxy features:
Achievements: https://www.gog.com/games?feature=achievements&sort=bestselling&page=1
Cloud Saves: https://www.gog.com/games?feature=cloud_saves&sort=bestselling&page=1
Overlay: https://www.gog.com/games?feature=overlay&sort=bestselling&page=1


Please use: http://mantis.gog.com and include
1. steps to reproduce the bug (if possible)
2. screenshot or movie showing the bug (if possible)
3. Galaxy Client logs (location described on mantis report page)


Please use: http://www.gog.com/wishlist/galaxy. For feature suggestions and votes on them please try do explain how Galaxy and its users will really benefit from it.


1. For GOG games installed using installers from the last few months (so called Galaxy-compatible installers)
Click the Galaxy logo button on top of the sidebar and select "scan and import folders" - it will find all compatible games within that folder and add them to the Client.

2. For remaining GOG game INSTALLATIONS
Find the game in the Library (click on the image of the game), then click the More button and select "Manage Installation" -> "Import folder" and point the folder selector into the folder where that game is installed.

- Galaxy cannot be launched by other users on the same computer

1.2.27 Beta (October 24, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- A dialog will now be shown if the cloud save sync fails due to not enough space in the cloud
- Improved security in communication between Galaxy Overlay and it's UI
- MORE dropdown, or GOG Logo dropdown will not fail to open anymore (happened sometimes)
- [MacOS] Fixed Scan & Import falling in recursive loop, when encountering a symlink leading to root directory (Such symlinks happened in WINE games, eg. Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga)
- Fixed possible cloud saves synchronization freeze after a failure in receiving synchronization request
- Game update will no longer result in broken installation, when new version doesn't have previously installed language
- GOG Galaxy will no longer fail to update itself in some instances due to insufficient permissions
- Error popups (like "Failed to load game database") will be now translated to your application's language

1.2.28 Beta (October 31, 2017)
- New configuration tools for GOG Galaxy SDK

1.2.29 (November 14, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Galaxy will no longer consider partial cloud saves sync (only pull) as complete
- Tweaked desktop notification animations
- Galaxy will no longer periodically fetch friends online status from the server (it will work OK via websockets)
- Unity games will no longer hang on Nvidia graphics cards with Overlay turned on
- Fixed several issues which caused game images in the sidebar to not appear
- Fixed a few cases where extracting the archive with game images did not happen (e.g. when the game was installed with an offline installer)
- Faster shutdown during a game update
- Overlay and game time tracking will properly work with games that uses launchers
- [macOS] Fixed a crash, which happend during updating Tyranny with all DLCs
- Fixed background image not being refreshed after it's source has been changed

1.2.30 Beta (December 04, 2017)
- Testing cloudstorage configuration

1.2.31 (07 December, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Improved Overlay scaling on high resolution displays, as well as on low resolutions (for retro games on fullscreen)
- Decreased minimum resolution threshold required for overlay to work
- Game time is saved when closing Galaxy while a game is running
- [Windows 10 Fall Creator's update] Fixed Galaxy being auto-started by the system when auto-start was disabled in Galaxy settings
- [Windows] Fixed some cases of "Connection to Communication Service was lost and could not be restored"
- FPS counter will be properly showing up when using AMD graphics cards
- Desktop notification will not be shown if you are using fullscreen application (eg. playing non-GOG game)
- Fixed bug that caused problem with updating games because their files were marked as read only
- Game time tracking information will no longer be lost if you were disconnected when shutting down a game
- Fixed an issue with Overlay not showing up in Elex, when using AMD graphics cards
- Screenshots will work properly in DirectX8 games (eg. Zwei)
- Screenshots won't capture Overlay notifications in DirectX11 games (eg. Elex)
- Fixed rendering issue in OpenGL games (eg. Owlboy)
- Fixed rendering issue in DirectX8 games (eg. Mafia)

1.2.32 (December 20, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Galaxy backend will try to determine best servers for Galaxy Updates
- Fix for GOG Galaxy starting very slowly
- Galaxy will not crash when was unable to read user preferences file during initialization
- Friend online notifications won't appear in batches after you wake your system from sleep, or regain internet connectivity
- Galaxy will not falsely bump your gametime tracking by huge value when failing to start a game

