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ciemnogrodzianin: Virginia (2016)

I wanted something different, intriguing and a bit thrilling. And, well, it was mistake.

The game has nothing to offer except for music which is, indeed, just exceptional! The rest is silence. Literally silence, because there is no dialogues here. There is nothing here but pressing the handles, opening the doors and drinking various bevarages in lazy first-person not-very-interactive movie.

I'm really sorry to say that, but the story is just meh. There is a lot of theories around the internet and a lot of people digging for hidden treasures, but I think it's nothing more than you can see - i.e. boring quasi-criminal or rather drama story branching off a bit to pretend being deep and brilliant.

I want my dollar back.

List of all games completed in 2018.

PS. The game works perfectly under pure Wine 2.20 (without any additional tricks), if you really want to repeat my mistake and play it.
Finished it recently too and I felt exactly the same as you. Nothing really interesting to see and to understand in that game.
Damn, I see I'm quite late to the party. Anyway: Include me !

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (PS4) - Normal difficulty
Doom (2016 | PS4) - Hurt Me Plenty difficulty
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Lord of the Hunt (PS4)
Tomb Raider (2013 | PS4) - Normal difficulty

Perfect Dark (X360 version on XBO) - Agent difficulty
Banjo-Kazooie (X360 version on XBO) - 100%
Halo 4 (XBO) - Normal difficulty
Halo 5: Guardians (XBO) - Normal difficulty
Halo Wars: Definitive Edition (XBO) - Normal difficulty

Satellite Reign (PC) - Normal difficulty
Mini Metro (PC)

Serious Sam 2 (PC) - Normal difficulty
Mass Effect 2 (PS3) - Normal difficulty, Paragon Soldier
GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (PS3) - Agent difficulty
Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3) - Normal difficulty

Medal of Honor: Heroes (PSP) - Veteran difficulty
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (PSP) - Veteran difficulty
Spyro the Dragon (PSOne game on PS3) - 120%
Prince of Persia (2008 | PS3)
Prince of Persia: Epilogue (PS3)
Mirror's Edge (PS3) - Normal difficulty
Hitman (2016 | PS4) - Normal difficulty

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS2 version on PS4) - 100%
Jak II: Renegade (PS2 version on PS4)
Darksiders II - Deathinitive Edition (PS4) - Normal difficulty

Battlezone '98 Redux (PC) - Medium difficulty

Inside (PC) - 100%
Knack (PS4) - Normal difficulty

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (PC) - Consultant difficulty
Soldier of Fortune: Payback (PC) - Normal difficulty
Army Men: RTS (PC) - Normal difficulty
Yakuza 0 (PS4) - Normal difficulty
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP)
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS4) - Normal difficulty

Yakuza Kiwami (PS4) - Normal difficulty
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines (PSP)
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) - Normal difficulty
Call of Duty: Roads to Victory (PSP) - Hardened Difficulty
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A Story About My Uncle

I liked the way the story was told (as a bedtime story for the daughter of the narrator). Game itself is solid. You have to find your way through the levels and there is a lot of jumping and using the grappling hook (and rocket boots as well in the last third of the game). The first few levels are great, the last two ones have some very frustrating segments, because there is a lot of trial and error and you have to time your jumps perfectly to reach your goal.

Graphics, music and voice acting were fine. There were some technical bugs like being stuck in the air with no chance to move or jump. But it didn't happen too often and there are a lot of checkpoints so you won't lose much of the your progress when it happens.

I think it would be interesting to see a VR version of this game (don't think there is one). I can imagine that the jumps and the brachiating through the caves would feel great.

Complete list of finished games in 2018
First game beaten this year

Path of Exile

now, veteran players of this game probably would consider that beating final boss is just a beginning of the game.

for me that's it pretty much. might come back from time to time to fight some maps but really not my thing.

also im very squishy as summoner witch so a good shot from a boss tends to kill me. and sometimes you just don't have space to run (like first daily mission for zara in spider den. boss killed me twice and i didn't even see it)

was fun during levelling but now its too weak.

also i created my character in 2014. stopped playing 3 years ago and now come back to very different game. and 10 acts instead of 3.
Finally managed to get good enough to beat the final fight in BloodRayne. Taking a break for a few days from the game was the right thing to do as I returned with renewed vigour. The game certainly was worth the €1.09 I paid for it but not something you must have played before you die.

(Not interested in making a list. I find that stressful.)
Themken: Finally managed to get good enough to beat the final fight in BloodRayne. Taking a break for a few days from the game was the right thing to do as I returned with renewed vigour.
Lol, it's been ages since I played the game but it was exactly the same for me. I was hopelessly stuck on that fight and eventually gave up. I gave it another try after a while, though (not sure if it was just days or weeks), and managed to do it without too much trouble.

Who did you kill first, by the way? From what I recall my mistake was focusing on that Nazi guy at first and it turned out to be much easier if you kill Beliar or Belial or whatever the demon was called first.
Homeworld Remastered

I didn't hate it like a lot of people did. There were things I thought they improved on and things I thought they really screwed up, but all together a blast, save for that last nightmare level.
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F4LL0UT: Who did you kill first, by the way? From what I recall my mistake was focusing on that Nazi guy at first and it turned out to be much easier if you kill Beliar or Belial or whatever the demon was called first.
Beliar first but attacking Wulff whenever Beliar was in flames/growing as it is invincible then. Standing very near it shooting when it was smaller and using aim mode when it grew bigger as to better hit the heart. Wulff I just slashed using slowed down time (forgot what it was called) until Blood Rage was activateable, then slashing using that power attack (again I forgot its name, the TAB key to use).
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I can now add the SMS version of Ultima 4 to the list. Yes, it's not the first time I've finished the game, but it counts.

