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The Witcher 1 & 2: I really wanted to like them for the story and the feeling of real ingame-choices, but I just couldn't keep playing. I can almost fill an A4 paper with the things that just ruins the show. Perhaps the books will be more enjoyable...

The Unwritten Tales 2: The charm, tone, dialog, the humour, the whole atmosphere from the first two is just gone. The game became just too forced, annoying and puerile.

Descent Underground: Since I'm not much of a MP kind of guy this title just didn't do it for me. Fun at times, but I expected to get some of the old Descent felling.

Hehe, it's really my own fault for expecting too much these days, really ;)
1. Red Alert 3
2. Diablo 3
3. GTA 4
4. GTA 5
5. Command and Conquer 4 or whatever it is called, the tombstone of the series
Man of war corsair. Thing is total wank, poor graphics, dreadful animations done by a 2 year old, more bugs than an entomologists conference, bland empty world, poorly implemented AC black sail combat rip off. Quite frankly it's a disgrace that GOG still sells it, but quality hasn't exactly gone up in the last few years.

GTA4, drm killed a video game (to paraphrase the song). Brought on release, fails to work. Got it to work for about an hour after several calls to R*, then it just totally crashed. Didn't get to play it until years later on fracked version, really wish I hadn't bothered. Take everything which made the previous ones good, and remove it, then add some saddo dating functions, a ludicrous story and voila. True San Andreas was not that great and showed a downhill, however gta5 was very good, a suprising jump back to form.

Dark souls, hype hype hype. It's shit, the release needed a fan patch to make it work, looks bland, gameplay is repeat over and over again the same dull bits. No variety. Get stuck in geometry or other things.

Far cry 2. The first is a great shooter, although the apes are a bit naff. 2 just lost the plot, became a taxi sim, drive here then there then there, then back again, repeat over and over. Shame as 3, 4, and primal were all very good and 5 isn't too bad.

Wolfenstein 2, the first was ok, good fun shooter. The second though, meh. Wander round a sub for hours on end, interluded by brief predictable shooting scenes and a lot of cut scenes. Blaargh.

Call of duty after 2. Speaks for itself really, a shining beacon in every wrong with gaming. Absolutely nothing good to say about the series from 3 onwards.

Dragon age 2 - same 2 assets we will copy over and over. Can't remember any storyline. Combat is some sort of console action game, with enemy spawns. Control is pretty awful. Cut and paste of previous game characters with a rename.

Dragon age inquisition. It is better than 2 in almost everyway. However that is really not hard to achieve and it feels like an mmo which got moved into a single player game. Same missions over and over. Same areas. Same characters. It works ok, but nothing to shout about.

Shadows of mordor. Whilst intrinsically there is nothing wrong with, it's just gets boring quite quickly. It's good to start with, swing all the new bits, enemies and moves, but by the time you get to the big baddie at the end of area 1 then you have seen it all, time after time. Then you find out there is a whole other area. Yawn. Really can't see why these open world games are so popular (goes for far cry 3 and upwards and AC etc.). Just endlessly finding the next chest/plant/data/ etc. Really hate collectibles.

<inset classic forgotten realms game> Enhanced. Yep, may as well mention it. Nothing whatsoever "enhanced" about any of these, other than the amount of money they make beamdog.

And the number 1 spot goes to: Gwent. In cohoots with galaxy stand as the end of gog as it used to be.

There are of course plenty of others: SW Force Awakens, C&C, Diablo3, Just Cause etc.

Suprised to see RE4 mentioned here, thats a cracker of a game, and thats from someone who loves 1-3 as well. Yes, its different, but I look on that as a different game to the first 3. Same with DA:Origins, thats a great game, don't remember a single bug in three or four goes through (solo for 3, and party once). The add on awakening is not as good.
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Hmm... GTA IV seems to appear a lot on this thread... interesting.
darthspudius: GTA IV: No check points

Deus Ex: So bland, boring and ugly. The main character doesn't control very well. Dialogue is terrible and the music is atrocious.

