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A couple of recent posts have prompted me to think about the posts that keep showing up over and over again on the forums. I thought it might be useful if we compiled a FAQ to help newer users find information without filling the boards with repeated posts. Post your questions and I will add them to the first post as they come in. GOG guys, please feel free to correct us on anything that might be off:
Questions about the website:
Official information about the website and its features can be found in the Website Help section of the Support pages.
Please add *insert game/publisher here* to the GOG library!
GOG has a handy dandy that you can use to post your requests for games on GOG. Just make sure you search the wishlist to see if anyone else has already added the game you want and if they have, vote for it instead of creating a new entry. Additionally, if you wish to simply discuss the games you want to see on GOG, you can post in the [url=]Official Beg Thread: "This Game Belongs on GOG!".
Will you be adding *insert game/publisher here* to the GOG library?
GOG does not release specific information on prospective games or publishers until they already have agreements in place. They will not comment on who or what they are trying to get, only what they do have. Check the site's main page for news on what is coming soon, it gets updated every Thursday. Also, Delixe has created an excellent Publishers not on GOG and will they be? thread where the odds/pros and cons of many publishers coming to GOG are discussed.
Why are there New/Unreleased Games on the Wishlist?
Its a wishlist, people are going to put on it what they wish to see on GOG someday, even if they are new or unreleased games. The GOG team members who review the list are intelligent enough to determine which items on the wislist are reasonable requests and which are not.
Why are some highly requested games, such as System Shock 2, not being added to the catalogue?
GOG tries to get every game they can, but sometimes it is a difficult process to find the correct rights holder, secure permissions to sell the game, get gold masters of the games, modify as necessary to make the game work on modern OSes, etc. It's not that GOG is intentionally not adding a highly requested game, its that they can't unless or until they can meet all those requirements. That certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't keep requesting and voting for games, though. The more interest we can show, the more "ammunition" GOG has to bring to rights holders to convince them to allow their games to become part of the GOG library.
Why does GOG sell version X of *insert game name here* and not the superior/different version Y?
There are any number of reasons why GOG is only able to sell a particular version of a game and not another. Perhaps the rights holder only offered the DOS/floppy disk version to GOG and not the Windows/CD-ROM version; distribution rights for one version might be held by a different publisher than the version GOG has and GOG does not have any agreements with that publisher; the version GOG offers might be the only one they could get to work... I could go on. For information on GOG games that may be "inferior" versions, see gamebin's GoG Games - Missing Content, Incomplete, Etc. thread.
Why is *insert game name here* missing a particular bit of extra content
Again, there are any number of reason this could happen, but the most likely one is that the rights holder never provided GOG with that extra content. When the GOG staff are made aware of a missing extra, they do try to find out about it from the rights holder and add it, if possible. Information on games that are known to be missing certain extras can also be found in gamebin's GoG Games - Missing Content, Incomplete, Etc. thread.
Please add *insert website feature here* to
GOG is currently in beta and will therefore be changing a lot as it develops. The GOG team is always looking for new ideas to enhance the experience and actually listens to the public when they ask for something. However, there are a few "proper" ways you can give the team your feedback. There is a GOG Features Wishlist thread in the general forums as well as the website feedback link at the bottom of the site.
How can I help advertise GOG?
So you want to show everyone how cool GOG is? Check out the Spread The Word section of the site. You can get banners, userbars, merchandise... even the official GOG logo to use in your own designs.
Questions about purchasing/downloading/installing games:
Official information about purchasing and downloading games can be found in the Website Help section of the Support pages. Installation information can be found in the Games Support section of the Support pages.
What are the *accepted* methods of payment?
Currently, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are the only accepted methods of payment.
Can I use Paypal?
Can I purchase games using *insert country name here* currency?
Currently, GOG games are only offered in US dollars.
My game won't play/install/do anything useful. What can I do to get help?
GOG offers support through the website. Go to the support link on the site's main menu and you will be presented with a listing of all your GOG games, links to support articles for each game and links to contact GOG support. When contacting GOG support, be sure to include a detailed description of the problem you are having, steps you have already taken to try to remedy it and include a DirectX Diagnostic output. Additional community support can be found by posting questions in the forums for your particular game.
How long does it usually take GOG support to respond to help requests?
