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My love goes out to all. It's as he said, friends, we are all one big human family in this world...
(I honestly believe that Europe will continue to fade into obscurity, never being capable of ruling the world in any capacity again and that China will inevitably be No. 1. They really stepped up their game. To the victor go the spoils.

In the end, it has always been quite simple: The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.
If I had any say in GOG's affairs, I would 1. give the refunds that are promised by company policy and 2. obey any order the CCP might formulate long before it is ever spoken. Stay in line and everyone can profit. Don't you want profit?
See, think what you will about China but it is actually a beautiful land of mountains and rivers and in 2021, everyone doing business in and with China will build mountains of ¥. It seems to me that China's vision for humanity is reviled by so many, especially Americans, because it is becoming more plausible every year. Long gone are the days when the West divided China by selling Opium and belittling the country. Nobody can impose foreign terms on China in this day and age. That is simply fact. Better to go with the times than to be gone with them. The CCP is not perfect but their achievements are just as real as any mistakes made along the way.)
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