(Also, I note that the NES and SMS versions of this game are very different, enough that I would count them as different games.)
Outlaws + Handful of Missions

Decent but not great. I really liked how the game looks and levels are mostly well designed but I am not fan how of damage varies (shot sometimes takes 0 of your health and sometimes perhaps 75% of it) and the game handles very badly shooting upwards or downwards and it bugged me quite a lot.
I had fun but I wasn't too thrilled about the game.

Full list.
Mini Metro

I have unlocked all the cities, and for the most part am just playing the daily challenges. I have a couple achievements left to get to 100%, but I could uninstall now and not feel like I have missed anything.

It's a puzzle game, where you draw colored lines between different shaped stations and try to get people where they want to go fast and without overcrowding at any station. The trick that prevents this from being a transportation-builder is that you have starting resources, and only gain a new train and one other resource per week, while stations can pop in any time, forcing redrawing whole routes (unless playing in a mode that locks in your track).

I started off thinking I would prefer endless mode, but I actually enjoy the hectic rush of trying to keep the stations from overfilling.

It is fun, replayable, and easy to get into. While I play in small doses, I play frequently, and it is my go-to after work game before I settle into something more involved.
Injustice: Gods Among Us

It's that DC Comics characters fighting game where (again) the story is travel between dimensions so Supes and Bats can beat each other up.

So, it's a fighting game, and I typically like those. It's dumb fun, and it follows the premise of having a story mode that is as much cutscene as fighting, but then there's the tournament mode, the STAR Labs challenges, and a host of options for matches that gives it some legs.

I didn't 100% the achievements, and I didn't finish all the challenges, but I've played the heck out of it for the last few weeks, and I am good and done with it. It's pretty fun, the story mode has an okay story and lets you get 2 or 3 fights in as most of the main characters. I liked it better than the mobile version from when this was new, but now I am craving a better fighter.
Just finished Gothic 2 - Night of the Raven.

Awesome atmosphere, super characters, interesting story.
It even has very nice graphics imho, it aged very well.
But jebus h. christ. those controlls.
I really don´t like the controlls. It never felt "intuitive" or "smooth".
And the combat system was pure cancer.
Usually i would say that i am simply too inept to play properly, but i would just say that the combat system really sucks...
The bossfights where also very annoying. Did not felt challanged, only annoyed.
And because of that i endet up playing the last 1,5 chapters in guardian mode.

I was really struggling more with the inept game mechanics then the mobs or quest itself.

But still! A very nice game.
Will play it in a couple of years again, i am sure!

Now i´ll take a break from gothic and play something else before starting Gothic 3.

Escape Goat 2

I played the first back in probably 2015 and absolutely loved it. Was gifted this one by a very generous GOGer.

Am a bit disappointed to say I didn't love this one quite as much, and a few parts I didn't really like at all. For one thing, I think it's probably the case that I'm just an average or maybe slightly above average puzzler, and a few of these boards were comparatively quite tough.

In the first game I died maybe 200 times - in this one I died 490 or so times, and while some of those deaths were amusing, or for the sake of learning, a few of them felt kinda...unfair or unfun?

One particular jump sequence on a board that I really hated. No moving parts. No sense of excitement. Just failing the same static jump repeatedly. But I'll come back to that one in a sec, because there were 3 patterns that showed up on multiple boards I wasn't fond of:

1) Mechanics/abilities not well explained or not explained at all. The big one being the cape (which I remembered from the first one), which allows you and your pet mouse to change places. Well, in this one (or at least I didn't remember it from the first) while zooming to switch places, you somehow kill mobs in your way. Several boards require you to utilize that feature, and it's fine after you figure it out, but I stared at the board the first time it came up with no idea what I was supposed to be doing for like 10 minutes before I went and youtubed it. Would not have guessed. Easy once you knew what it did. Seemed a bit like cheap/manufactured difficulty through opacity.

2) Multi-step puzzles where the early steps are easy time wasters, and the final steps are where all the difficulty is. On a number of boards you're just sitting waiting for enemies to patrol back and forth for the right moment.

3) And worse, in most cases, it's not like you can see the whole sequence before you start, you sometimes get to step 4 needing to make a quick decision with multiple moving parts. So if you die, you're working back through the boring crap again without really having learned much from the prior attempt for that moment when what you're doing does actually matter.

Which brings us back to the jump sequence. While it wasn't timed, the jump requires you to fall off one ledge, go under another ledge, and pop back up onto another higher ledge on the other side through the magic of double jumping. But jump too soon and you can't get over enough - jump an instant too late and you've already died.

At least on a keyboard, that was not fun. I was sure that's what I was supposed to do. After attempt #20 or so I youtubed it, and sure enough it was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. And because it was the very last step in a board that was otherwise easy but annoying, it felt like a cheap shot.

I just couldn't get it to work. Really almost quit the game at that point after death #50 or so. By comparison, there was one board I probably died on 100 times in the original, but the design was more fair. For one, the challenge of the jump was actually interesting, and two, it came early in the board, and you could essentially just practice/experiment over and over. Here you'd waste the better part of a minute doing the same non-hard routine to get back to try again. Bleh.

That said, I'd say there were about 3/4 of the 100 or so boards I did enjoy and would probably enjoy messing with a few of them again, so I do give it a muted thumbs up. But I would never, ever replay the whole game.

Still a pretty good game overall. Harder than the first, and more polished, perhaps, but lacked the raw fun factor for me, plus as noted I thought some of the difficulty was artificial or just not fun design.

First AAA game I finished in a long while. Started kinda slow, but became fun later on. Played with the Sewers DLC which are supposed to dot the open world with sewer entrances to places with danger and loot, but only actually found the first one >_>