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Aliasalpha: Space Hulk
Those moments when you're out of freeze time and staring tensely at all 5 displays for your terminators and half of them contain oncoming genestealers and your storm bolter jams

My thoughts exactly. Though such moments on the board seems more intense. ;)
Chaos Gate - When I've heard the music for the first time.
Call of Duty 4 - first part of Chernobyl assignment
FEAR - When the nuke goes off. :) And short after that. ;)
Medieval: Total War Viking Invasion - the music in the credits
Aliasalpha: Ooh the Chaos Gate music is awesome, it'll be a great bonus when GOG get the game... Which will be when?

Have you ever tried to find names of the tracks of that soundtrack? ;]
Aliasalpha: No but thats okay, I don't mind them being named Track 01, Track 02, Track 03 etc if thats all that's holding the game up...

I've asked because some of us (fans) did and it seems that IP rights in case of Chaos Gate are a completely different matter and even Jim Crew is said to have said that he don't know anything (could be an urban legend though).
So what I wanted to point out when I've asked you that question was that "if" is a much more reasonable question. Sadly.
Wing Commander 3 - what happens to Hobes
Wing Commander 4 - Tolwyn and his plan
Freespace 1 ending
Blader Runner - whole game :D