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If you have been carefully following our main page, you have seen tens of interviews and editorial pieces we’ve posted over the years. Many of these articles garnered quite a lot of attention from you, fellow gamers, yet after some time they eventually faded to obscurity. That’s why we’ve decided to create a hub that will let us not only post our editorials from the past but also present you with more interesting video game content in the future.

Visit our blog to read articles from the past about the cult Blade Runner game from Westwood Studios or the legendary FPS Quake that celebrated its 25th anniversary lately. You’ll also find some new editorials on our blog. For example, a piece about the Bioshock games or an interesting bio of Michel Ancel, the creator of the Rayman series. Now you can enjoy all these articles both as a nostalgic blast from the past or as inspiration for the next gaming session!

As for the future of the blog, we would like to continue posting engaging articles there, highlighting classic and new games, as well as both AAA and indie titles. Of course, to create such a place of gaming content, we need your precious feedback. So, please visit the blog, and let us know in the comment section below this post, what type of content you would like to see on our blog in the upcoming months.
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zakius: respecting own rules regarding DRM would be sufficient, unfortunately it seems they gave up on that
ghst84: Are you referring to the Hitman (2016) controversy, or just in general?
hitman, lack of "postmortem" and overall communication that happened after that looking like "if we believe hard enough we can pretend it's not DRM"
if any part of my game that is doable without network connection relies on network connection, Galaxy or any other nonsense it *is* DRM and doesn't belong on a DRM-free store

we could discuss about network oriented games, though these used to include server software to run LAN based games, that should easily be allowed
the 3p server only games probably shouldn't
DD & Ji Ji: Can we exchange the forum's news posting bot with the person who writes the blog articles ? :p
SmollestLight: They are the same person :)

Also thank you everyone for the suggestions, I will forward them!
I like the TL;DR bot, so he can both stay there ;)
Please add more old games
Gunship 2000
M1 Tank Platoon
Black& White
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an idea for your blog:

what happened with hitman and the debacle that followed. a retrospective. plus what you're going to do about the situation going forward.

[you'll never do this, of course, but you desperately need to.]
I just like saying "GOG Blog".

GOG blog
GOG blog
GOG blog

But you have to say "GOG Blog", not "gee-oh-gee blog".
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glad you're archivng old news as well, good work
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I second the very repeated request here to connect this blog to a RSS feed.
In my book, the 9000 followers Feedly reports the GOG News feed has, is not something to ignore...
But who can be sure: It is the GOG signature...
alexandros050: There was an interesting interview with Falcom's president.
That was the first one I looked for as well :). I don't remember specifics but there were a few other interesting game-specific articles as well and I also like the ones that have screenshots and a bit of text about a number of games. I noticed taking my screenshot below that thereis at least one multi-game article, however the article image was just the name of one game (and there doesn't currently seem to be a tag for those multi-game articles).

Also, I figured out that my mimumum font size is the reason it looks unusually bad to me with floating text on top of the article text (see screenshot). Personally, I think the website looks much better with larger text (other than rare issues) and that should be the default for everyone, but at least avoiding major issues would be helpful (the many-downloads issue was improved a few years ago and I appreciate that, although it can still be necessary to open the particular game three times to be able to see all of the Windows DLCs if you default to Linux).
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editorials kekw
I noticed last year that a great many news posts from 2019 and earlier, had been deleted or had become inaccessible to the public.

I find that disappointing.

At least I can hope a few of those news posts/articles are now saved in the form of a blog post.

I imagine the text of those deleted news post are still readable via their respective forum posts.
So, there is that anyway.
Vollinger: You had articles about modding classic games, those definitely shouldn't be buried under a dozen press releases after a week.
HertogJan: Please add an extra heading on the blog with the 'Mods Spotlight' articles.
I too would like this. At the moment I have them saved as "favourite topic", but that is not ideal.
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With the launch of the Glog, we've joined GOG back in the halcyon Livejournal days.
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I want to thank you for your feedback and let you know that we are working on implementing a direct way to the blog from GOG as well as an RSS feed :)
SmollestLight: ...we are working on implementing a direct way to the blog from GOG as well as an RSS feed :)
Good to know. Thanks!
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No love to the RSS feed readers yet?

Hope the pending is still on the workbench...