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Just got it! =D
Let the adventure begin!
Grargar: Got my popcorn ready for the release thread.
It‘s been surprisingly civil thus far. Some of the usual no-hopers went in to complain, some slandering vids by a youtube ebeggar were posted and some of them even dug up old Cleve posts dating as far back as 2003. I‘m actually kind of surprised and saddened no one posted a working archive of Cleve‘s old Vault-Co blog. But I‘m not complaining, these measures just reek of despair and I‘m having a giggle. It could have been a lot worse, considering how we‘ve had release threads which deteriorated to such a level the mods felt the need to step in and lock them.
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Although it is just a DLC but nevertheless good to know: For WARTILE gog galaxy api reveals upcoming Hel's Nightmare DLC.
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Looks good for "Cthulhu saves Christmas"

Afaik no plans for "Cthulhu saves the world" which is on Steam. Does not require the client to run though.
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New companies in the catalog:

Ellipse Studios. They released Outlaw Racers, Ancient Conquest: Quest For The Golden Fleece and Submarine Titans.

Doki Denki Studio: Tigger's Honey Hunt or Peter Pan in Disney's Return to Never Land?

Magnetic Scrolls: text adventures

Digital Image Design Ltd.: Eurofighter Typhoon?
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The-Business: Submarine Titans.
That's a name i haven't heard in a long time...
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I'll just leave this right over here:
SCPM: I'll just leave this right over here:
The trailer was uploaded in august... strange.
AAAAAAH ! you cant leave me like this !

now i saw that, i need more intel !

what's happening here ?

Why are you all torturing me ?!? :(

who do i have to ritually sacrifice with my bare hands in order for that to become "more" real ?
SCPM: I'll just leave this right over here:
It's about time. I put off getting the expansion pack because I assumed a GOG release was in the near future.
well, i wasnt even hoping/considering for Xcom 2 to ever be a potential release... though i fear the expansion War of the Chosen is too recent to be part of such release, at least in first wave...

if we ever get XCom 2 here, i am not sure we could expect it to come with the expansion already (maybe later, though); though sure, i'd gladky hope it would happen...

i just cant sleep now ! I'v either seen TOO MUCH or TOO FEW with this unexpected (and monthes old) trailer...
SCPM: I'll just leave this right over here:
"XCOM® 2 - Trailer"

Man, GOG is on a roll. I still wish we could see some new life from Square Enix, EA, and some of the other big publishers MIA, but they've definitely been pulling in the greats the past few weeks/months.
SCPM: I'll just leave this right over here:
Simply amazing!
XCOM2 ?!

Fucking yeah !!!

When, when, when ?!
My wallet is ready once againg, GOG !
That X-Com 2 trailer is from August. I thought GOG said they don't sit on game releases. :p
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