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Telika: * enters thread, searches the keyword stray, flips the table *
On the publisher (Annapurna) Discord server, someone already asked, and the answer was something to the effect of... it's not coming here.

Annapurna staff have also said in that server that they don't bother with GOG anymore because sales weren't good, from what I recall.

[edit:] Found the staff comment. Someone was asking why they hadn't made a GOG release in the last few years, and if it was policy:
Hey! Not really a consistent policy on our end. We've put quite a few games on GOG. It's pretty much just a case-by-case thing. Every additional platform creates some extra work and a lot of it comes down to how well games have performed there in the past, whether we're seeing the returns on that extra work to justify it, what our audience is asking for, etc. It's always something we're looking at, though, so it's not off the table.
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When asked on Steam about Compound Fracture being released on GOG the developer replied that it's up to GOG and linked the wishlist entry. :)
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Alder Choke is coming to GOG in 2023:

EDENGATE: The Edge of Life is coming to GOG October 25th:

The developer of Lucy Dreaming would like to bring the game to GOG but needs more wishlist votes:

And likewise the developer of GrandMa Badass wants to release the game on GOG and needs more votes:
Do we have any news about the release of the two Fallen Legion games? It's been almost a month since the game has been released on the other store ...Weird thing is that the builds have already been uploaded according to gogdb
Does anyone know if Hyper Demon will release here?
I'm assuming because we have Devil Daggers is here, we would get it, but you never know.
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Already announced it was coming to GOG, but Dark Light will get its 1.0 release here on september 29th.
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Terrible Toybox has been taking bug reports via google docs for an unreleased gog version of Return to Monkey Island since Monday.

I think that counts as "unofficial" confirmation, though when they'll release here, nobody knows.
Future Fragments should be coming to GOG. I know because I've been speaking with the dev. Anyway, expect the game sometime next month if everything is okay on the contractual end of things, which it more or less should be.
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It's not quite that. But yes, there is a chance that it will be released on gog
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Well, lawyers and all that. But unless something unexpected appears in the offer, I really don't see why we wouldn't see it here. After all, we do have some major indie developers here and if it wasn't too much for them, it shouldn't be too much on this end either.
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An entry for Receiver 2 has been found lingering in the GOGBear lair, dating from Q1 2022.
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WinterSnowfall: An entry for Receiver 2 has been found lingering in the GOGBear lair, dating from Q1 2022.
And there's an entry for Soulstice, not to be confused with Solstice which is already here. :)
SCPM: not to be confused with Solstice
... too late for that :P.
Solasta Inner Strength DLC is out November 14th, it should come out here as well.

Mark your calendars because we're here with a date for the next DLC! The Monk, Bard & Warlock are joining the party... but that's not all, the long awaited Dragonborns are also here!
SCPM: And there's an entry for Soulstice, not to be confused with Solstice which is already here. :)
That looks so good!
EnforcerSunWoo: Found further evidence of the following:

Dead Island
Dead island is an amazing game series... and it'll be both if they do release, which I hope they will. October would be a perfect time.

Vanquish is basically single player Warframe, and so much fun, easily one of the most underrated gems of its time.
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