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Include Me

Icewind Dale:EE
Baldur's Gate:EE
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Dragon"s Dogma:Dark Arisen
Hellblade:Senua's Sacrifice
Risen 3:Titan Lords
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Games completed in 2017 (all of them played on Linux unless noted otherwise)

1. Jan.1 - Dingbats - Between the lines (Android)
2. Jan.11 - Perplexy (Android)
3. Jan.14 - The Last Door: Season One (replay)
4. Jan.20 - The Last Door: Season Two
5. Jan.23 - The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy
6. Jan.24 - Lara Croft GO (Android)
7. Jan.26 - Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
8. Jan.27 - Soulless: Ray of Hope
9. Jan.30 - Dreaming Sarah
10. Feb.1 - 20 Clues (Android)
11. Feb.1 - Please, Don't Touch Anything (Android)
12. Feb.2 - CAYNE
13. Feb.5 - Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator
14. Feb.8 - Zenith (Wine)
15. Feb.15 - Tetrobot and Co. (Android)
16. Feb.18 - Cubway (Android)
17. Feb.19 - There Is No Game (Android)
18. Feb.21 - Awake
19. Feb.26 - Clever Girl
20. Feb.?? - Evoland (Remix OS for PC)
21. Mar.2 - Un Pas Fragile
22. Mar.4 - The Cat Lady
23. Mar.4 - Fruits of a Feather
24. Mar.8 - Candle
25. Mar.10 - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Wine)
26. Mar.13 - Puzzle Agent (Wine)
27. Mar.16 - Icomania (Android)
28. Mar.26 - Wizorb
29. Mar.26 - Guild of Dungeoneering (Android)
30. Mar.31 - Shadowrun Returns
31. Apr.3 - Cube Escape: The Cave (Android)
32. Apr.9 - Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds (Android)
33. Apr.26 - Trine: Enchanted Edition
34. Apr.27 - Samorost 3 (Android)
35. Apr.27 - Kathy Rain (Android)
36. Apr.30 - Burly Men at Sea (Android)
37. May.7 - Hairy Tales
38. May.11 - Murdercide 2017
39. May.11 - The Maître D'
40. May.24 - Avadon: The Black Fortress (Android)
41. May.29 - Technobabylon (AGS v3.3.5)
42. May.31 - Leaving Lyndow
43. Jun.2 - Haven Moon
44. Jun.3 - Yellow (Android)
45. Jun.8 - Eschalon: Book I
46. Jun.12 - Lifeless Planet Premier Edition
47. Jun.13 - The Little Acre
48. Jun.14 - Legend of the Skyfish (Remix OS for PC)
49. Jun.24 - Shardlight (AGS v3.3.5)
50. Jul.5 - Dungelot: Shattered Lands (Android)
51. Jul.11 - Job Lozenge
52. Jul.14 - Black Blue (Android)
53. Jul.15 - Caterpillar Logic (Android)
54. Jul.15 - DROOM 夢門 (Android)
55. Jul.16 - Hollow Knight
56. Jul.19 - Sproggiwood (Android)
57. Jul.26 - Gunbrick (Android)
58. Jul.29 - The Whispered World: Special Edition
59. Aug.4 - klocki (Android)
60. Aug.5 - Zenge (Android)
61. Aug.6 - Gone Home
62. Aug.21 - Deus Ex GO (Android)
63. Sep.2 - Full Throttle Remastered
64. Sep.3 - Slayaway Camp (Android)
65. Sep.5 - unWorded (Android)
66. Sep.7 - Subject 13
67. Sep.16 - Randal's Monday
68. Sep.18 - The Mind of Marlo
69. Sep.18 - Redirection
70. Sep.20 - Firewatch
71. Sep.22 - The Journey Down: Chapter One (replay)
72. Sep.22 - The Journey Down: Chapter Two (replay)
73. Sep.23 - The Journey Down: Chapter Three
74. Sep.23 - Sanitarium (Android)
75. Sep.27 - Armikrog.
76. Sep.30 - iBomber Attack
77. Oct.7 - Curse of the Crescent Isle DX
78. Oct.11 - Trine 2 Complete Story
79. Oct.16 - Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power
80. Oct.17 - The Tiny Bang Story (Android)
81. Oct.19 - Memoranda
82. Oct.23 - What Game is it? (Android)
83. Nov.3 - Bulb Boy (Android)
84. Nov.3 - Rusty Lake Hotel (Android)
85. Dec.5 - The Mammoth: A Cave Painting

· 85 total games
· 50 Linux games: 45 native (3 replays) -- 3 with Wine -- 2 with the AGS engine native port
· 35 Android games: 21 on my tablet -- 12 on my smartphone -- 2 on my PC with RemixOS

2016 list
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Include me. 2016 was a bad year to finish games, I hope 2017 goes better.

Tales from the Borderlands (My first Telltale game, awesome!)
Glass Masquerade
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I just finished Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Include me.

It shouldn't be hard to complete more games this year than the previous two combined. For comparison:

2016 list
2015 list
2014 list
2013 list

Looking back, I even think it's possible to finish as much as the previous three years combined.
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Bionic Commando Rearmed
Beyond Oasis
Def Jam Vendetta
Freedom Force
Sam and Max Save the World
God of War
Freedom Fighters
Ori and the Blind Forest
Persona 4
Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
Ninja Baseball Bat Man
Law of the West
Epic Mickey
Metal Gear
Treasure Hunter G
The Saboteur
Rad Warrior
Megaman 2
Jade Empire
Metroid Prime
Sleeping Dogs
Final Fantasy 7
Saints Row 4
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Super Mario RPG
Hollow Knight
Master of Darkness
Slain: Back From Hell
Project Firestart
The Lurking Horror
Eternal Darkness
Lunar: The Silver Star
Metal Slug
Elevator Action Returns
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Finished Ultima 3.

