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Bushidodragon34: So I take it that this thread is for upcoming Indie releases and not AAA releases?
What ChrisGamer300 said + getting "AAA" games here, even older ones, seems to be very difficult for GOG since DRM-free and very little money made here compared to Steam. But we did get Sleeping Dogs and Thief 4 at the start of the Summer Sale at least. (and of course "AAA" is a somewhat vague term)
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ditorius: Patron got unofficially confirmed for a GOG release by a developer:
Developer Overseer Games has been added to the catalog. Patron website:
Gather and produce resources, build your fledgling village into a prosperous city and navigate the intricate social tensions before they reach boiling point.


A survival city builder with a unique social dynamics system
Gather and produce resources
Establish sustainable production chains
Build your fledgling village into a prosperous city as you construct and
upgrade buildings
Manage your people and steer your citizens towards needed professions
Balance social issues: Class strife, Immigration, Religion, Health, Safety, Loyalty...
Plan growth through an extensive Research Tree and unlock technology, policies and upgrades
Plan production and overseas trade to support your economy through difficult times
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Urban Strife - the post-apoc zombie strategy game devs plan to release the game on GOG
(assuming that the game passes the store's "curation" and GOG replies to their mails, that is) :P
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New company in the catalog: Twin Hearts for Kitaria Fables (release date September 2nd):
action RPG with farming and crafting and anthropomorphic characters
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And the second developer added today who uses Pqube as publisher: Innovina/StudioKiku fo The Plane Effect:
A time-and-mind bending adventure game, set in a dystopian future.
More information coming soon.
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3 more companies added:

Rotorist Workshop: should be Tunguska: The Visitation: top-down tactics game set in a world with zombies, mutants, bandits and military.

Walk with Kings (developer) and Treasure Hunters FanClub (publisher) for Hot Brass:

When SWAT gets the call, everything else has failed. Experience the high-risk world of the elite SWAT operator.

The job is tense, and every split-second decision has consequences. From infiltration to de-escalation: keen awareness, expert tactics and a strategic use of equipment are key to becoming a master of tactical strategy.

Challenge Yourself
How quickly can you read a situation? Find the best strategy for every scenario. You'll only complete a perfect mission with zero infractions and zero casualties.

Master each mission
From hostage rescue to a terrorist bomb threat, arresting a biker gang boss or foiling a casino heist, each mission offers its own set of challenges to learn and overcome.

Equipment for every encounter
You'll need everything at your disposal to infiltrate and resolve each situation. Find the right tool for the right task!
Edit: Robi Studios and ROBI Studios / Ariel Contreras-Esquivel got added for Blue Fire:

Blue Fire is a third-person action adventure game with a big focus on 3D platforming and exploration. The game takes place in Penumbra, a perished world of caves and tunnels carved by the Goddess in a floating land.

Get ready to explore mystical temples, encounter survivors and take on strange quests to collect valuable items. During the adventure you'll slash your way through daunting adversaries, roam across mysterious and abandoned regions, leap through deadly traps and ultimately master the art of movement.
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Might want to hold back on buying Adios on Steam. There is overwhelming (unofficial) evidence that it's also in the clutches of the GOGBear, waiting to be released.
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And they may also want to hold back on getting Mafia: Definitive Edition elsewhere, thanks to similar evidence. ;)
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SCPM: And they may also want to hold back on getting Mafia: Definitive Edition elsewhere, thanks to similar evidence. ;)
Whow !
Very interesting, Mafia is a lot of fun and i would not say no to a polished up version of it. I say it speaks highly of the games 1&2 that is since i despise all similar games from other devs i have tried.
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SCPM: And they may also want to hold back on getting Mafia: Definitive Edition elsewhere, thanks to similar evidence. ;)
Wow! Can you share more?
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Mjauv: Wow! Can you share more?
... whenever we get wind of anything, sure. As always.

If you're asking how we know these things... looking at the GOGBear peering around the corner over there, I assure you it's nothing but chicken bone readings and voodoo magic! I for one do them with an overdose of spice melange, works every time.
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New company in the catalog: Pocket Trap, likely for Dodgeball Academia (release: August 5th):
Dodgeball Academia is a sports RPG game featuring rookie dodgeball student, Otto. In a world where dodgeball is life, players join Otto at the academy and train to become the ultimate dodgeball champion. Across eight episodes, players will forge friendships and create rivals, all in the name of developing the best dodgeball team. Level up Otto and develop a dynamic team across a vast and customizable party progression system. All the while, explore the vast Dodgeball Academia and uncover the long hidden truths that reside within the very walls of the academy.

Key Features

Exploration – Explore and uncover the secrets of the Dodgeball Academia across its vast, diverse, and full of life campus.
RPG Story Mode – Journey through a full-blown RPG story mode; complete with episodes, main quests, side quests, and school minigames.
Eclectic Characters – Unlock and upgrade unique characters, diversifying your dodgeball team through an RPG style character and party progression.
Action-Packed Challenges – Engage in action-packed dodgeball matches featuring a unique fighting game style that will put players up against challenging enemies and bosses.
Local Versus Mode – Duke it out with a friend locally in a competitive local versus mode.
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Two new companies in the catalog: Vulpesoft as developer and likely Bloom Digital Media as publisher for Dr Livingston, I Presume:
Dr. Livingstone, I presume? is a first-person puzzle game in which the player travels through the rooms of David Livingsotne's house and solves hidden puzzles to find his missing friend. Each of the puzzles is grown into the surroundings of a slightly bizarre house, and the complete absence of magic presents the player with additional challenges. It is a puzzle game captivating with the picturesque scenery of an African home - you follow in the footsteps of a traveler who influenced the history of Africa. Nothing is accidental, and every element in the game has its historical justification. Thanks to hand-painted textures, a journey through Livingstone's house will feel like a journey through a painted masterpiece. The main gameplay is to interact with puzzles. And believe us - puzzles in Dr Livingstone, I Presume? will pamper your mind.