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welcome to the official GOG Galaxy forum thread. Please read the below info first:


The Cloud Saves backend will be enabled for selected users in batches. We expect the full rollout to take at least a few days. If the cloud saves feature didn't start working for you yet please give us a few days. We will be posting updates on the rollout process in this thread.


List of games supporting various GOG Galaxy features:
Cloud Saves:


Please use: and include
1. steps to reproduce the bug (if possible)
2. screenshot or movie showing the bug (if possible)
3. Galaxy Client logs (location described on mantis report page)


Please use: For feature suggestions and votes on them please try do explain how Galaxy and its users will really benefit from it.


1. For GOG games installed using installers from the last few months (so called Galaxy-compatible installers)
Click the Galaxy logo button on top of the sidebar and select "scan and import folders" - it will find all compatible games within that folder and add them to the Client.

2. For remaining GOG game INSTALLATIONS
Find the game in the Library (click on the image of the game), then click the More button and select "Manage Installation" -> "Import folder" and point the folder selector into the folder where that game is installed.

- Galaxy cannot be launched by other users on the same computer


# 1.2.21 Beta (August 25, 2017)
## Changes and Improvements:
- Added desktop notification if there are unread notifications in the top menu

## Bugfixes:
- Top menu won't switch to mobile mode in Galaxy
- Fix for excessive memory usage in top menu

1.2.22 (September 05, 2017)
Changes & improvements:
- New top navigation (already known from
- New notifications system:
new notifications dropdown in the top navigation
added desktop notification for forum replies
added desktop notification for wishlisted items discounted
improved pluralisation in desktop notifications
- [MacOS] GOG Galaxy bundle name is renamed to 'GOG'
- Desktop notification reminding about unseen notifications respects your other notifications settings - e.g. if you've disabled desktop notifications for chat
- GOG Galaxy now supports Wistia videos
- Improved a bit performance, by doing less HTTP requests, which were expected to fail anyway
- Fixed an issue with Galaxy trying to install 64-bit redistributables on 32-bit systems
- You can see your own message written in another chat window immediately
- Fixed a bug which could falsely show Not Authorized status on Game, if you've had connection problems when trying to view it
- When you're on settings page of not installed game with auto-updates disabled globally, you won't see untrue sentence "The version you're currently on is no longer available"
- Fixed issue where login/registration form would disappear after 30s (Which existed only in 1.2.21)
- Fixed "Import Folder" not working in certain circumstances
- Fixed false positive conflict when syncing cloud storage
- Time of notification (e.g. "a few seconds ago") in the dropdown will change dynamically when you change Galaxy Client's language
- Text in game settings will no longer overlap, when the game had only two rollbacks and autoupdates were disabled

1.2.23 (September 09, 2017)
- Hotfix for long Galaxy start, when it was installed not to default location
- Friends' statuses should be more up to date

1.2.24 (October 11, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Reworked how the navigation history works, fixing numerous bugs (left/right arrows in top menu)
- Added option to specify command line options when launching games (in each game's settings)
- "Unread notifications" notification doesn't produce sound, and does not have a setting entry by itself
- New in-game achievement notification animation and design
- Improved looks of the close button for chat in Galaxy Overlay
- Galaxy will show a spinner while verifying a game's private channel password. An error will be shown if the password is invalid
- Small improvement in resources usage
- Multiple desktop/in-game concurrent notifications sounds less choppy
- Fixed grey (disabled) screen on login screen
- "Continue previous session" setting for starting page will now properly remember the last page you visited before quitting
- Game view background image scaling on ultrawide screens now works properly (no more grey areas on the sides)
- Galaxy will no longer try to install 64 bit redistributables on 32 bit systems
- Fixed a rare crash during game update
- Fixed a bug causing Galaxy to freeze when using it with a slow internet connection
- Sound volume regulation is respected for in-game notifications (50% quieter by default)
- After changing windows back and forth (alt tabbing), input in the overlay will work correctly
- Fixed a visual issue with (hint) text for rollbacks overlapping other text under it
- Time of notification (e.g. "a few seconds ago") in the dropdown will change dynamically when you change Galaxy Client's language
- Galaxy will no longer lose games when updated from version 1.1.30 to latest :)
- The "You have unread notifications" notification won't show up more than once for the same notification
- You won't see "Version you're currently on is not known" paragraph in not installed games settings anymore
- Some scenarios (e.g. importing older game builds with auto-updates disabled) will no longer show newest game version label if Galaxy is not sure about that
- In above scenarios, you'll see "The version you are currently on is not known. You can select the version to update to." instead of untrue "The version you are currently on is no longer available"

