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Always attach your logs when reporting bugs. You can find them at:
On Windows Vista or later: C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\Logs
On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\\Galaxy\Logs
On MacOSX: /Users/Shared/


Hi, everyone!

The Galaxy team is hard at work to bring you the Client application that will let you manage your games library more conveniently. We’d love for the initial release experience to be as smooth and streamlined as possible for everyone, but releasing an app of this scope is no easy feat.

But before we jump in and hand out the alpha Client, we’d like to set some ground rules.

1) The key word here is ‘alpha’, which means that this is not the final app and not all functionalities are present. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the core tech in the Client on a wider set of computer configurations than what we can locally test on, so only core features are included. Below I will post a detailed list of what is present and what we plan to add in future releases.

2) Alpha also means that you can encounter some unexpected issues. If you have a metered connection (a bandwidth cap or payments per bandwidth used) or you’re currently playing and can’t afford a loss of game time, this might not be for you. In other words, if you want to avoid potential problems with the alpha Client, simply wait for the final release.

3) Please, please, please refrain from posting screenshots, reviews or first impressions, both on our forums or elsewhere, as this is not the final product and many changes will still be made.

If you’ve read all of the above proceed to the signup page:

We will be sending out invitations in batches (along with some more info on how to install the client and report bugs), so not everyone will receive one right away.
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Hi everyone,

we've released the 0.7 version a couple of minutes ago, here's the changelog:

- Back/Forward navigation in the Store section
- Import Folder - it is now possible to import a game which is not compatible with the client, by clicking the game in the Library section and choosing ‘Import Folder’ from the More dropdown
- Startup page option - it is now possible to decide if the client should start on LIBRARY page, STORE page, or continue previous session
- Search option - you can press enter in the search field to continue searching in the Store
- Option to Show Game Folder added to MORE menu
- New sidebar sorting options (sort by name)
- External links will now be forwarded to the system browser
- Wishlist option added to the LIBRARY menu
- Community option in the STORE menu
- Forum Replies option in the ACCOUNT menu
- Option to keep saves, when uninstalling a game
- Windows: starting the client when another instance is already running should now open the running instance (rather than displaying error message)
- Improved ‘Last Played’ information, which should now show the time of the user stopped playing the game, rather than started playing the game
- Fixed uninstallation issues on Windows
- Fixed an issue which prevented using Paypal, when buying a game
- Fixed an issue which prevented from displaying Terms and Agreements when registering new account
- Fixed some issues when installing and uninstalling DLCs
- Bugfix: client will now not allow dragging elements onto its window
- Fixed memory leaks, causing to crash the application when downloading lots of games
- Fixed a bug which was causing the client to crash on exit
- Fixed an issue, which sometimes caused the client to duplicate the news on game view
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1. For GOG games installed using installers from the last few months (so called Galaxy-compatible installers)
Click the "+" button on top of the sidebar and select "scan and import folders" - it will find all compatible games within that folder and add them to the Client.

2. For remaining GOG game INSTALLATIONS
Find the game in the Library, then click the More button and select "Manage" -> "Import folder" and point the folder selector into the folder where that game is installed.
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omega64: Downloading the games isn't a core functionality?
Edit, the upcoming features list seems to state downloading standalone installers and bonus content. Which made me wonder whether is just one big package right now or whether the bonus content isn't included yet at all.
Fallen_Zen: You cannot yet download standalone installers, DLCs or bonus content but this will be added later.
Thank you for the clarification. :)
BKGaming: Are game updates being pushed to the Galaxy servers? Unepic got updated today but when I start Galaxy it's not being updated to the new version, can we suspect some delay here or is this not being done yet?
Venom: We might have some delays during the alpha (as happened with Unepic), as we get all the systems in sync, but everything should be simultaneous from now on.

Unepic should be already updated.
Thanks Venom, good to know. :)
Nvm will post to bug tracker after all...
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Has the next batch of invites been sent out already?
I get an error that MSVCP110.dll is missing. Any ideas why?
blotunga: I get an error that MSVCP110.dll is missing. Any ideas why?
It is a known bug according to the bug tracker.
The Galaxy Client is compiled as a 32 bit program, so you need the 32 bit Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables even on a 64 bit operating system. In other words, you need the vcredist_x86.exe.
We are working on this already.
moonshineshadow: It is a known bug according to the bug tracker.
Ah, ok, but I already have a vcredist_x86 installed...
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Probably the wrong version. Which one you need depends on which version of Visual Studio was used to compile the client.
We're sending out next batch of invites. We've also released the Mac version of the Galaxy Client.
Just got one and I signed up a day after this was announced
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Galaxy Client: Windows 626, OSX 589 List of changes:

+ OSX Client
+ New Library integrated with the client
+ Game uninstallation on Windows should not leave unnecessary files anymore (though, files created by the games will not be removed)
+ Fixed memory leaks, that could lead to crash when the client was running for a long time
+ Application should never start under other windows
+ Application should remember its window position and size between sessions
+ Fixed some issues with processes that requires elevation on Windows (e.g. GOGDOSConfig.exe)
+ Fixed issue that prevented the client to started from the client was running
+ Client notifications should not appear with noticable lag anymore
+ Fixed crash when the client encountered access denied on file allocation
+ Fixed path, where the Galaxy Redistributables are installed on non-English Windows XP
+ Fixed problem with starting the client with no internet connection
+ Fixed game status, when it was being run during installation
+ Galaxy Client installer on Windows will now install Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Redist (which is required by the client)
+ Added check for installed services (client will not start when essential components are missing)
+ Fixed issue downloading game when antivirus software is running

IMPORTANT: If your Galaxy Client doesn't update to the newest version after restarting, please report an issue at
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Aaaand, I'm in! Now I can't wait to get home so I can uninstall all my GOG games, just to download and reinstall them through Galaxy. :-D

I'm grinning, I love testing new software.
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OK, so I understand there is a new build available. What do I do to update over the installed one?
anomaly: I'm grinning, I love testing new software.
Be careful that not all GoG games are available through Galaxy yet; so you better check if they are before uninstalling them ;)
Are there only a limited number of games available to download through the Galaxy Alpha?
I have 55 games but only 15 are showing up.