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Aztaka (Reason)
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Delicious: Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire

I know I know, 2017 starts with games I have close to nothing to be proud about, but I lack time, so casual games are good. Plus if it can be a little bit eroge... ^_^

Delicious is pretty well realized, but quite unnerving because when you start a game, you cannot know if you will be able to complete it. There is no real strategy, since you can't know which tile is under the tile you hesitate to remove. And since there is no reshuffle option, it's a bit of a die&retry game...

So far in 2017:
Beat Freedom Force again last night. I've done so 3 or 4 times, I think. Not only is it a well-made tactical RPG but its style really speaks to my enjoyment of Silver Age superhero comics. The writing is really on-point, the art style is a very good Jack Kirby imitation, and I love how the cutscenes recall the 1960s Marvel cartoons, which basically just took cutouts from the actual comics and added maybe one or two frames of movement.

This time around I was making an effort to use characters I normally hadn't used in previous runs, such as Mentor, Sea Urchin, Law and Order, etc., so I would have to use some different tactics. Overall, it went pretty well, although I did almost screw myself over in only having one ranged attacker on the final mission since Timemaster tends to make melee fighters bounce off of him. I still managed, though, which I guess speaks well of the game's design. You can still win even if the way to victory seems less obvious.

I do wish the game was turn-based, instead of real time with pause. There are situations in which you have to micromanage the battles to such an extent that you're probably bogging down in timeouts even more than if it had been turn-based. Also, the game has an unfortunate tendency to sometimes not register a command, so you'll tell a guy to go do something and turn your attention to the next character, only to be confused when the first guy is just standing around where you left him, so you have to repeat your order, which can especially be a pain when timing is important.

It's a free adventure game that will take 10-15 minutes to play through. I really like the atmosphere. I cannot whole heartedly endorse it, but if you like indie games trying something slightly out of the box, then give it a go. End makes me cranky, but then I'm a stick in the mud.
Watch Dogs 2

Junk. Would never pay for it, but it came free with my SSD. Everything about this game is generic, bland and uninteresting. The characters (from heroes to villains) are ridiculous collections of exaggerated stereotypes. The puzzles could pose no challenge to anyone with an IQ over 90. The graphics are average — not bad (I played on maxed out ultra settings) but also completely uninspired with nothing interesting to catch one's eye. Not even the art direction is able to, which, of course, applies only to the "hacker" related stuff as the world is "realistic" and has no noteworthy art style. As to the "hacker" style — it is reminiscent of the demo scene of the early 90, feels entirely out of place and contributes nothing other than some vague sense of anachronistic disconnect. The attempts at humor fall so flat on their face that their break both their nose AND their maxilla.

Why did I end up beating the game then?

I was actually trying to get it to work with GeForce Experience streaming software. While the game itself is reasonably stable, it dies (either crashes or bluescreens) within seconds to minutes after starting a stream. This is on top hardware. In fact it's the only piece of software to have EVER given my new PC a BSOD. For comparison, here is a list of games that worked flawlessly:

* DOOM 2016
* Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
* Witcher 3
* Dishonored 2
* Modern Warfare 2
* World of Warcraft: Legion
* Starcraft 2
* No Man's Sky (yes, this worked flawlessly too)
* Borderlands 2
* Titan Quest
* Gone Home
* Battlerite
* Gigantic
* Elder Scrolls Online

So as I was trying to get it to work, I actually finished the main narrative. This should tell you something about the length of it. Keep in mind I mostly avoided side missions and challenges due to them being dreadfully boring (much like the main plot) and fortunately being optional. Even exploration, my favorite part of gaming, felt like a chore. I never got the usual sense of wonder I get from games, nor the desire to see what's behind the next corned.

Overall verdict: AVOID!
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Terminal Velocity and Advent Rising.

I found Advent Rising to be pretty... meh. Wasn't terrible but it felt like a lesser Jedi Outcast/Academy. Heck, I'd take Jedi Knight any day over it.

