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Pokémon Moon on the 3DS. I overall loved the game, although there were some quirks I really hated.
i finish far cry 1 at realistic difficulty without cheats
Finished Rambo. The gameplay was not bad, it was an ok rail-shooter but QTEs were awful and some checkpoints were badly placed. Difficulty in the last stage was overkill, I barely finished it in easy mode. The graphic artists who worked on the characters models should be fire as they were all ridiculous.

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The Witcher

I'm finally glad I've got a decent enough computer that can play games like this. Anywho, absolutely amazing game, but I had the same problem I had in dragon age, where you try to do the right thing, and half your friends end up hating you. Great gameplay, great story, great game.
low rated
magejake50: The Witcher

I'm finally glad I've got a decent enough computer that can play games like this. Anywho, absolutely amazing game, but I had the same problem I had in dragon age, where you try to do the right thing, and half your friends end up hating you. Great gameplay, great story, great game.
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1954 Alcatraz
I can't claim that Alcatraz is a bad game, but there is a reason why it was sold in the last Winter sale for only eighty cents: it's just not good enough.
From a technical point of view, it's flawed. The skip dialog function worked only when it felt like it, a few times the heroin got stuck in an endless walking loop and the voice over for a few lines of dialog drastically changed their quality.
I played with hints disabled and still felt like the game was holding my hand; the puzzles were almost always cakewalks and the main characters ostensibly derived pleasure from telling me where to go and what to do.
The characters were almost all two-dimensional without much in terms of depth.
The story was mostly non-linear with the ability to switch between the main male and female characters, helping each other out by means of transferring items and information; which was a very underused mechanic since I don't recall using it more than twice(to get a code-phrase and to get a book). There were a few nice and optional choices to make, but the writing often felt unskilled as if written by somebody who didn't know how interactive stories work. On one or two occasions the characters were talking nonsense and the end conversation between the heroes came out of nowhere. I guess that's my biggest gripe with the game, sometimes the actions of the characters and writing makes little to no sense, or comes off as artificial.
It's not a bad game, it really isn't. But it's not great either. It's somewhere in the middle and those seem to be the games that end up overlooked the most often.
I would recommend it to point & click newcomers.
I finished a Human Noble, Warrior, (male: sword and shield) playthrough in Dragon Age Origins Ultimate (GoG release). Playing through Awakening DLC now too, with that character.

Might play again, creating a Dwarf female commoner, Rogue to romance Alistair... ;)
Sid Meier's Pirates! Live the Life (from 2004) finished with full points on newbie difficulty (apprentice). I wanted to at least once do it all and get it all. The last fifteen ingame years I could not fence anymore so gameplay was rather different with trading and much more use of my cannons working to get those last points of wealth.

A 3d Action/Platformer, you take control of a psychic kid using his powers to save the world and your girlfriend. Full of humour. There are some annoyingly frustrating bits (Mostly in the last level) but found it was a good game. Would recommend.
Deja Vu

The old MacVenture game. I originally played on the NES, later made a clone of it, and picked up the collection when Shadowgate launched. It is by far one of my sentimental favorites.
Ultima Underworld

Just finished the game. It became one of my favorite RPG of all time.
It seems that the game aims at dungeon simulator and truly revolutionary for the time.
One big con is that the game strongly restricted the hero to how many carrying items.
I had to gather items at some convenient places in the dungeon and only few items actually were carried with myself.
How many items carrying is determined by STR point, and STR can't increase in the game, so if you made a STR12 character by random dice in the character creation, the game would be almost impossible to finish.
I strongly recommend make a highest STR character to begin the game.
The combat is quite easy after few level up and increase attack and sword skills in a shrine. but enough spices in explore the dungeon.
Picking out which magic spells to casting is too time consuming.and in the combat not useful. I only used preset heal spell in the entire game.
I cant cast the fly and the gate travel spells due to lack of necessary runes. If I could cast those spells, the game would be a lot easier.
The dungeon is only 8 levels, and I felt a bit tiny, but I've heard that the sequel enhanced it a lot.

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Never Alone Arctic Collection

Although not very big on platform games, i enjoyed Never Alone very much. Above the great graphics, the nice soundtrack, the tight controls, the two cute playable characters and what else, are the documentary videos about the Inupiat that promote their way of life in a great manner.

The only problem i encountered was the difficulty to rebind the keys to my gamepad so i ended using the keyboard and the mouse. Also, there were some instances where the characters stuck in between the levels but it was nothing major since it wasn't a common occurrence.

Also, the DLC/expansion "Foxtales" is superb and even though it lasts for about an hour, I think I enjoyed it even more than the base game which was already great. All in all, a great game and I bet little kids will be amazed & greatly entertained to see it in action/play it.

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Finished Shadow Warrior Classic Redux.
Never played 'Classic' all the way through back in the day, only bits and pieces of levels at a friend's.
Great fun all the way through with a surprisingly good soundtrack. Starting Twin Dragon soon as I've had some sleep.
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I have finally finished a game for this year. The Last Door: Collector's Edition season 1 was quite a blast. For once I was able to enjoy a point and click adventure video game where the puzzles made sense, and the setting was just brilliant. Early 1800s Scotland that dabbles with the occult. One of the most original things I've seen in recent times.

Also, Include me!
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