1.2.25 (October 16, 2017)
- SDK Networking optimizations

1.2.26 (October 19, 2017)
- Fixed networking issue when joining/creating lobby for the first time in game run
- Fixed a bug where in-top-menu notifications didn't appear after app restart in some cases

1.2.27 Beta (October 24, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- A dialog will now be shown if the cloud save sync fails due to not enough space in the cloud
- Improved security in communication between Galaxy Overlay and it's UI
- MORE dropdown, or GOG Logo dropdown will not fail to open anymore (happened sometimes)
- [MacOS] Fixed Scan & Import falling in recursive loop, when encountering a symlink leading to root directory (Such symlinks happened in WINE games, eg. Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga)
- Fixed possible cloud saves synchronization freeze after a failure in receiving synchronization request
- Game update will no longer result in broken installation, when new version doesn't have previously installed language
- GOG Galaxy will no longer fail to update itself in some instances due to insufficient permissions
- Error popups (like "Failed to load game database") will be now translated to your application's language

1.2.28 Beta (October 31, 2017)
- New configuration tools for GOG Galaxy SDK

1.2.29 (November 14, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Galaxy will no longer consider partial cloud saves sync (only pull) as complete
- Tweaked desktop notification animations
- Galaxy will no longer periodically fetch friends online status from the server (it will work OK via websockets)
- Unity games will no longer hang on Nvidia graphics cards with Overlay turned on
- Fixed several issues which caused game images in the sidebar to not appear
- Fixed a few cases where extracting the archive with game images did not happen (e.g. when the game was installed with an offline installer)
- Faster shutdown during a game update
- Overlay and game time tracking will properly work with games that uses launchers
- [macOS] Fixed a crash, which happend during updating Tyranny with all DLCs
- Fixed background image not being refreshed after it's source has been changed

1.2.30 Beta (December 04, 2017)
- Testing cloudstorage configuration

1.2.31 (07 December, 2017)
Changes and Improvements:
- Improved Overlay scaling on high resolution displays, as well as on low resolutions (for retro games on fullscreen)
- Decreased minimum resolution threshold required for overlay to work
- Game time is saved when closing Galaxy while a game is running
- [Windows 10 Fall Creator's update] Fixed Galaxy being auto-started by the system when auto-start was disabled in Galaxy settings
- [Windows] Fixed some cases of "Connection to Communication Service was lost and could not be restored"
- FPS counter will be properly showing up when using AMD graphics cards
- Desktop notification will not be shown if you are using fullscreen application (eg. playing non-GOG game)
- Fixed bug that caused problem with updating games because their files were marked as read only
- Game time tracking information will no longer be lost if you were disconnected when shutting down a game
- Fixed an issue with Overlay not showing up in Elex, when using AMD graphics cards
- Screenshots will work properly in DirectX8 games (eg. Zwei)
- Screenshots won't capture Overlay notifications in DirectX11 games (eg. Elex)
- Fixed rendering issue in OpenGL games (eg. Owlboy)
- Fixed rendering issue in DirectX8 games (eg. Mafia)
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lcarrilho: GOG Galaxy updated to 1.2.22 (windows 10 user), and i cant use it now. the GOG G is grey and cant click on games or anything. already deleted (uninstal) and install it again, same problems.
NightmareChild: Ok, this is now the third update that renders Galaxy incapable to launch after a restart.

