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Grargar: That's good for all games that you have purchased. Far from good for any games that you have been gifted, because you get no mail for these ones (only the original buyer does).
Fair enough. I've not been involved with the gifting community and I've been gifted like 5 games total and all, but one were from a RL friend (the other was an exchange and I remember the game he gifted me well), but I see how that could be an issue for some.
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mqstout: [..]You site the site long ago[..]
Sorry, but I lol'd at that XD
I try and download any games I buy from GOG onto my hard drive backup, which I then update as and when necessary for patches etc.
But then, I also shelve my games manually in order of how well liked they are by me. There's no rhyme or other reason to my shelving which would mean a missing game would be, well, unmissed by me. ;)