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advancedhero: I prefer the SNES games to the playstation ones.
dtgreene: My favorite FF game is, without question, Final Fantasy V
Mine too! I think it has the coolest villain in all the games! I love the story, simple, but with very interesting points. It is probably the most pure FF game, very good refined combat.
ScotchMonkey: Yes.



See, I don't guess - I deduce that you haven't played Sherlock Holmes and the secret of the silver earring.

Yes I am that good.
I like it when sometimes the protagonists know more than you do. I don't want to name any games though in case it spoils anything for anyone (knowing that the protagonist knows more than you do might change the perception for some people).
tinyE: Duh, Star Wars. :P
Yeap, I never will forget playing KOTOR for the first time and be like...come on! I know I am Revan, did Bastila hit me in the head with the lightsaber or what?! Still I loved that game though. :)
So, basically don't do plot twists that are introduced and hinted way before.

That's something I liked in the Bard's Tale.
They play it out so obviously that it is funny and makes sense. And the Bard is so "special" that you can laugh at his oblivious and obnoxious behaviour.