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welcome to the official GOG Galaxy forum thread. Please read the below info first:


List of games supporting various GOG Galaxy features:
Cloud Saves:


Please use: and include
1. steps to reproduce the bug (if possible)
2. screenshot or movie showing the bug (if possible)
3. Galaxy Client logs (location described on mantis report page)


Please use: For feature suggestions and votes on them please try do explain how Galaxy and its users will really benefit from it.


1. For GOG games installed using installers from the last few months (so called Galaxy-compatible installers)
Click the Galaxy logo button on top of the sidebar and select "scan and import folders" - it will find all compatible games within that folder and add them to the Client.

2. For remaining GOG game INSTALLATIONS
Find the game in the Library (click on the image of the game), then click the More button and select "Manage Installation" -> "Import folder" and point the folder selector into the folder where that game is installed.

- Galaxy cannot be launched by other users on the same computer


1.2.45 (11 July, 2018)
Changes and Improvements:
- When hovering over mutual friends in friends suggestions - you can see the full list of mutual friends.
- GOG Galaxy will no longer treat non-zero exit codes returned from dependency installers (such as Physx, Visual C++ Redistributables) as failure (caused configuration error on installation)
- Allows users to download cloud saves backup for all games with enabled cloud saves
- GOG Galaxy will no longer be locked out from launching, if Galaxy Updater cannot launch at all
- Upon update, invalid leftovers from database will be removed. They were caused by a bug with verify/repair (which was fixed in 1.2.44)
- Running a webinstaller again will not interfere with already running installation process
- "Continue previous session" setting will correctly restore last web content (game card, forum topic etc.)
- When showing a conflict, GOG Galaxy will not show invalid date anymore (It may still happen once until conflict is resolved)
- In case when GOG Galaxy is unable to fetch ownership information about not installed game (eg. User is not logged in), Install/Buy button will be disabled, instead of showing spinner infinitely. Play button is always enabled, when game is installed

1.2.46 (October 2, 2018)
Changes and Improvements:
- Improved stability when installing/updating games
- Changed last known part of GOG Galaxy app from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.2
- Added Korean and Chinese Traditional to list of languages with limited support
- [MacOS] It is no longer possible to close Galaxy Updater application window
- Fixed an issue with installations not resuming after failure (for instance due to poor network)
- Importing some games installed by older installers is fixed (eg. Crusader: No Regret™)

1.2.47 (October 22, 2018)
Changes & Improvements:
- Better Korean translations
- Fixed a bug where sometimes a blank screen would be shown to users when store / other page failed to respond
- Changed error text that shows after page fails to load to be more informative
Windows Overlay:
- Saving screenshots will work when User's home folder contains non-ASCII characters (e.g. Cyrillic)
- Other fixes for screenshots in some games (e.g. Balrum, Death's Gambit)
- Fixed scaling issues for some games (e.g. Eden)
- Fixes for OpenGL games allowing us to enable Overlay support for the following games:
- Transport Fever
- Simon the Sorcerer
- WH40k Gladius - Relics of War
- Fixes for DX 11 games allowing us to enable Overlay support for the following games:
- King Arthur II
- Fixes for DX 10 games allowing us to enable Overlay support for the following games:
- Crysis
- Anno 1404
- Two Worlds VE
- Fixes for DX 9 games allowing us to enable Overlay support for the following games:
- Treasure Adventure World

1.2.49 (November 29, 2018)
- [Windows] Updater now requires administrator privileges to perform update of GOG Galaxy
- [Windows] Security of directories containing GOG Galaxy files has been improved
- [Windows] Updated Code Signing Certificate
- [Windows] Crash reporter has been added to Galaxy Communication Service
- Prevented several potential causes of "broken" games, where only way out was reinstalling
- [MacOS] Fixed a crash on shutdown when fatal error was shown

1.2.50 (December 13, 2018)
Changes & Improvements:
- Speed up startup time
- [MacOS] Strengthen up connection security with ClientService
- Fixed "disk access problem" when installing games, occuring mostly on fresh installation of GOG Galaxy
- Fixed a rare occurrence of a game update resulting in displaying "unknown game version"

1.2.51 (December 20, 2018)
- Improved Korean translations
- Fixed connection to notifications pusher in GOG Galaxy SDK

