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The Rules:

The format for this was unceremoniously stolen from Lifthrasil. I would thank him, but I'm an ungrateful nitwit.

1. Cryptoclaiming is strictly forbidden.

2. Betting amongst players is strictly forbidden.

3. CSPVG is the moderator of this game. His word is law. If you would like to ask him any questions via PM, you are free to do so.

4. Every player has a vote. This vote can be placed on any other player. Once a player has acquired more than 50% of the votes, that player will be lynched. Once a person reaches the amount of votes required to be lynched, they will be lynched. No amount of unvoting can undo a lynch decision.

5. Players' votes must be bolded, e.g Vote: CSPVG. If you wish to vote for someone else, you must first unvote the person you are currently voting for, e.g Unvote: CSPVG.

6. Players may also vote to nolynch. If a majority of people vote to nolynch, no player shall be lynched that day.

7. Once you are dead, you're dead. One 'bah!' type post is permitted and encourage after your death. Do not despair, however, as you shall be PMed a link to the Great Game Show in The Sky (i.e. the dead thread), where you can continue discussing the game with your fellow dead people.

8. Do not edit your posts. If you do, you shall be murdered by the Edit Elves (i.e modkilled), who take exception to editing (it's a religious thing, I think).

Do not post within ten minutes of yourself, as GOG's forum software shall merge your posts, making it appear as if you have edited them.

Accidents happen, but repeated violation of this rule is not accepted.

9. In-thread questions are permitted. I do, however, ask that you bold them.

10. You are not allowed (unless otherwise specified in your PM) to discuss this game with anyone outside of this thread.

11. Do not directly quote or paraphrase your role PMs too closely. If you are afraid that your paraphrasing of your role PM is too close too close to the original PM, feel free to contact me and I'll check it to make sure that it is not. Directly quoting from, or paraphrasing too closely from, your role PM is grounds for a severe tongue-lashing if not death. Be careful.

12. As a participant in this game, you are expected to be active. All players should post at least once every forty-eight (48) hours. If you expect to be busy/away/etc. for more than 48 hours, let me know either in the game thread or via PM.

If you have not posted in 48 hours, and have not informed me as to any reason for your absence, you shall be reminded that this makes for poor television via your earpiece-microphone setup (i.e you shall be prodded via PM).

If you are absent for several days and have not responded to your prods, you shall be replaced.

13. If you wish to leave the game for any reason, let me know via PM so that I may find a replacement player.

14. All players on the winning team, whether they are alive or dead, win.

15. From time to time, Mafia games can get quite heated. However, I plead that you remain polite with one another.

16. For each player lynched, one day shall be deducted from the amount of days until deadline. The first day's deadline is in fourteen (14) days.

Note: If you received no PM stating that you had won a power, you are nothing more than an ordinary Vanilla Townie/Mafia Goon, with all of the 'powers' those roles have.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

The host is horribly drunk. He's tottering about on stage, shepherded by two young women that the show insists on calling the "Mayhem Babes".

"Those boring video inserhurts dun yet?" he asks, to the visible embarrassment of the Mayhem Babes, who nod. "Thank the Heavens, we can get on wifth this shoooow."

There's an uncomfortable silence, filled only by the cough of an audience member and the chiming noises made by the young women's earrings.

"Say the line, dammit," someone barks into the host's earpiece.

"Don't talk to me like that, you little shit," says the host, seemingly to no one, which sends the crowd into a quiet fit of laughter. "I know my work, I know I say, 'And now, without further ado- who the hell even says ado anymore, but never mind- we bring you the spectacular that is Murder, Mayhem, Prizes!' and then the-"

On instruction, the cameraman pans away quickly, but someone forgets to cut the host's microphone as he launches into his approximation of the show's theme music. The camera now zooms in on the screen, intentionally over focusing so that it becomes nothing but a hazy blur of colour. The show cuts to black.

There's a title card, and then the show cuts to the live video feed, switching between the various cameras that are placed around the room in what the viewer can only assume is a fit of overzealous pride in the production's scope. We are presented with an ordinary looking dining room, where a dinner party seems to be taking place. The participants sit down the length of a table, seven to a side, there's tasteful vague art along each wall, and a set of large double doors at one end of the room. The only thing that is out of place is a square metal object which is attached to the wall at the end of the room.

From this box emanates a robotic voice, "Participants, a person has been murdered by three of the people in this room. It is up to you to find out which one of you has perpetrated this horrible crime. Begin."

With that, an ominous strain of music is played over the image, and the show begins to cut back and forth between the participants' faces. They seem reticent to speak, or perhaps just confused.

