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ssokolow: Not to mention that it's only going to become a bigger issue with time and, by the time hard drives have grown enough for it to start being common, some developers may have never provided a 64-bit build and yet moved on to new projects, so they're not providing new 32-bit builds either.
shmerl: Indeed. Who said EXT4 is immune to it at even larger partition sizes? Violating the spec relying on undefined behavior is a bad idea, and GOG clearly can do something to make sure developers are aware of this issue.
Look, like I said, we already ask developers for 64 bit binary. Yes, in every case. We also explain why is that needed, and the list of reasons is long. But it's always up to developer to decide.

The games that cannot get a 64 bit update are usually either:
- old and not updated anymore
- using a legacy codebase
- using a popular engine like Unity, in this case it's the engine developers you want to contact

I don't discard the LFS issue. But it's just one of many issues related to 32 bit builds and trust me, far from being the most common one.
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king_mosiah: Havinge a couple issues with ToME... Firstly, I get the following error whenever the game starts: “Tales of Maj'Eyal Main Menu” is not responding. And the game gets stuck on loading screens untiI hit the meta key and go to Gnome Shell activites screen. Neither problem is game breaking, but are annoying nonetheless.

Manjaro Gnome AMD64

RX 480 with Mesa 17.0.2
Are you still getting this with version 1.5.3 of the game?
Hey guys,

Out of curiosity - has any of you been affected by this issue?

Btw since I'm here, feel free to ask me Linux + GOG related questions if you have any - I will answer them the best way I can.
Ganni1987: Thanks for the headsup, just one question - What's the status on Serious Sam's Bogus Detour? The Linux verion is available only on Steam.
This question was answered by the game developer themselves:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

liamdawe: I would like to know when GOG Galaxy will see an actual Linux release.
shmerl: Do you know if Galaxy folks are planning to eventually contribute some documentation, to help with community client for Linux? Right now there is a reverse engineered project already, but official input can be still useful.
I am not the best person to answer these questions as I don't work on the client - I work with the games and the offline installers. So, nothing to share from my side, in concern of being inaccurate.

king_mosiah: Strange... I have glibc 2.25 and the 64-bit version of Gone Home runs fine without this fix.

Edit: The 64 bit version of Hatoful Boyfriend works without the fix too.
Very curious! What distro do you use?

shmerl: Thanks for the pointer! It didn't yet arrive in Debian testing, but it's going to soon enough. At least it's good that using jemalloc helps.
Yeah, it's not even in Sid yet. Good old grandpa Debian <3

immi101: no, 2.25 is still blocked on Gentoo.
but from reading the linked bugzilla entry I expect we'll see this fixed in the next glibc release.
Would be lovely if a patched glibc was a part of Ubuntu 18.04 - the next LTS we are going to officially support.

immi101: have you ever looked into using to a better compression method than the default ZIP one( deflate ) ?
The ZIP format would allow to use bzip2 or lzma as well.
though Mojosetup might require some work to support that.
We considered using better compression, but the gain wouldn't be that big considering the amount of work needed to integrate it with our installers. So we decided to leave it be.

vv221: No demand here, I just wanted to thank the whole Linux team for their good work on GOG games ;)

The GOG packaging is especially pleasing when I’ve been fighting with Humble installers for a while, where I see things like ''…
We are flattered - thank you!
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shmerl: Do you provide some help to developers in regards to making Galaxy optional?
We do.

shmerl: And related question - when do you expect those Galaxy libs for Linux to be available for developers?
Same answer as the one regarding the Linux client timeline. But these two surely are linked.