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Thank you for the giveaway Berzerk2k2

I'm in for:

1) Ion Fury
2) Quake & Quake II
3) Trepang2 - Banger Edition
4) Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem
5) System Shock (Remake)
6) Terminator Resistance & Terminator Resistance Annihilation Line
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I'm in for:
2. Metro Franchise Bundle
3. Quake & Quake II

Thank you.
I'll try my luck with Serious Sam, Trepang2 and Postal.
10 years are a long time :)
Guess i'll go in for

Quake 2
Terminator: Resistance
I'd like to join for Terminator: Resistance and System Shock Remake.

Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck everyone.
Happy 10 Berzerk! I'm in for the first four:

1. Ion Fury

2. Metro Franchise Bundle

3. Quake & Quake II

4. POSTAL: Brain Damaged - Connoisseur Edition

Thanks for the giveaway! GL y'all!
Only 10? this forum looks like from the '80s

I'm in for only System Shock, played most of the others or they are just too shooty for me.
Happy anniversary and thank you very much for this wonderful giveaway, Berzerk2k2! Top quality games. I'd like to be in for:

System Shock (Remake)
Terminator: Resistance

Good luck, everybody!
Best wishes on your 10th anniversary on GOG!
Here's to many decades ahead.

I will like to be in for
1. System Shock (Remake)
Thank you!

I will enter for System Shock (remake) and Trepang2.
Wow, that is so cool Berzerk! Congrats. It is very nice that you took this effort at all.
I am close to my 10th anniversary and I have only given away free games! :( (Edit: Not counting gifts to friends)

And I don't own any of the list, except for a basic version of one of them (thanks PLAiccp!)

I am going to apply for "7. Severed Steel Digital Deluxe Version" only since it has less applications (and it is in my wishlist).

Thanks for the opportunity!
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Thanks for the proposed giveaway. Congrats for 10 years on the platform.

Im interested in Metro and Terminator.
Let me try again.

Im in in the following:
Metro Franchise Bundle
Quake & Quake II
POSTAL: Brain Damaged - Connoisseur Edition
Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem
System Shock (Remake) + Soundtrack
Terminator: Resistance & Terminator: Resistance Annihilation Line
Trepang2 - Banger Edition

Thank you for opportunity (⁠•⁠‿⁠•⁠)
Thanks Berzerk2k2! I love how many of your games all have berserk themes, some as modes and some as the atmosphere altogether. If DOOM is on the list, it would overwhelm with berserkness!! As I would say is the father of Berserk.

This is a tough choice since there are so many great gems!
Here are my Top 3:
Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem
System Shock
Terminator Resistance

Thank you Berzerk2k2 and happy 10th anniversary on GOG!
All the best everyone!
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Hi, I'm in for:

1. Ion Fury
2. Metro Franchise Bundle
3. POSTAL: Brain Damaged - Connoisseur Edition
5. Quake
8. System Shock (Remake)
10. Trepang2 - Banger Edition