Terminal Velocity on the other hand was pretty awesome! Reminded me a lot of Descent.

So, I actually like this game. I really didn't think I would, but everything in the game is very well tuned. It's basically a puzzle platformer. Very nicely styled black and white graphics, good use of light, and most of the interactive elements are very straightforward. They did a good job, and the fist half of the game I really enjoyed myself. I hit a couple of rough puzzles back-to-back that took the wind out of my sails, but a short break got me the one, and I did go to the walkthrough for the second (and another one later).

All told though, it is brisk, death is a learning experience (very rarely have to redo more than a couple of steps), and I marveled at some of the level design and delighted when I found a secret or discovered a new trick.

Pleasant game.
Just successfully finished the first Civilization session in my life. Yeah, the original game. And yes, I haven't played these kinds of games nearly enough. I had played Civ 1, 2, Call to Power 2 and some Civ 4 in the past but I never got quite hooked on these games. With age and wisdom (and finally the willingness to read through the manual and actually figure out all the mechanics) I got absolutely hooked this time, however. I'm really blown away by how little this game has aged. Sure, the presentation is atrocious by today's standards, as is the interface, but otherwise this game is incredible. Sid Meier is truly a genius. I's only been Warlord difficulty but for now I feel like moving on to another game in this genre. Either one of the later Civ games or Alpha Centauri or Master of Magic. Anyway, mind blown, awesome stuff. I'm certain that I will return to this game in the future to move on to the next difficulty setting.

I've finally completed the last two levels today and so I guess I can mark it as completed. Didn't get all the awards (for reaching par time and turns) and didn't complete all challenges, but I think I've seen al there is to see.

Most of the levels were quite easy (after all it's sliding puzzles and how hard can those be), but some had a really good design and were quite tricky. Didn't like the musical puzzles very much, because they were more about right timing than about finding the solution.

Complete list of finished games in 2017
xa_chan: Delicious: Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire

Delicious is pretty well realized, but quite unnerving because when you start a game, you cannot know if you will be able to complete it. There is no real strategy, since you can't know which tile is under the tile you hesitate to remove. And since there is no reshuffle option, it's a bit of a die&retry game...
I know this comes too late but actually there is a reshuffle option in this game. ;)

Just play it in easy mode which removes the timer and gives you 3 re-shuffles per round.
Include me

2014, 2015, 2016

01. Butcher (Linux) - 7/10
02. Day of the Tentacle Remastered (Linux) - 8/10
03. Grim Fandango Remastered (Linux) - 8/10
04. Enclave (Linux/WinXP) - 6/10
05. Normality (Linux) - 6/10
06. Noctropolis (Linux via WINE) - 6/10
07. Plants vs. Zombies (Linux via WINE) - 10/10
08. Lord of the Clans (WinXP) - 7/10
09. Star Wars: Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight (WinXP) - 5/10
10. Lifeless Planet - Premier Edition (Linux) - 6/10
11. The Book of Unwritten Tales (German) (WinXP / Linux via WINE) - 8/10
12. Momodora 1.5 (Linux via WINE) - 6/10
13. The Book of Unwritten Tales - The Critter Chronicles (German) (WinXP) - 6/10
14. Star Vikings (Linux) - 8/10
15. Tender Loving Care (Linux via WINE) - 6/10
16. 140 (Linux) - 5/10
17. Rogue Legacy (Linux) - 9/10
18. Grey Cubes (Linux) - 6/10
19. Shank 2 (Linux) - 6/10
20. Race the Sun (Linux) - 7/10
21. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (Linux) - 7/10
22. Hitman GO (Android) - 8/10
23. Deus Ex GO (Android) - 6/10
24. Sproggiwood (Android) - 8/10
25. Kami (Android) - 8/10
26. Trainyard (Android) - 7/10
27. Clouds & Sheep (Android) - 4/10
28. Mini Metro (Android) - 2/10
29. Burly Men at Sea (Android) - 1/10
30. Doki Doki Literature Club (Linux) - 7/10
31. Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition (Linux/WINE) - 8/10
32. 2017 GOG Christmas Treasure Hunt (Linux/WINE) - 6/10
33. Gonner (Linux) - 6/10
34. Strawberry Jam (Linux/WINE) - 5/10
35. Megaman 8bit Deathmatch v5c (Linux/WINE) - 8/10
36. Kona (Linux) - 8/10
37. Full Throttle Remastered (Linux) - Game: 8/10 / Remaster: 5/10
38. Candle (Linux) - 6/10
39. Slain: Back From Hell (Linux) - 6/10
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I finished Moebius. I enjoyed it, here's my review:

I enjoyed this game despite it's failing. For me I want an adventure to make me feel like I'm living through the interesting detailed story it's telling me and Moebius does this quite well.

Now the plot itself is a tad bit laughable but I expect adventures to have B Movie plots. The plots of the much loved Gabriel Knight 1 and 2 were also laughable and somewhat offensive. IE in GB1 the fear of a large black murderous voodoo cult where every black person in the story is involved taps into racist fears that the American population have had and yet again portrays black people in a negative light.

MILD SPOILER ALERTS: So the plot that reincarnated people of the past are 'chosen ones' and supior aristocratic blood lines wasn't one I warmed to but it worked in a B movie kind of way much like GB1 worked similarly. The way you investigate who is a re-incarnation of who is a kind of cool innovation to.

The relationship was based on BBCs Sherlock as were the 'analyse' feature where Malachi like Sherlock analyses people at first glance. The relationship between the 2 men and Malachi being a savant is clearly based on this to. The bit were our genius rewires an electrical circuit without first turning the power off wasn't thought through.

You can see it steals bits from Assassin's Creed in the way it deals with 'destiny'.

There are strong themes of sexism and mysoginy in the way women are judged throughout the story. Yes I know the writer is a woman, but sometimes women judge other women more harshly. I was also a little uneasy with the middled aged men marrying teenage girls.

The puzzles are generally logical and nowhere near as nigh on impossible as the puzzles in Gabriel Knight puzzles. I prefer this, some people prefer HARD puzzles though so if this is you maybe this isn't the game for you.

Graphically I've seen negative comments. For me I think it's a beautiful looking game but I don't play the latest games so it probably is dated, that doesn't bother me but it may bother others.

So for me it's not far off Gabriel Knight 1 in terms of quality.
Odd whim, installed Torchlight on Jan 1, finished today. Finished as in killed the end boss of the "story" (ha!), definitely not bothering with even one level of the endless dungeon that opens after that.

Blah. Like somebody took the dailies part or something out of one location of a poor F2P MMO and thought hey, this would make a good single player game in itself. But could just mindlessly go through it I guess. Call it a game finished this year, and very early.
On normal, no gear bought, none enchanted except at the free enchanting altars, nothing fitted in sockets. Here's the character at the end.
The 4 deaths were stupid. First 2 on the last map from the ember quest guy, traps getting me, first the spikes when monsters blocked the way forward and instead of either dashing in or even heading back through the spiked path, I went back and forth and for some reason just stood on spiked tiles till they shot up and killed me, and then 2nd a chest trap in the next room. The other 2 at the start and end of the area opened for the portal guy's last side quest, where I basically just stood there, mind unplugged too much I think, once only running in front of a dark zealot and basically not doing anything else till she got me, another time literally stopped and waited for a poison attack from another to hit me, no idea why.
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23.3 - Saints Row (PC)
22.5. - Torchlight (PC)
25.10. - Half Life 2 - Episode 2 (PC)
6.11 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC)
28.12 Unreal Tournament 99
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Little Nightmares - May 1st
Shantae: Risky Revenge Director's Cut - July 1st
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