Dark Souls: Loved Demon's Souls but this one, it was all hype. Tried to fix what was already perfect the first time round. No thanks.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Continuously crashing every two minutes. Boring game play and not much actually happens through out the entire game. Talk about a bland pile of shite.
Linko90: *changes code of conduct to make this a bannable offense*
Oh I see that we are completely allowed to diss Deus Ex on these forums. Is that it ? IS THAT IT ?

Anyway OP:

- Smugglers V. Small, and so clumsily limited in terms of progression systems and unannounced levelling cap.

- Tempest. Jerky, casual-action-y, and basically a clunkier version of Rebel Galaxy.

- RE3 nemesis. Always disliked boss battles in RE games, and this game is just one long boss battle.

- Alpha Protocol. Hailed as the one big true RPGish RPG. It's as RPG-ish as mass effect. A series of missions, with some branching. I expected some open world spy morrowind or even gta.

- Deus Ex Invisible War hahaha. Haha. Tried it 3 or for times. Every door is another load-new-area hatch. Hated it.

- The Park, Mountain's Mount, etc : okay yeah, "designing a level" does not equal "making a game".

- Prisoner of Ice. No, laser fights with aliens is not lovecraftian.

- Aquanox 1 and 2. Don't provide the underwater atmosphere of Subwar 2050.

- Syndicate Wars. Maybe an improvement over Syndicate on PC ? Not over Syndicate on Amiga.
KiNgBrAdLeY7: Command and Conquer 4 or whatever it is called, the tombstone of the series
Hehe, that one as well. To bad EA destroyed the whole series, and I'm willing to bet that they will never release the IP on the series.
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Time for me to get taken out and beaten senseless:

Richard and Alice: I didn't expect much; I was pretty familiar with amateur freeware adventures made with AGS, but I liked many of those, and this commercial title was praised by several professional reviwers, so I thought why not. I found it pretty tedious to trudge through though, very slow walking speed, very long dialogues that you have to read and click through with hardly any other interaction (almost like a visual novel), and in hindsight I didn't get anything from the story or puzzles that I deemed worth my time. It was just bleak and boring and badly written.

Gomo: I don't mind weird, but this wasn't weird in any good way. It was just that, weird. And a bit boring. Puzzles were not much fun to solve. It's like an Amanita game with worse graphics, less colour, less humor, less logic. I consider myself pretty forgiving towards mediocre and amateurish adventure games by the way, but I thought this one was just kind of a waste. Much better freeware adventures to play out there.

Home: I applaud the developer for experimenting with new concepts, but in the end I didn't really like his idea. It was dissatisfying and disappointing to me (you only learn about the concept at the end of the game). And the game had no savegame feature so I had to play through it in one go without knowing how much time I'd have to invest, which made me enjoy the game even less. In the end, I wasted 1-2 hours of my life on this. Then again, that's not much compared to other games (e.g. the ten hours I wasted on the last act of Divine Divinity), plus it was a very cheap game and it's hardly known, might as well have been freeware, so not much point in criticizing it. I was still disappointed at the time though.

Hm, curiously enough, it seems that the games that disappointed me the most weren't much to expect from to begin with. I'd have to think harder to find bigger and more well known games that I was this disappointed with. I guess that's either because I often know what to expect from them already before I buy them, or because I can still find some redeeming qualities in most games even if I'm disappointed with specific elements in them.
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Master of Orion 3. I did not want a remake of the second game so thought a new take on things was good but oh my is that one wooden, dry, an endless fighting the automatic functions and lots of menus buried in menus for no good reason.

The first 3D Worms game, whatever the name. I thought the game concept did not work well in 3D.

