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Welcome to GOG GALAXY 2.0 closed beta forum thread! If you’re here, it probably means you’re already part of the beta or are waiting for your access – please be patient as we’re sending invites on a first come first served basis. And if you’re not signed up yet, you can still do it here.

We’re starting this thread to have a place to discuss with you your ideas and feedback about GOG GALAXY 2.0 – tell us what you like or dislike about the app, what features we are missing, which platform integrations you’d like to see, and share any other feedback regarding the app. Also, drop your questions about GOG GALAXY 2.0 and we’ll try to answer them if we can :)

We’ve been testing GOG GALAXY 2.0 for some time already in our internal and alpha tests and gathered feedback, so some of the topics you want to discuss might already be addressed by us – please check the list of known issues that we’re aware of and we’re working on.

Let’s talk!
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Not interested in the beta access but i'm indeed interested in lurking and finding out how it is ! i'm going to expect the worst with this so surprise me positively.

BTW don't neglect the offline installers and do keep them up to date which sometimes takes a bit too long time, thanks.
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"Option to manually add games and linking it with .exe files is not yet available"

I guess this also means we can't add emulators yet. It would be so cool. Playnite and the like have the option and they can download the game data (information, covers, platform etc) from Wikipedia or IGDB.

This is the feature I am interested about.
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GOG GALAXY 2.0 known issues:

● All Games view - some games may appear as “Unknown” in the games library
● All Games view - some games and DLCs may appear as duplicates in the games library
● All Games view - Grid view - scroll performance is subject to significant improvement in upcoming releases
● Recent view - Certain games may not show up in the “Recently Played” section
● The option to close another gaming client after exiting a game is not yet available
● Game view - certain games lack “Friends playing” and “Friends activity” information
● Installing or launching Xbox Play Anywhere games on Windows is not yet available
● Syncing bookmarks between devices doesn’t work yet
● Friends recommendations from other platforms don’t work yet
● “Games added” stats counter on the “Friends Leaderboards” view may not match the sidebar counter for “All Games”
● Option to hide games is not yet available
● Option to manually add games and linking it with .exe files is not yet available
● Certain features from GOG GALAXY 1.2 are still missing (manual game update notification, list of current downloads, access to extras and backups)

*Waiting for the invite
My body is ready.
I hope my invite comes soon.
I applied for the beta the day it was announced, but have since changed the email associated with my GOG account. Should I re-apply using my new email or should I still be applicable for a beta invite?
Havent even been invited yet and i know i like it!

Looking forward to being able to provide good feedback (Totally not an attempt to join the beta :p)
When I synced gog galaxy 2.0 with steam, it was displaying the software that I bought in the platform (like substance painter). But since yesterday the software are not showing in the library anymore. Is it on purpose or did I mess with some options?
Oh! We need a way to mass edit tags, like selecting 30 games and tagging it completed.

I'm really liking gog galaxy 2.0 so far, keep up the god job! :D
Hey everyone! I'm closing this thread as we've just now created a separate forum designated to GOG GALAXY 2.0 and this thread was moved there :)

You can find it here.