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high rated
Humble RPG Bundle

PWYW ($1 for Steam keys)
HIVESWAP: Act 1 (DRM-Free/Steam, also for Mac and Linux)
Deep Sky Derelicts (Steam-only, also for Mac and Linux)
Immortal Planet (DRM-Free/Steam, Windows-only)

BTA (Steam-only)
Tyranny (Also for Mac and Linux)
Pillars of Eternity (Also for Mac and Linux)
Cat Quest (Also for Mac)
HIVESWAP: Act 1 Soundtrack

Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced (Steam-only, Windows-only)
Post edited September 03, 2019 by Grargar
I wanted Cat Quest - then I bought it full price :(
Grargar: ...
Ugh, I would like to get Tyranny but I have all the others... well... will see how BTA will end up...
Grargar: ...
Trid: Ugh, I would like to get Tyranny but I have all the others... well... will see how BTA will end up...
seems to be steadily hovering around the $4 mark. considering you can give all the money to charity, its a steal!
Hmm, I would definitely take the middle tier if it were the "Definitive Editon" of "Pillars of Eternity". That way, I'm hesitant.
Humble Bundle Monthly September Reveals:

Slay the Spire
Guacamelee! 2
State of Mind
God's Trigger


October Monthly Early Reveal:

Fanatical Throwback Bundle (7 Games) = $1.99
They all work fine without Steam. Tested on Windows 10 Pro system.

Spellcasting Trilogy
The Dame was Loaded
Brave Battle Saga
Dragon View
Radical Rex
Far Away Bundle on Fanatical:

Eight indie games for $1.49. Replay, Puddle, Isbarah, Heartz, Poof, Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon, Gauge & Wooden Sen'sey.

Only one I've even heard of is puddle.
Some nice discounts on Gamersgate for complete editions of Ubi/Uplay games:

South Park - The Fractured But Whole Gold Edition -91% (€7.83 over here)
Far Cry Primal Apex Edition -83% (€9.57 over here)

I'd say for South Park, the complete edition is worth it, for Far Cry Primal the DLCs are dispensable, but the standard edition isn't much cheaper.