If you haven't already, could you please report this bug to us (following the instructions in the sticky post at the top of this thread, under the header == BUG REPORTING ==) so that we can look into it? This will allow us to hopefully pinpoint what the problem you are experiencing is, and to fix it

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Foiled: Hi,

If you haven't already, could you please report this bug to us (following the instructions in the sticky post at the top of this thread, under the header == BUG REPORTING ==) so that we can look into it? This will allow us to hopefully pinpoint what the problem you are experiencing is, and to fix it

NightmareChild: Sorry, too late. I've uninstalled Galaxy and deleted any and all files related to it as I have a feeling that there are some weird things going on with the webcache, the logs were full of entries like the ones below, dozens of those, to be precise.

Thanks for taking the time to try and help us out :)

It seems that (unfortunately) not enough context is included in the log portions you pasted for us to get an idea of what exactly went wrong. Of course, if you're still interested in helping us out, you could re-install the GOG Galaxy to get fresh logs, and post them to ;)

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NightmareChild: Submitted a bug report and attached the GalaxyInitialization.log file.

we are working on the slow init issue, we should have a hotfix ready today or tomorrow.

RTA: Sadly I can't put all my GOG Games onto just one spindle. I have two USB3 2Tb externals and some other older installs on a 1Tb internal. To put that little lot on just one drive would require me getting a 6 or 8Tb external and I'd rather not do that just to get around a problem with Galaxy. I'd prefer them to make Galaxy a little more sensible and a little less of a resource hog.
OK, I think I understand now. A ton of games on external (hence: unplugged) drives is a bit of a problem. Does disabling auto-updates before doing scan&import help? Does Galaxy launch on auto-start... possibly before the drives are usable?

BKGaming: The thumbnails/icons not displaying also needs to be investigated. This appears to have become a lot more common with the last few updates. I've noticed a few reports of this issue now via myself, mantis, and reddit.
We are looking at that actually, but it's a bit of a layered problem. We fix one thing and then another pops up. We'll pin it down eventually :)

Bellshazar: Can anyone help me with gog galaxy being unable to update. I've tried uninstalling every last little bit of gog off my hardrive and and downloading the newest version but every time I start gog galaxy I get the same error message
"There was a problem with updating the application. You can always download the latest version from:" which is what I just did.
I can still log in, I can still play and buy games, but every time I start gog it tries to update and fails. Sometimes I'm still logged in but usually not (and then I have to re-authenticate etc).
Could you post a bug report on attaching your logs from C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\Logs ? We'll take a look :)

Arthmoor: Just dropped in to add that the same issue happened with mine but it seems you guys are already on it. Hoping for that hotfix soon.
Working on it :) Should be today.

flaviossa: My GOG Galaxy stopped working today and i did nothing to that happen:
Yeah, this crash is basically the root cause of the long startup problem... We were planning to release the fix today, but unfortunately we have to postpone it for tomorrow. Sorry :|

The fix should be out :)

bananzer: Hi, everyone!
Is it possible to make a gift in GOG Galaxy to someone, who is not registered at GOG yet? Via the email link e.g.
Yes, just buy a game and select that it should be a gift in checkout. You'll have an input to fill the e-mail adress.
PainOfSalvation: Whenever i get notification through GOG Galaxy and click on it - the client immediately crashes. Version is 1.2.23.
Please post this as a title of mantis issue, and attach your logs. Instructions are there after you log in and click this link:
TentacleMayor: Galaxy Overlay isn't working on a specific game, Rebel Galaxy. How can I fix it? Is is still possible to get achievements without the overlay?
It depends whether the problem is that overlay is not working, or something more.

