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Thank ye fer donatin' yer precious loot t' this giveaway, Pirate Jade 'n the GOG Brethren! I offer ye a swig o' me finest rum! :)
Arrr, mateys ! Glad to see I be not too late ! I be in fer Best Pirateer !

Allow me to sin' this here little composition o' mine. I 'ope it be touchin' enough.

It be called "Song o' the Cap'n I did nay get to know better"

Durin' a night when I been sailin' me ship blind
Alone an' lost in the middle o' the ocean
Driftin' away fer days I been lost in me mind
Just when me eye been caught by somethin' in motion
So I quickly looked through the longsight in me grip
There been a sail closin' in from the 'orizon
It been a small ship rushin' in me direction
Then a smilin' penguin Cap'n boarded me ship

Who be ye ? I think I ne'er met ye before
Why be ye so friendly ? Ye an ambassador ?
Ye aren't afraid an' ye trust me furthermore
But do I really deserve such a great 'onor ?

After introducin' 'imself 'e 'anded me
A small statue o' a man lookin' like a bat
It looked like it came out o' a madhouse, ye see
I wondered what been its strange origin, whereat
'e pushed a tiny button o'er its belly
An' suddenly all its upper 'alf burst open
Like a big Deus Ex Machina all sudden
A secret treasure map flew out o' it quickly

Who be ye ? I think I ne'er met ye before
Why be ye so friendly ? Ye an ambassador ?
Ye aren't afraid an' ye trust me furthermore
But do I really deserve such a great 'onor ?

The penguin Cap'n unrolled this map o' legend
It showed the location o' a secret island
Where lived lots o' monkeys guardin' a big treasure
"Unearth this Big Whoop, ye'll 'ave lots o' fun fer sure !
Sadly, today be the first an' last time we meet
Allow me to tell ye that it's been a real treat
The 'and o' fate 'as decided that I must leave
Already used up all me wildcards up me sleeve !"

Who be ye ? I think I ne'er met ye before
Why be ye so friendly ? Ye an ambassador ?
Ye aren't afraid an' ye trust me furthermore
But do I really deserve such a great 'onor ?

After another look at all o' 'is presents
I been puzzled at what the 'eck all o' this meant
When I turned back at 'im to ask fer 'is intents
Been 'e no longer there, I felt abandonment
'e 'ad vanished with 'is ship as fast as 'e came
Left me frustrated, while I enjoyed the chatter
Barely 'ad time to thank 'im an' ask fer 'is name
I wish I 'ad much more time to know 'im better

Who was ye ? I think I ne'er met ye before
Why was ye so friendly ? Ye an ambassador ?
Ye weren't afraid an' trusted me furthermore
But did I really deserve such a great 'onor ?

When I been ashore on the way to this island
I met another penguin who said t'be 'is wife
"I know that on the sea ye 'ave met me 'usband
'e 'as passed away, now 'e's in the afterlife"
What !? So there's no way I can thank 'im friendlily ?
Wish I 'ad time to know ye better in person
Least I could do been to sin' in yer memory
May ye find peace on yer travels, Cap'n Brandon !
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Arrr me Hearties! The tide be out, the Day be done, the Ship has sailed for treasure to be won.
This Giveaway is now closed!

A very sincere Thank Ye fer the natterin' ye blathering barnacles and scurvy scoundrels of Dock Hands and Crew, and to ye landlubber's, tavern keepers, songsters and shipwrights (non-entrants) who also contributed local flavor and raised a grog to the spirit of this Giveaway. To the GrOG Brethren, and the memory o'Cap'n B. I hope ye all had FUN!

Voting for Best Pirateer entry is now open.
For those who participated, contributed or donated games to this Talk Like A Pirate Day Giveaway, please look at each post linked under the Dock Hands and Best Pirateer Lists and vote for your favorite entry - be it a story, tall tale, song or joke - that you feel best fits or honors the spirit of this Giveaway, the piratey theme and/or the memory of Captain B.

Votes may be cast in thread, or by PM to me. As host, I will not vote. Please cast your votes by midnight UTC, 24 September, 2023. Best Pirateer Award will be announced 25, September, 2023, after I have tallied the votes. :)
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Me totally objective vote was decided on as follows. Me went through yer writings as shared by bjg, and whittled the choices down te what spoke te me.

Me whittled it down te:
- Mortius1 fer the name o their Pirate (Me spent many fond nights as a wee lad enjoying his tales)
- Braggadar fer their jolly take on a jolly sea shanty
- DiffuseReflection fer their inventive origin story
- LordKaylar fer being me neighbour on the moon (nepotism of sorts, sure)

Finally I decided on one, and thus I vote for DiffuseReflection!
My vote goes to:
15. Sulibor - Mighty The Mighty Matey
for his exceptional problem-solving approach :D
Alright, my vote cast is pretty simple & quick: Lone_Scout!
The forum members might imagine why, but doesnt hurt to express it:
Lone_Scout is a clear example of camaraderie
and a prominent donor not only of vgames but of blood, sweat & tears**
for this digital place and a proactive participant
So, he easily represents the good causes this game-memorial-giveaway have
and the huge positive sharing spirit this community has
To be honest, without this bias of mine,
It would have been -impossible to vote for anyone-***:
All the characters, posts & pirate spirit are well represented
Thanks to everyone for pouring so much creative effort to have fun
and to let me participate of it! Ahoy everyone!

** The last I hope literally not, but thats how the expression goes :)
*** I would have attended to the resource of a negative vote against me instead :)
Hello everyone! Sorry for disappearing. My cat has been super sick. While attending to a sick cat doesn't take all my time as he does spend more time sleeping than normal, worrying about my cat hasn't put me in the right frame of mind for going online and playing pirates. It would be a bit too flippant, even for me. Anyway, bjgamer send me a PM yesterday reminding me that I should still cast a vote for Best Pirateer, so here I am.

I'd like to cast my vote for Lone_Scout.

The story of the halfling Argy's troubles caused by rich humans behaving badly reminded me of my favorite module for Neverwinter Nights. It's better than the campaigns, premium modules, and even what you'll find in the community tab. Things begin with you having a series of prophetic nightmares, one of which involves a bunch of humans slaughtering a village of peaceful halflings. You later find out that the people that did it were knights in service of a king, so... more rich humans out to get halflings. What's with rich talk folk going around from game to game hassling innocent halflings? We should be glad for Argy that she survived her encounter and was freed by the rather heroic Cursed Crew.

Anyway this entry actually did distract me from my own woes for a bit, so that's why it has my vote.

edit - spotted a typo, fixed!
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pirate day? you mean downloading games for free?
Ahoy mateys! The random luck speaking:

• 4 donors point to the even group, TIER 2: Cursed Crew

• A piece of eight points to #8, tag

Congrats y'all! tag+, show a leg!