1.2.33 (January 10, 2018)
- GOG Galaxy SDK optimizations and bugfixes

1.2.34 (January 17, 2018)
- GOG Galaxy SDK small bugfix in logging routine

1.2.35 Beta (January 17, 2018)
Changes and Improvements:
- Chromium Embedded Framework was updated to version 62, resulting in improved CPU and memory performance
- Cloud copy of save games will be removed on next sync when local files are removed and quota is exceeded
- [MacOS] Fixed a bug with user avatar not being visible after installation
- [Windows] Fixed Unicode support in Galaxy Overlay

1.2.36 (January 31, 2018)
Changes and Improvements:
- Chromium Embedded Framework was updated to version 62, resulting in improved CPU and memory performance
- Cloud copy of save games will be removed on next sync when local files are removed and quota is exceeded
- Fixed a bug in GOG Galaxy SDK, which could cause games to crash
- [MacOS] Fixed a bug with user avatar not being visible after installation
- [Windows] Fixed Unicode support in Galaxy Overlay

1.2.37 (February 05, 2018)
Changes and Improvements:
- After quitting a game, GOG Galaxy will check if game updates are available
- Added indication on gameview that a game's beta channel is no longer available
- General improvements to download mechanism
- [Windows] Fixed GOG Galaxy Notifications Renderer's icon and details
- Fixed Galaxy self-update on MacOS with multiple system accounts
- Fixed issues with starting GOG Galaxy, when one of the configuration files was corrupt
- Fixed issue where some DOSBox games would be broken by Galaxy updates

1.2.38 Beta (Februrary 28, 2018)
- Released only to beta, it consisted changes from 1.2.39

1.2.39 (March 13, 2018)
Changes and Improvements:
- Increased the default number of download threads from 10 to 32. This should improve download speeds at the cost of CPU usage.
- Improvements to windows handling: size and position persistance, native behaviours
- [MacOS] GOG Galaxy notifications respect "Do Not Disturb mode"
- Small network improvements during GOG Galaxy update
- Fixed a bug with downloading older games in China
- Fixed rare issue where downloading a backup installer would fail with "Server problem" for no apparent reason
- [MacOS] Fixed showing %appName% instead of the application name in an error dialog
Post edited March 13, 2018 by TheTomasz
omega64: Well, I've had Aero off for ages, but just don't remember the top bar in Galaxy looking like that. >_<
Doesn't fit with the rest of the program. Why would you use the default windows bar.
Galaxy always had a default system titlebar. :)
We are aware of the problem. For people with beta updates now - for all users later - titlebar in Windows 7 with Aero disabled will look slightly different than before.

For transparency:

We did some changes and optimizations in window handling, and external library we're using doesn't support this combination well. We cannot revert this change now, but this issue is definitely on our roadmap to be tackled. :)
BKGaming: It would be nice to get some info on the v1.3.0 beta. Even a simple ballpark estimate for when we may see the release would be nice.

It has gotten way to quite in here and you guys should really communicate more please. Thank you.
I'm afraid you (users in general) will not get any info on next "big" versions ETAs... I'm sorry because I know you're personally eager to know or to participate in the beta. :)

I can assure you we're working hard to strike you all with features. :)
Kavalor: Since the latest Update for Win10 last week . Galaxy is randomly freezing. You can still maximize /minimize the Window but you can't click anything. Only a restart of Galaxy helps.
Is this already known?
Which version are you using? :) Best create a ticket on http://mantis.gog.com with logs attached.

we have released GOG Galaxy 1.2.39 for everyone.

This update consists mostly of the changes, which were already available through our Beta updates.

Apart from that we've decided to increase number of download threads to 32, based on our tests, it seems like a good switch, especially for those of you living in areas where we did not yet fully develop our GOG network.

Full changelog, as always you can find either in GOG Galaxy app, or in the sticky post in this thread.

MarkoH01: Yes, it is. The Galaxy cloud saves are stored under more->backup & goodies so that you will be able to back them up.
bushwhacker2k: I see "Neverwinter Nights Diamond - Saves backup", and when I click it, it seems to act like it's downloading something with a size of .1 MB. It doesn't seem to do anything past that. How do I use this?
If you open the list of downloads (click on the bar with the down arrow, where the download size and speed are displayed), then you can click the magnifying glass icon (it appears when you hover your mouse over a download) to open the folder.

The cloud saves backup is downloaded to the same location as other backups and goodies (offline installers, soundtracks, etc.), i.e. in the game's folder (under "!Downloads") or the folder set in settings (Downloads -> Other downloads folder).

The size being displayed as 0.1 MB is a known issue.