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I'm not a big fan of remakes, mostly because they have to adapt to the average player.
Many games were great because back then developers were (more) free to execute their ideas, and the product had to impress because the niche market was always interested in originality; now, the customer base simply want the same old crap -the proof is in all those ongoing, yearly series like Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed. I'm not saying they are not good or you that you cannot like them, yet they are suffocating the creative spirit, and now everything tends to move on their rail.

Let's take your example and think about how an hypotetical Duke Nukem 3D remake should be if it wanted to sell a big amount of copies: shiny graphics (so far, so good), regenerating health, damped down difficulty, pointless cinematics and narrative (with the Duke? Really?), reduced number of enemies and extremely slowed down gameplay to allow gamepad support and console versions, because if it is not multiplatfrom it is not profitable.
Call me elitist or whatever you want, but there is a big difference between a console shooter and a PC one: the speed and frenetic action of the old 3D realms build engine games cannot be reproduced on consoles, and the PC version will have to suffer a shallow gameplay because making two different versions would cost too much.

So, I'll say this: I don't want to see remakes, unless they are like Grim Fandango, were the core game is precisely the same with improved resolution and better controls. That I would like.
Even today, if I have the choice, I usually buy and play the original version.

the only exception to my rule could be for Anachronox, and only because I want to see the long-awaited sequel; if only Eidos bothered to lunch a decent advertising campaign, the game would have had much more success, and maybe now the series would be complete. A well-advertised remake could help in bringing it the fame it deserves.
neurasthenya: Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver series;
Why?? Well, I haven't played all of them. Mainly, I finished Legacy of Kain: Defiance and I really enjoyed it. The one and only place I was starting to get frustrated was related to the forges I think.

To add some flair to it, they should remake the original but call it PING.
drealmer7: Everyone needs to get the off of "modernizing graphics." Seriously, the vanity is disgusting and a good game is not made by graphics.
I agree actually. Note to self : stop being so superficial.
Theoclymenus: I like the concept of Darklands but it looks terrible so I've never bothered with it. That's incredibly superficial of me, especially since I'm an old git who was growing up when Darklands had perfectly acceptable graphics. But I didn't know about the game at the time. If this was remade I would be very interested.

Alone in the Dark is another game which I never got round to playing. I keep think "should I?" but then I look at the screenshots and I always think "maybe later". This is another one which appeals to me in every respect except the visual one.

I'm planning to start playing Tropico (1). It sounds like such an interesting game and it doesn't LOOK too bad either, for an oldish game. Its sequels all look much better, of course, but from what I've read they are not better games, maybe not worse either. So remade doesn't always mean better, but better visuals are what we all expect now.
Lionel212008: Mount and Blade Warband is pretty much like a contemporary Darklands. There are also mods perhaps that can allow you to acquire a darklands like feel.
That's interesting thanks. I wouldn't have thought those two games were particularly similar. I may have to give it a try the next time it's on sale. Serpent in the Staglands looks like a cross between Darklands and Baldur's Gate but I'm guessing that the gameplay is more like BG.
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QuickyPixel: I would love an enhanced edition of Planescape: Torment, Beamdog style!

I think I heard somewhere that it was happening, but I'm not sure where or when I heard that. Has anyone heard the same?
But why, just go to gibberlings and install the fixpacks and widescreen mod, maybe even GhostDog-s UI mod, because that's what those all new Enhanced editions are basically, some people who resell a game with community-made bugfixed and mods
Outcast with GPU acceleration.



That's about it.
Nirth: Outcast with GPU acceleration.
Wait, it didn't get it even with the new source port?
Need 4 Speed II Special Edition

The catch-up for cars behind did make it the best racing game ever in LAN. We did played this one for over one decade at least once a month at a LAN party, till it didn't work anymore under the latest Windows. (It isn't working under Windows 7 and later).

Sometimes we did play it for over 12 hours straight.
Crosmando: I heard that PST's source code got lost. Also why would you want Beamdog working on a game that they [originally] had nothing to do with? I wouldn't even be comfortable with Obsidian doing it, InXile maybe but only if Avellone was in charge.
QuickyPixel: Beamdog was just the first company I thought of when it comes to remaking RPGs. But you're right, Obsidian or InXile would be much better.
Yay, just what we need, another classic wrapped in a widescreen mod and then pushed out for £15 a pop. Oh, and don't worry about any backwards compatibility for those who already own the games several times, or the vast resource of mods already in existence, so long as Beamdog get their big wedges of cash for fuck all jobs a good one.

OP, none. Almost all remakes are either dreadful and lose the original, or the same with a few touches and end up as a money grab.
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Crosmando: Wait, it didn't get it even with the new source port?
I don't think so, but they are "planning" on it.
NoNewTaleToTell: [...] Check out more info here (I briefly chronicled the overall timeline of that project)
That topic seems like it slipped under my radar. Thanks! ;)
Nirth: I don't think so, but they are "planning" on it.
The original as I remember only used cpu for everything, so prob a lot of work involved
Crosmando: Pool of Radiance!

..Oh wait, it already did *hangs self*
Ultima 4 through 7 needs a remake to play like the Infinity Engine RPGs.

Ultima 8 needs it even MORE and restore whatever story and gameplay it was GOING to have.
dewtech: Some people misuse the word graphics and mean gameplay and ui elements imho. I'd prefer upgrading graphics on older games and not touching a single bit of gameplay. Wouldn't want SS2 to be dumbed down to Bioshocks level do we?
NoNewTaleToTell: I have that problem, and it's what I mean in some cases when I talk about "modernizing graphics". A lot of classic RPGs have UI/Fonts that are completely unreadable for me, which leaves me either 1: Shoving the game back on my virtual shelf, 2: Forcing myself to fight the UI to play the game, or 3: Wandering the internet in hope of a mod that fixes the UI/Font.

But yeah, I'm not against modernizing the graphics themselves (character models/lighting/textures/blahblahblah) in some cases as long as the original feel is retained. Lets face it, some older games are uglier than a Nosferatu that fell off the ugly tree, hitting every single branch on the way down. The gameplay might be good, but the graphics CAN make it hard to get into, even if you don't usually care one way or the other about graphics.
Yes I agree with this, there's some classic games that I wanted to try over the years but the graphics, UI, features or player perspective just completely turned me off from playing the game eg.
-Ultima VII with that everything on its side/ diagonal view and perspective but that might be a staple of the series
-Graphics of games from around the late 80's/ early 90's like the D&D games here on GOG or Commodore 64 games like Bruce Lee
-Games with passwords instead of saves which got mighty annoying having to type them out or having to go through and change everything in options again

I still play pixelated and dated games but definitely would prefer updated versions in a similar vain to the REmake and Super Street fighter 2 Turbo HD versions Capcom did a while back. Also very glad there's decent fan remakes from time to time such as Streets of Rage and Black Mesa, just hoping Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis will come out great once it's done.
Commander Keen, or at least a re-imagining of it. Also, a Emperor: Battle for Dune remake would kick ass!