1.2.54 (March 14, 2019)
Changes and Improvements:
- Updated Chromium version to 71:
- Better performance
- Fixes playing Twitch videos on profiles
- Fixes playing Wistia videos
- Security fixes in the game installation process
- Security fixes in GOG Galaxy update process
- GOG Galaxy Updater should perform better under poor network conditions
- [macOS] Fixed passing multiple commandline arguments to games
- [macOS] Multiple "friend online" notifications will no longer appear when system wakes up
- Dates are now properly displayed in cloud saves conflict window

1.2.55 (April 17, 2019)
- Hotfix for unintentional opening of Facebook link after entering Forum

1.2.56 (May 06, 2019)
- [Windows] GOG Galaxy will fix the path to its internal services, if it finds it is wrong
- Updating of games' local dependencies (e.g. Dosbox) will be handled correctly
- Unexpected files in games' directories will no longer cause failure of games’ update

1.2.57 (June 12, 2019)
Changes and Improvements:
- Minor download speed optimizations
- Changes in PayPal payment flow
- Fixed rare crash occurence when reordering games' updates and installations
- GOG Galaxy will correctly reconnect to GOG services after long time of no internet connection

1.2.58 (September 13, 2019)
- Enabled hardened runtime, making our application more secure
- Implemented Apple's notarization

1.2.59 (September 23, 2019)
- [Windows] Fixed crash in Overlay affecting some games (including Fallout 3 (Radeon only) and Dragon Age: Origins)
- [Windows] Fixed issue with achievements sometimes not being saved while playing offline

1.2.60 Beta (07 October, 2019)
- Updated CEF version to 3729 (Chromium to 74)
- Security fixes
- Will no longer download updates at startup, they will be downloaded in the background, while the application is running
- [Windows] No additional UAC prompt during update

1.2.61 Beta (October 23, 2019)
- Fixed an issue where non-admin users would not be able to update to newer versions of GOG Galaxy

1.2.62 Beta (October 30, 2019)
- Fixed crashes for various games
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we have released GOG Galaxy 1.2.50.
This update will fix the slowdown of Galaxy startup introduced in last version,
as well as continues with strengthening security of the application.
Update will not install.

As usual.
Seems better than before, but still requires 10 seconds to load, so I consider it slow...

For comparison, my browser (Vivaldi) with more than 160 tabs starts in 2 seconds.
Where can i see Winter Sales term?
GOG galaxy freezes on sale page.
For some time (years) requests for options in Tag filtering have been requested. Currently set at hard OR. (Space OR RPG gives all space games including shooters/sims and all rpgs including sword/sorcery). Optimally can we choose between AND/OR or sub-optimally at least change it to hard AND? (Space AND RPG which would give only those that meet both criteria)? --- Perhaps not the forum for this, but Galaxy wishlist and general forum posting has yielded no results in years.

It hurst those customers that buy a large library of games the most to not be able to sort the games and play them and it *seems* like it wouldn't be a hard fix to put in.
I'm also experiencing severe performance issues since the latest patch. Store frontpage freezes for several seconds on startup and my library is unresponsive. At best it's a half a minute load, at worst it times out.
BeatriceElysia: GOG galaxy freezes on sale page.
Same here. Looks like the new format (video thumbnails ?) is requesting too much to the Galaxy renderer is using.

For the time being, you can change your settings and have Galaxy starting in the "Library" instead of the "Store". Let me know if you need assistance on how to do so.
Just wanted to add on to this issue. The front page and library view is literally freezing and sometimes I have to force quit galaxy.
I've got the same problem with the front page, sometimes I have to quit galaxy because it doesn't start loading.
I have been reinstalling Pillars 2 & I have big problems with download stopping at certain times unless I relauch the client.
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Games aren't displayed in my library. Is there any solution for this issue?
I've tried solution with deleting config.json file and content from Storage folder, but without success.
I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but verifying installed games often does not work at all for me. It will just stay at 0.0 MB / 0.0 MB (0.0 MB/s) and keep verifying/updating forever until i hit abort. It's pretty annoying.
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Point_Man: I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but verifying installed games often does not work at all for me. It will just stay at 0.0 MB / 0.0 MB (0.0 MB/s) and keep verifying/updating forever until i hit abort. It's pretty annoying.
Give it some time.This just means it doesnt download anything and is just verifying the game files and they are ok.
The new patch keeps dropping out of the games, trying to play darkest dungeon. lasts about 3 minutes then drops out back to the home screen.