Then one of them says...

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

Show Participants:

1. JMich
2. yogsloth
3. adaliabooks
4. Leonard03 - Died night four (4), disappeared into thin air, was a Town 1-Shot Vigilante.
5. Bookwyrm627 - Died night five (5), disappeared into thin air, was a Town Role Cop.
6. Lifthrasil - Died night two (2), disappeared into thin air, was a Vanilla Townie.
7. HijacK
8. trentonlf - Died night one (1), disappeared into thin air, was a Vanilla Townie.
9. flubbucket - Died day two (2), is now a hamster seeking his fortune, was a Mafia Goon.
10. Sage103082 - Died day three (3), is now a pile of dust, which was picked up by the breeze and is currently exploring a little, was a Vanilla Townie.
11. A_Future_Pilot - Died day one (1), is now a nice cape, was a Jack of All Trades.
12. cristigale - Died day five (5), is now a space eagle (or maybe a hawk, we're not really sure), was a Mafia 2-Shot Tracker.
13. Robbeasy - Replaced by Vitek - Died day three (3), is now a solidified corpse without a head, was a Town Vanilla Vengeful.
14. HypersomniacLive

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

Current Deadline: 22 May, 2015 (12 days).
Post edited June 19, 2015 by CSPVG
Let's do This!

LEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOhhhh wait, that joke was already used last time.
Hiya fellas! I'm excited!
A_Future_Pilot: Hiya fellas! I'm excited!
Hi excited! I'm trentonlf :-)
A_Future_Pilot: Hiya fellas! I'm excited!
trentonlf: Hi excited! I'm trentonlf :-)
:P That's all I have to say to you, sir!
I'm going to leave these here on page 1 for my own convenience:

Signup Thread

Explanation of the Game Rules
yogsloth: Let's do This!

LEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOhhhh wait, that joke was already used last time.
I knew you and Bookwyrm were the same person ;)

Ok, let's just get this over with we all know he has to be scum:

Vote Krypsyn

Sorry ;)
OK, so RVS is for losers. Let’s just do this thing.

We’ve all had time to study the setup, so we’ve had a chance to analyze how the distribution of roles is going to work. It’s quite unique to know exactly what roles are involved right from the get-go. The key, of course, is which roles and how many wound up in scum hands. The first thing that jumps out at me here – no cop. Here’s my quick analysis of the roles in play:

Most important

Doctor – for traditional reasons, but we must also be highly aware that this role could have fallen into scum hands. If Town has the role, it will play the usual key role. If Scum has the role, my first thought is to be highly cautious about a doctor claim – more so than usual. Scum could have sought the role to be used later as a decoy claim.

Tracker – Without a cop, this may be essential for town to sort out liars. The fact that it is only 2-shot is brutal. If Town has the role, it may be best to hold off using it. There are really only three “movements” in play to begin with (Doctor, Role Cop, Night Kill). In addition, there are three one-or-two-shot “movements” (Roleblocker, Vigilante, JOAT) that don’t come into play every night. The tracker role is crucial to Town to find the Night Kill, as there’s not much in play with any need to cover up other than the kill. I’d rather keep the Tracker alive than the Doctor, as play in the end-game may be the key to winning. (Oh yeah, I’m Town, btw.)

Roleblocker – Similar to Tracker, the fact this is limited to two shots is tough, and this game’s balance will shift significantly depending on which side has it. My advice to Town is to hold off for later in the game when it can be used well. Scum may use it early just for the chaos it brings, but Town may need this role in the mid-late game to stop a scum vig shot or redirection.

Less important

Role Cop – We already know what the roles are, so it doesn’t benefit Town too much, other than perhaps to find the tricky roles like Vig and JOAT. However, if I were scum, this would have been my #1 role to try and win in the bidding contest. Scum can use it to sniff out the juicy targets. If town has the role, be cautious when claiming – I would only do so if it has immediate and tangible benefit to do so.

Vigilante – My advice to Town vigilantes is always “Put the gun in your pocket”. You can’t hit mafia shooting blindly. Just don’t do it. Scum can use it to gain an extra night kill, so we may see it show up in the early game. It’s the only way to have a 2nd Night Kill, so if we have that happen, at least we’ll know it’s out of play.

Almost useless

Commuter – Good for you, I guess. Good luck timing that correctly. Town or Scum, having only one shot at it the entire game means it’s a remote chance it benefits your side, whichever it may be. Town will look to save the shot until the end game, to avoid being killed. Scum has virtually no use for it at all, since if they use it they can't kill, so being tracked or roleblocked means nothing. I would say scum would place no value at all on this role, so Town probably has it, and should just hold tight with it.

