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Next round of Groupees leftovers.

From "Build A Greenlight Bundle 5" :
- Battlepaths (Desura key, but from what I understand you can get a Steam key once you redeem this on Desura)

From "Clash Of The World Bundles : Russia" :
- Railyard : Match-3 Evolved (Desura key, presently on Steam Greenlight)

From "Be Mine 13" :
- Alcarys Complex (Desura key, Greenlit)
- Alpha Kimori™ 1 (Steam)
- Miasmata (Steam)
- The Longest Journey (Steam)

Same as before : to enter, just be registered before 2015, don't look like you're only registered here for the free games sivouplé, and simply write for which game you're in.
I'll let choose a winner for each game sometime on Friday, March the 13th.
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Bump before going back to Book Of Unwritten Tales 2.
Thanks, I am in for Miasmata : )
I'm in for:
Alpha Kimori

Thanks +1
Bump for a cup of tea.
Im in The Longest Journey, thanks for a tea :)
Bump for a second beer.
Oops, nevermind, I didn't see I was registered only two months ago ^^'.


I would appreciate to get Longest Journey :D if it's still available.
(Merci beaucoup/Thanks a lot anyway)[/i]
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Not in, but kudos for the giveaway, especially for The Longest Journey.
In for Longest Journey if possible.

Thanks +1
I'm in for Miasmata.

Post edited March 04, 2015 by Erich_Zann
Das ist ein Bump.
Im in for Miasmata

Thanks for the giveaway
Last bump before doomsday.