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Grand Fantasia...
a mmorpg, when I was young I thought it was free and fun ... now I think it's a pay2win expensive and tedious,
I want to uninstall it, but if I think about how much time and money I spent there I did not have the courage to do it.
Of course now I log rarely and I do not spend a cent anymore.
It is my weakness (fortunately I did not spend more than € 100 in that game, but he was about to become an addiction).
This is the reason why I keep away from games without a precise end and a precise cost.

if I spend € 40 for a game (Random amount), the cost must be that for the whole game, the game should not have in-app purchases (if there are dlc, they should not be consumables and I must have a choise to not buy that dlc without problems on playing the game without any dlc).

Also if I pay a game (even a cent), I have to play it ... if I do not like it, I can not finish it, but I have to at least try.

pay attention to the games free to play.
BillyMaysFan59: Title should be self explanatory.

Discuss :P

For me it would have to be Carmageddon. Uninstalled it so that I could have some sleep every night, and not risk losing my sanity. I plainly didn't install it on my new laptop.
Everquest back in the day. Unhealthy amount of time spent on that... but I did meet my wife playing it so I suppose there is that silver lining!
For me, it was Tetris. I played that game so much when I was in my teens that I used to dream about pieces falling into place. In real life, I saw Tetris pieces falling into the open spaces in the background and in some cases, open spaces in the foreground (like if a girl had her breasts somewhat exposed).

Now I come to find out that Tetris actually helps people with their addictions. Funny to see a game to which I had grown addicted can now heal my addiction to anything but itself. What a conundrum.

In all seriousness, it's a really fun game and I won't uninstall it because it's just that good.
Matewis: Mount and Blade : Warband. That game had a firm grip on me with its medieval claws for longer than I'd care to admit :P I had just started to build my own kingdom, when I realized how long it would take to take over the entire map, at which point I quickly uninstalled the game. Wicked fun though!
Similar, I heard about the joys of Mount and Blade. Installed. First night on the game 16 hours playing. Thought only 2 passed. I continued like that on my free days. I had to uninstall it as I was just too sucked in to do much else.
Not uninstalled but I played Counter Strike Sorce religously for years. I only stopped when my desktop Comp died and I switched to laptops.

If I had a good desk setup and not this laptop on the cofee table thing then I'd be playing it nonstop and would most likely have to uninstall it.

I just couldn't get enough of the breakblock and zombie servers. I was on CSBanana (back when it was called that) daily for new skins and mods.
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Cbob60: Civ 2. I ended up breaking the disc in half and walking in the sunshine once more.
Oh god yes. That game was digital crack with it's "one more turn" lasting forever when it first came out. So much sleep lost... so many meals missed...