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Hey, GOGgers,

We're not perfect, we're exploring new frontiers, and we make mistakes. We thought DRM-Free was so important that you'd prefer we bring you more DRM-Free games and Fair Price was less critical and that it could be sacrificed in some cases. The last two week's worth of comments in our forums (nearly 10k!), show that's not the case. We didn’t listen and we let you down. We shouldn't sacrifice one of our core values in an attempt to advance another. We feel bad about that, and we're sorry. Us being sorry is not of much use to you, so let’s talk about how we will fix it.

One: DRM-free forever. Abandoning fixed regional pricing means it will probably take longer to get some games, but you've made it clear that sacrificing fair pricing for more DRM-free games isn't acceptable.

Two: We will adamantly continue to fight for games with flat worldwide pricing. If that fails and we are required to have regional prices, we will make up the difference for you out of our own pockets. For now it will be with $5.99 and $9.99 game codes. In a couple of months, once we have such functionality implemented, we will give you store credit instead, which then you will be able to use towards any purchase and cover the price of it in full or partially. Effectively gamers from all around the world will be able to benefit from the US prices.

This will apply to every single game where we do not have flat pricing, such as Age of Wonders 3 (full details here), Divinity: Original Sin, and The Witcher 3. If you remember the Fair Price Package for The Witcher 2, this will be exactly the same.

Three: We still intend to introduce the pricing in local currencies. Let us explain why we want to do it and how we want to make it fair for everyone. From the very beginning our intention was to make things easier for users whose credit cards/payment systems are not natively in USD. The advantages are simple because the price is more understandable and easier to relate to. There would be no exchange rates involved, no transaction fees, and no other hidden charges. However after reading your comments, we realized we have taken an important element away: the choice. In order to fix this, we'll offer the option of paying in the local currency or the equivalent in USD. This way, how you pay is always your choice.

Four: You are what matters, and we will be sure to involve you all more in what we're doing and why we're doing it. Let's start by meeting you at GDC - we’d like to invite you to meet us face-to-face Monday the 17th at GDC. Obviously, not all of you can come to San Francisco, so we want to invite all of you to an online event with us early in April to ask us whatever you would like. More details soon.

The bottom line is simple: there may be companies that won't work with us (although we will work hard to convince the most stubborn ones ;). Yes, it means we might miss out on some games, but at the same time will remain true to its values and will keep on offering you the best of DRM-free gaming with Fair Prices.

Once again thank you for caring so much about We will work hard not to disappoint you again.

--Marcin "iWi" Iwinski & Guillaume "TheFrenchMonk" Rambourg
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Very intelligent. And well done. I will keep buying here again.

Thank you GOG for being AWESOME.
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what is this?
reading now will post thoughts later

LE ... and back with great feelings and a big smile on my face ;)

Thanks for listening to your customers, for still believing in fair gaming for everybody in the entire world, for taking a healthy way at this by strenghtening all of your core principles, for fightning the good fight.

It will not be easy and it will be time consuming, it will not happen very fast nor painless but i'm very confident believing in a gog that can really change the bad habits of the gaming industry of today.

Together we will make it happen!

Great day. Cheers everybody
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You never disappointed us. I have worked for the public for almost twenty years and trust me when I say you will NOT make everyone happy. Not going to happen. I have been and will continue to be totally satisfied with how you treat your customers. Changing pricing policies happen. You have to survive and that always means change. Change scares people, but we are adaptable. I want to see you continue to grow and be the force I know you can. We are behind you and I for one am not going anywhere!!!
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Wow, sounds fantastic. Hope you guys get as much love for this as you got criticism for your last announcement. Keep fighting the good fight, and cheers!
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That's how it should be done!
Returning to buying games from GOG exclusively, as I had done in the last three (or more) years.
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Oh my...

Thanks for listening to your user's feedback. All of it wouldn't happen if you just ask beforehand. But thanks anyway, moves such as this rarely happen.
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OMG, I soooo did NOT expect this.


This is what listening to consumers means. This is how it's supposed to work in every business and every industry, every day. This is.... this is how it's supposed to be.

Thank you gog.

I am going to thank you properly by making my first (among many) purchase since, well, since you know.


ADDED IN EDIT: Downloading Harvester now, and took advantage of the 25% off Shadowrun Returns since it was on my wish list.


Whew, for the past couple of weeks I was having some gog withdrawal, and my preferred credit card for gog was just laying there gathering dust (usually use Paypal at other gaming online shops) and I swear I heard an audible "AHHhhh" when I pulled it out.
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Very interesting. I think this is a great compromise. It's good to see GOG listen to the feedback and make a few course corrections.
Hear hear!

Commendable decisions there.

Especially like the compensation change from 5.99/9.99 to store credit eventually as I never thought it was a great compensation to get to spend the 'difference' you otherwise would have saved entirely on full priced titles on the store, rather than be able to spend the credit on sales.
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When can I pre-order Divinity Original Sin? I have monies to give to you for RPG!
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So I'll escape getting shafted, and I'll have an option of paying in Sterling? Why won't the forum software let me +1 the OP?
Victory!!! :D
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Hmm I am surprised to see GoG retract a policy. I honestly thought regional pricing was a done deal. I am happy to see GoG re-embracing one of its core values.

Please update your homepage to reflect this ASAP!

Not that GoG lost my business with regional pricing, BUT GoG will continue to be my PREFERRED place to get digital game downloads, classics and new. The Company continue to get my money and I continue to shop here. A Win - Win situation. I like that :)
Great news indeed! Can't wait to perorder Witcher 3.