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Azrael360: Bundle Stars is (in some way) re-releasing the site with a new store and special deals, but... everything is showing kind of wrong, with prices in £ here in my region, when it used to be always in dollars. And now to have access to the account you're forced to reset your password to have access to it again. If you ask me, I don't like this new site at all :(

I have no idea if the deals are good (because of the £ currency) but just in case:
Grargar: Still € for me.
I see pounds... odd.
magix74: I see pounds... odd.
I am now officially joinging the "This is weird and fucked up!" camp - all prices are now in €'s for me
high rated
It's all in $ for me. Nothing exciting ever happens here.
Azrael360: Yeah, better to understand. Although if I'm going to pay in £ from now on in that site, then it's a bye-bye to Bundle Stars from me :P
Sachys: can you not use paypal / paypals "pay by credit / debit card" option, and thusly use its currency conversion?
Yeah, I can use that, but it gets more expensive for me if I do it that way. It's kind of hard to explain: I have VISA, and here in Chile my card is "divided in two parts": national and international, depending of where I buy and "both parts" are listed by my bank separately, and charged also separately: If I pay inside my country in any store then I get charged in chilean pesos to my "national part" of my card, but if I buy online from a store outside of Chile using directly my card in any store, my bank does a conversion from that region's currency to U.S. dollars charging extra for it, making the final price more expensive (around 10% extra). Both lists -national in chilean pesos and international in U.S. dollars- are also paid separately at the end of each month/period. Now, if the product I bought was priced/listed in dollars and its charged to my card directly in dollars, then no conversion is done by the bank, so no extra has to be paid. The same if I use PayPal with the option of "no conversion is done / charge directly in dollars". But if I use PayPal with the second option to "convert price to my currency", PayPal does the conversion to chilean pesos charging extra for it (around 5% extra) to my international part of my card, and thus, stupidly a new automatic conversion is applied by my bank to the new price from chilean pesos to dollars (also with an extra cost) to my international part of the card instead of the national part, making the final price much more expensive (around 20% more expensive than the original price), just because it was an international purchase.

So in a few words: If I buy online with my VISA card or using PayPal something not listed in dollars or chilean pesos, then I will have to pay much more due to costly currency conversions. I already tried that, then later contacted my bank and PayPal asking for explications, and learned the whole thing the hard way. And already the U.S. dollars are really expensive over here... (:P)
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budejovice: If I'm not mistaken, if it's all Steam then the minimum would be $1.
Only if you wanted the keys... i don't want the keys... :P
Just in case if anyone is interested, I sent a mail to the Bundle Stars Customer Service asking about the displaying currency problem, and I've received this reply:


Thanks for getting in touch with us about this.

We're having a few teething problems with the new site, including some customers seeing currencies inappropriate to their location. We're working through the issues as quickly as possible, please bear with us for (I hope) a short while.



Tim Kirkland
Technical Services Assistant, Focus Multimedia Ltd / BundleStars
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Groupees Daedalic Ent. Limited bundle 2

For a minimum of $3 you get

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav - DRM-Free + Steam
Decay: The Mare - DRM-Free + Steam

For a minimum of $6 you also get

Memoria - DRM-Free + Steam
The Last Tinker: City of Colors - DRM-Free + Steam
Goodbye Deponia Premium - DRM-Free + Steam
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GamesRepublic has a Witcher sale for 1 more day. All games are GOG keys:

The Witcher -80%
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings -80%
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -40%.
Are the installers multilingual?
The-Business: Are the installers multilingual?
Not sure, but probably yes.
<span class="bold">Humble Weekly Bundle: Valentine's Day 2</span>

PWYW ($1 for Steam keys)
Hatoful Boyfriend
Loren the Amazon Princess

The Royal Trap
Sakura Spirit


Valentine's Day 2 Love Pants

All games are DRM-Free+Steam and multiplatform, except for WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02, which is Windows-only and TyranoBuilder, which has no Linux version.

You can also download a Valentine's Day 2 Party Pack for free.

I'm pretty sure it's not 14 February yet.
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triock: Groupees Daedalic Ent. Limited bundle 2

For a minimum of $3 you get

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav - DRM-Free + Steam
Decay: The Mare - DRM-Free + Steam

For a minimum of $6 you also get

Memoria - Steam only
The Last Tinker: City of Colors - DRM-Free + Steam
Goodbye Deponia Premium - DRM-Free + Steam
I asked in their chat and got the answer that Memoria also has a DRM-free download. So once again it's not tagged correctly and the whole bundle is DRM-free.
I threw in a buck.

People are always trying to bring Winter Wolves here to GOG, so this is a chance to try one at a low price.
Mad Max already for 66% off at BStar - NOT redeemable in Japan!
Woha, WB does not seem to have much confidence in the title.
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<span class="bold">Bundle Stars Crazy Loot Bundle</span>

£1.09 / $1.49 / €1.39 for 8 Steam keys:

Cards and Castles
Steamalot: Epoch’s Journey
Luna’s Wandering Stars
Space Thinger
Paper Dungeons

Will last for 3 days.