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages. My own fault for not reading up better on the game before buying it. Just not to my liking. Not saying the game is bad.
Katzapult: Hmm... GTA IV seems to appear a lot on this thread... interesting.
There are good and multiple reasons, for this. He he...

sanscript: Hehe, that one as well. To bad EA destroyed the whole series, and I'm willing to bet that they will never release the IP on the series.
They did even more horrible things, out of this once legendary series... The free Browser, C&C title. What next? A pay to win, mobile game with microtransactions?
tinyE: F.E.A.R.
Oh look, another abandoned office building. :P
Yeah, that game became such a slog in the second half. I kept wondering "Just how huge is this psychic-clone army, I thought it was supposed to be just a few rebels".
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I think I'll have to add a number 6 on my list:

6. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City -> Exremely buggy on release. Needed multiple patches to be enjoyable. It had pay to win dlc and the second campaign never got finished.

I am also moving Hellblade from number 2 to number 1. That one really hurt me a lot. It could have been awesome. :(
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Katzapult: Hmm... GTA IV seems to appear a lot on this thread... interesting.
KiNgBrAdLeY7: There are good and multiple reasons, for this. He he...

sanscript: Hehe, that one as well. To bad EA destroyed the whole series, and I'm willing to bet that they will never release the IP on the series.
KiNgBrAdLeY7: They did even more horrible things, out of this once legendary series... The free Browser, C&C title. What next? A pay to win, mobile game with microtransactions?
Luckily I just stayed clear of the whole GTA thing after 3.5.

EA: Yeah, my humble understanding of having a company is at least trying to gather fans/customers and try to please them; this mobile games sickness is just something no one asked for, and C&C clearly wasn't made for it XD

We should have a separate *Companies that disappoints you the most*-thread for further exploring...
Robin Hood (NES): No save system made the game unplayable, as it is too long to play in one sitting.

Final Fantasy 7: Take FF6 (which had its good and bad points), throw out the good stuff, and double down on the bad stuff. Furthermore, reduce the party size and add in unskippable load times.

Crystalis (GBC): Make it so that any weapon can hurt any enemy, and replace the music for some strange reason. Not to mention, the voice acting (yes, there is some) mispronounces the game's title.

Dragon Quest 4 (PSX): For getting its US release cancelled. (I would like to see a fan translation of this version.)

Dragon Quest 4 (DS): The English version took out half the dialog that was in the Japanese remakes.

Dragon Quest 8 (PS2): Replaced the class system from 6 and 7 with a skill point system, with all the drawbacks of such a system (and no respec mechanic). Also plays more slowly than 7 (PSX), particularly since they added some unskippable load times, sometimes even in the middle of combat.

Wizardry Summoner (GBA): Game seems to have mixed up EXP and GP rewards, giving you too much money and too little experience. As a result, it takes way too long to reach a decent level, and the game is not fun as a result. (Note that the classic Sir-Tech Wizardry games weren't nearly this bad in this respect.)

In an alternate universe:

Final Fantasy 6 (SNES): Dropped the Job System that made Final Fantasy 5 so great. (Alternate universe becuase, like most US RPG fans, I played 6 before 5.)
Oblivion - Morrowind is my favorite game of all time and Oblivion was very simplistic and bland by comparison, plus its leveling system was insanely stupid. I've since come to terms with it but man was it a disappointment at the time, and the glowing reviews drove me up the wall.

Resident Evil 4 - I got along with the "tank controls" of RE1-3 fine because of their perspective and slower gameplay, but RE4 was a faster paced shooter with the same clunky control method. I just hated that. I keep meaning to give it a second try and hopefully "get it" but there's only so many days in a year...

Pillars of Eternity - The "great incline" as RPG Codex would say, the return of real PC RPGs, but did it have to be so bland? It's every RPG trope in one and though it has some great writing the typical Obsidian faction/consequence stuff feels lacking. It's supposed to be a return to Baldur's Gate style RPGs and I don't think it fills the shoes. I hear the second one is better.

Halo 2 - Abnormal for a PC gamer maybe, but I loved the first Halo. Wide open levels, tactical enemies, cool sci-fi story. The sequel though was a piece of crap, and I don't just mean the Windows port. Small levels, ugly graphics, poor gameplay and a lack of ending. Blah!