GOG usually responds to any support request with in 24 - 48 hours after it is received. I say "after it is received" because certain factors like time zones and weekends can affect how long it takes the support team to respond. GOG is based in Europe, so the middle of the day for you could be the middle of the night for them, depending on where you are in the world. Additionally, the GOG team is not usually available on weekends, so if you submitted your support request after their normal business hours on Friday, you may not hear back from them until as late as the following Tuesday (i.e. 24 - 48 hours after the request is actually received on Monday morning).
Does have demos of the games in their catalog?
If you are looking for demos of GOG games, please see KarlAllen's Demo links for current GOG games thread.
Are GOG's games Mac/Linux/other OS compatible?
GOG games are officially compatible Windows XP and Vista only (Windows 7 compatibility is a work in progress and differs from game to game). Some of the games available from GOG are known to work on *nix systems using . Details can be found in Lexx's [url=]GOG Games that are working fine with Linux/ Wine thread. Please note that GOG does not support using these games on any OS other than XP or Vista.
User Profile questions
Official information about your User Profile can be found in the Website Help section of the Support pages.
How do I get a title next to my Avatar?
Just go to any forum group and click on the My Settings link. Type what you would like in the Forum "title" box, then click "Save and Go Back".
Is it possible to change your GOG username?
No, GOG policy prevents that.
What is rep and how do I get it?
Rep is earned reputation. You earn rep by answering support questions and receiving positive ratings on your other forum participation. Rep can also be lost by receiving negative ratings on your forum participation. Details on the rep system can be found in the Website Help section of and in Weclock's Rep, a Users Guide thread.
What if I solve a question but the original poster doesn't flag my post as the solution?
It is up to the person asking the question to flag your post as the correct answer, however, sometimes people don't do that, either because they don't know about it or just didn't bother. You can try posting a reply to the the original poster, asking them to mark your response as the solution, but it still depends on the original poster making the effort to mark your solution as the answer.
Questions about the forums
Official information about the forums and its functionality can be found in the Website Help section of the support pages.
Why does the forum break up URLs when I post them?
The forum has a function to automatically recognize URLs and format them as links. However, the function is buggy, and often throws random spaces into the URL. Instead, use the URL function in the post editor (the small icon looking like three links of chain to the left of the editor window. It will encase whatever you have marked in URL tags. The URL goes inside the first tag, and between the tags, you put whatever text you want people to see on the link (this can also be the URL if you want).
Why do I get an error when I try to submit a post with multiple nested quotes?
When quoting multiple posts, only the two most recent posts in a series of quotes are kept, while the oldest is dropped out. Unfortunately, due to a bug in GOG's custom forum software, the opening "[ quote_### ]" for that dropped post is still kept, which causes the error message. In order to prevent the error from happening, simply delete the third "[ quote_### ]" entry in the post before submitting it.
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I'm less wondering about current mac compatibility -- more curious about whether there are any plans for it. Been running GOG on Parallels with Windows XP for a while now with varied success.
What about Window 8 compability?

I wish I am still using Window 7.
Why is this thread not a sticky?
amok: Why is this thread not a sticky?
They ran outta glue.
Needs to be updated (short answers to the point and not walls of text as some suggested)and stickied.would stop many of new threads from popping up asking the same things (won't stop those who don't bother to read though....).
Niggles: Needs to be updated (short answers to the point and not walls of text as some suggested)and stickied.would stop many of new threads from popping up asking the same things (won't stop those who don't bother to read though....).
Just another 2015 bump.
Niggles: Needs to be updated (short answers to the point and not walls of text as some suggested)and stickied.would stop many of new threads from popping up asking the same things (won't stop those who don't bother to read though....).
Lemon_Curry: Just another 2015 bump.
As such, bumping this might have been more appropriate, since it's somewhat newer. However, even that is hopelessly outdated by now, so keeping either of them alive seems a bit pointless. It might be worth it to try to get cogadh (or whoever wants to do the job) make a new one. Maybe even get it stickied, if possible. However, given the state of upheaval GOG is in right now, it probably makes sense to let things settle down a little before trying to make a new FAQ. Too many things are changing right now.
You're right. I just thought cogadh might appreciate it in case he/she is still here (I wonder why the forum title says 'Banned!') and I had no idea there was a more recent thread about the subject.