Please upload your logs to

Other than that, you might want to contact support. They have solutions for common problems.
Mohawkward: More specific case: I bought Caesar 3 on steam, I can install it from steam and add it to my GoG library. If I go with a brand new computer and only use GoG galaxy, will I find back Caesar 3 and install it from the GoG galaxy on the new PC?
It depends whether you add it to your GOG library via GOG Connect ( or just import the game to GOG Galaxy and it says "NOT CONNECTED" when you display it in Galaxy.

If it's the latter (most probably), then you won't be able to install it on the new PC through Galaxy as you don't own it here.
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Mohawkward: I got that point, thanks for the tip. I see that every items on the store is labelled as DRM-free. This means, there are no DRM but it induced the info that every game has DRM and was freed by GoG, is that true?

I have the feeling that GoG ensure DRM-free games so if there is a game with DRM they will ensure it is removed in the GoG environmnet (e.g. Anno 1404). If that is the case the DRM-free label on all store item is a bit misleading.
If there is some DRM on your game (not every Steam game have DRM), Galaxy will not make it DRM-free. You have to buy a game here, or use GOG Connect program to own DRM-free copy of the game.

Importing a game to GOG Galaxy doesn't mean you imported the game to your account, only to the program.

Mohawkward: Another question on a pure comparison point of view, Steam vs GoG. If two titles are DRM-free (e.g. Caesar 3) and both at the same price on steam and GoG is there any advantage going for one or the other?
On GOG you get quality extra contents to download. For Caesar 3 it's Manual (219 pages), HD wallpaper, Avatar, and Reference card.

As for the differences in the game itself - I don't know an answer to that question, and that's not the best place to ask it (this topic concerns GOG Galaxy).

Mohawkward: Finally, why is the connect feature do not allow a permanent transfer of the Witcher series ?
You can redeem your free GOG copy of The Witcher and The Witcher 2 here:
It is not active for The Witcher 3.
Mohawkward: Yep, I see that we should compare the versions to see if it is line with our expectations. Thus another question, why is the version of the games offered on GoG not the latest and allow the users to pick earlier versions at will (like having a list of available version the latest being the last up to date)? (maybe I should transfer this question to GoG general forum and not going any further on GoG galaxy thread but, you know, might as well be a feature on Galaxy),
I don't know about Caesar 3 versions - you can ask support about that. We offer rollbacks to older versions for our customer's freedom of choice.

Johny.: You can redeem your free GOG copy of The Witcher and The Witcher 2 here:
It is not active for The Witcher 3.
Mohawkward: Did not know that, thanks for the tip, is it planned to do the same for the Third installment of the franchise?
I don't know if it's planned or not.

For Galaxy-unrelated questions, please target other topics, forums and/or support. :)
davicide994: So are they force installing Gog Galaxy now? Downloaded another game and GG is now installed. If I wanted it i would have installed it. WTF?
Offline installers come in two flavors now: Galaxy-bundled and classic. The header above the list of installer will say "GOG Galaxy Game Installers" or "Classic Game Installers", respectively. The footnote should also state whether GOG Galaxy is included or not. The Galaxy-bundled installers' filenames end in "(g)".

You can switch between the two versions via "More" -> "Classic Installers"/"GOG Galaxy Installers".

Hope that helps. Sorry for the inconvenience.
mikiluki77: hello can someone help me? i dont know how to play terraria with my friend its not like on steam so... we cant play together and i cant write to the support ... if you cant resolve the problem we want our money back and we will buy it on steam than
What seems to be the problem with Terraria? And why can't you write to support?
mikiluki77: ...
You can just send an email to as we'll need more details to understand your issue.
sc.andrade: After new update, same problems (gray, unusable client, etc., tried in two different machines). Since nobody cares, here's a workaround: just choose english when installing (I'm portuguese).

Thank you very much, good games.
Alexrd: I can't believe this was the solution...

GOG, please fix this!
We're aware of the issue, and it will be fixed in next release.
ChrisSZ: Will you guys fix that "Server error" anytime soon? Currently it is impossible to download the backup installers via GOG Galaxy.

Always curious how you guys manage to break things which have always worked in the past.
Could you please check if it works for you now?