JOAT – Oh good, a fruit basket. If Town has this role, my advice would be to utterly ignore the neighborize and redirector abilities, as those are useless to Town. Opening a QT thread to a player of unknown alignment is asking for trouble. If you are Town, and you get that notice from the JOAT, my advice is to say absolutely nothing, because you just got a private hotline to give your thoughts to the scum team. Similarly, Town benefits almost nothing from a random redirection. It can only be used to foster chaos in the early game, so Scum might have some fun with this role, but it is totally worthless to Town in almost every situation.

Vengeful – Well, useless to Town anyway. It’s a vig shot with all the chance of killing scum that has; namely – almost zero. Scum could use this role to gain an extra kill when lynched, but even they would have to roll the dice that they hit vanilla. Town or Scum, I doubt this role pays off.


So it seems the real key here is that this is going to be a battle of the wits until the end. There are no PMs to nitpick, no trolling the wiki for a role to claim, and few power mechanics to be used to hunt scum. We’re going to have to do it the old-fashioned way – with a blowtorch and pliers.

Have a seat my friends; I’d like to ask you a few questions…
Hey Adalia (Do you prefer this to books?)

I was going to vote you as you had me fooled last game but I wanted to welcome our newest player in the right way so

Hello Pilot

Vote A_Future_Pilot
Good post, Yogsloth. I agree on most points, but I slightly disagree on the usefulness of the neighborizer. It depends heavily on who is neighborizing. It may give town a slight edge if used correctly, if the one using it is town and is a shrewd conversationalist. ... So if the town player finds out more than he reveals. But both participants will try that and both will claim to be town - so it is basically a second, separate, two-person WIFOM Mafia thread. It can work out, but it also can heavily backfire. So I would modify your advice: only agree to a neighborization, if you are an experienced player, confident that you can use this additional conversation channel beneficially for town.

On the other powers I agree. So careful with using the redirector and vigilante powers - and don't use the vengeful at all, unless we have a situation like in the last game with two known scum. ... Which is unlikely in this game, because we don't have a cop. It's a difficult setup for town. But let's do our best.

Oh, and vote HijacK

sooner or later I will do this anyhow because we will violently disagree on play-style again until we suspect each other.
Sage103082: Hey Adalia (Do you prefer this to books?)

I was going to vote you as you had me fooled last game but I wanted to welcome our newest player in the right way so

Hello Pilot

Vote A_Future_Pilot
Why thank you! And I shall, in turn, Vote Sage ;)

@sloth: That all makes pretty good sense. Since we all know the rolls, I get the feeling that role claiming's going to become a good way that scum try to stir up trouble and distrust.
EBWOP: @Sage: I actually don't think I'm the newest...I played the egyptian mafia that CSPVG hosted quite awhile back as my first game. I've just been too busy to participate in quite awhile! I'm glad to be back!
I'm not sure why you are discounting the vengeful role. I would much rather see that in the hands of a townie to never be used than in the hands of scum. Downplaying it's importance just because you don't see benefit of it is very shortsighted or you are trying to deflect attention away from it. Why is it you also say scum wouldn't want it because they might hit vanilla with it. Why would that matter, all that matters is they get an extra kill with it, Power role or not.

Putting s doctor as most important makes little sense either. Does the doctor know who to protect? No, and probably will not for a day or two and by that time the roles the doctor would need to protect will probably be used up. Just randomly protecting someone means the possibility of protecting scum so it wouldn't be used until later making it's value very low at the start. The only time the role is going to be important is end game. By you ranking it as a most important role seems to say that you want the doctor to protect you.

You seem to be trying to direct things a certain way and I don't like it.

Vote Yogsloth
So apparently the Egyptian mafia was hosted by NotFrenchYet...I'm not sure what CSPVG game I was in...or maybe he was just in a game with me. I don't know! lol

trentonlf: I disagree with the value Yogsloth puts on various roles, so Vote Yogsloth
(Not a direct quote obviously, but that's what I got out of it).

?? with flimsy reasoning much?
Vote trentonlf
A_Future_Pilot: So apparently the Egyptian mafia was hosted by NotFrenchYet...
My apologizes, I am newer to the games myself as this is my 5th I think. I should not have assumed you were new just because you were new to me. =)

However, my vote still stands as even old new players know a unvote is needed before voting again for it to count. =P

I also have my eye on you. Flub. I see you at the just sitting there sipping your whiskey and not even batting a eye to what is going on and you know its polite to offer a drink to the ladies in the room. *looks down at empty glass*