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Looking over the various lists that buyers posted I've seen not a single one that I think anyone would have paid $10 for, had they known the bundle's content. I often had trouble identifying the diamond tier game among them, on top of it. If there actually is a worthy game in the mix, chances are you'd have gotten it for $10 max in a sale, too (it even says so in that blog article, the average historical low of the top games is lower than $10), maybe even with DLCs. The other games are usually cheap bundle repeats in low demand. It's worse than the average or even the below average Humble Monthly bundles.
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TheMonkofDestiny: Ultimately there's probably a higher chance at getting my genitals smashed in a car door than there is getting something I want out of a "deal" like this.
Ha ha, good one! Thumbs up. :-P
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