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I guess no one wrote about Summer Daze at Hero-U, a new game from Lori and Corey Cole.

According to its Kickstarter page, it will come to GOG:
SCPM: And why is IGN saying that GOG (GOG in the article, Good Old Games in the video) is getting Red Dead Redemption 2? There's no way that can be true unless GOG is implementing DRM, can it?
Probably they meant GMG (Greenmangaming) that sells steam keys
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From the IGN article: "It will be available on all major PC launchers including Epic Games Store, GOG, and Rockstar’s own launcher. Red Dead Redemption 2 will also be coming to Steam, but in December."

Woah! That would be a game changer. If this isn't a mistake on IGN's part, I reckon we'll see some major releases of Rockstar's back catalog in the lead up to the RDR2 release. Yowza!
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I think it's a typo. I can't imagine a huge game like that from Rockstar launching without Denuvo.
The IGN video says Good Old Games. There was a press release a while back that said the PC version would be sold by the usual suspects, but ended with "and additional digital retailers". It could be that one of the additional retailers was GOG and they were just finalizing the details.
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Dang, that would be pretty epic, wish we could get more closure on the RDR2 article.
Meldaras: Dang, that would be pretty epic...
Careful, there. ;)

But, yeah, if the article has no typo then lots of GOGers will be happy!
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I have zero doubt this is an example of IGN not giving a crap and doing no real research.

If I'm wrong then I'll buy a second copy and do a giveaway, but I'm confident my money is safe.
They don't mention Steam but mention Good Old Games, yea, seems legit (not)
They do mention Steam, but it seems the release will be delayed for that platform, for whatever reason.
Nope, that was only an error, it's GMG, and for this game it's NOT a steam key
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I want to believe. Cue X-Files theme.
Barry_Woodward: I want to believe. Cue X-Files theme.
There's probably just a misunderstanding about how Galaxy 2.0 works. Technically, RDR2 can indeed be launched via Galaxy 2.0, if it was linked with Epic or Rockstar.
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Read it on the official Rockstar Newswire. Cleans all this mess up:
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Thanks for the clarification. However, it should not surprise anyone. ;-)