I had to use a save game editor since no damn ship ever spawned after the whirpool destroyed mine, even with the patch and i don't wanna spend days finding one.
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1. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1
2. BloodGate
3. Riot of the numbers
4. Kathy Rain
5. Blacksea Odyssey
6. Death's Hangover
7. Starship Rubicon
8. Sacred 2
9. Security Hole
10. Die for the Empire
11. Shan Gui
12. Starward Rogue
13. Quest of Dungeons
14. Bik - A Space Adventure
15. Path of Exile
16. Monster Slayers
17. Caveblazers
18. Flat Heroes
19. Technobabylon
20. Shotgun Legend
21. Hyper Fighters
22. Momonga Pinball Adventures
23. Primordia
24. Puzzle Bots
25. Heavy Bullets
26. A Golden Wake
27. The Shivah
28. Hell Girls
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Just finished Legacy of Kain: Defiance, thus completing this amazing, amazing series (minus Blood Omen, sadly). Oh, man...the story, the writing, the voice acting, the artistic design, the soundtrack...all tremendous. The series as a whole was way better than I ever thought it would be.
Bionic Commando Rearmed. A pretty well-executed remake of the NES version. It's mostly the same but they've added some more variety in the boss encounters and given you a variety of upgrade-able weapons to use. The final stage is completely redesigned. It's a bit more forgiving than the original but still a pretty good challenge.

I would have liked an ability to look up or down because there were some sections in which I was forced to make blind jumps.

I wouldn't say it's essential to play, but if you like the original it's worth checking out.
Who am I kidding, I'm never going to post in this thread. :P
Include me,thanks.

17/1 Witcher 3 :Hearts of Stone
27/3 Shadow of Mordor
1/4 Steamworld heist
9/5 Mad Max
22/5 Streets of Rogue
15/9 Divinity original sin 2
31/12 Grim dawn+dlc
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Yes, yes, I have unfinished business in the previous year's thread. Whatevs. If I delay this one like I did the other, I won't remember anything at all. So, on we go with the first completed game of the year.


A simpler sidescrolling Tony Hawk? Hmmm, it has the ollies, the grinds, the spins, the flips and the aim for the high score, but I wouldn't really say so. In Tony Hawk, you had free rein in large, open stages and your aim was to get the best high score through the usage of the aforementioned skills and perhaps accomplish some other objectives while you are doing so. Meanwhile, in OlliOlli, you are also performing grinds, flips, ollies, etc on a quest for a high score and maybe accomplishing some other objectives (like picking up a rod of uranium or a cat head).

The difference is that OlliOlli plays like an on-the-rails (pun intended) platformer. You automatically move forwards, you'll have to perform ollies, flips and spins to jump from one platform/rail to another (and also avoid various obstacles) and are completely unable to move backwards and explore the stage. If you happen to perform a bad landing, collide with an obstacle or try to go down the stairs, you'll fall down and get separated from your skateboard. If this happened in Tony Hawk, you could get up, hope that nobody else saw this, get back to your skateboard and hope you have enough time to accomplish the level's objectives. Here, you'll have to restart the whole level again.

Sure, the levels aren't particularly large, but coupled with their design and the not-all-that-hot Vita controls, frustration will become your closest buddy in this game. Simply speaking, there are numerous spots in the game that will require you to perform actions that there is no way you could know beforehands. Since a single mistake will force you to restart the level, this will result in a trial-and-error mess, where you'll never feel like you're really improving, but just memorising the stage's layout. In quite a few cases, it would have helped if you could adjust your speed or stop your skateboard. Too bad that you can't do that.

As for the controls, they are generally simple enough. Press X to gain some speed and perform landings, use the analog stick/d-pad for tricks/grinds and the shoulder buttons to modify or add spinning to the tricks/grinds. You might need to get used to the idea of pressing X to land on the ground and the d-pad to land on a rail, but that's as far as complexity goes. The problems with the controls arise when you'll need to perform some of the most difficult tricks.

Let's just say that trying to do circles with either the Vita's analog stick or its d-pad can be an excercise in frustration. Also, in some stages, where you'll need to land and then instantly perform a trick in order to jump over an obstacle, the Vita doesn't seem to be able to keep up and doesn't register the trick in time. I could also mention that sometimes the game might not register a rail landing correctly, but that might just be me not pressing the d-pad in time.

Now, I'm not 100% sure if the problems with the controls are specific to the Vita version (thanks to its "quality" analog stick) or whether they occur across all platforms, but I'm not keen on becoming frustrated again, so I will survive without having this curiosity satisfied.

Full list.

Link to the official site:
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Include me

#1 Path of Exile - Witch, normal difficulty Act 4 1/3/17
#2 Grim Dawn - Trickster (Shaman + Nightblade) 1/15/17
y3 Huniepop Feb?
y4 Saints Row IV 3/2/17
#5 One night stand 3/5/17
y6 Train Valley 4/25/17
#7 House of 1,000 Doors - Palm of Zoroaster 4/28/17
y8 FATE (caster) 5/5/17
#9 Dark Strokes - Sins of the Fathers 5/9/17
y10 Grim Dawn - Warrior (single class) 5/15/17
#11 Eternal Journey - New Atlantis 5/19/17
#12 Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story
y13 Braveland: Pirate 5/25/17
#14 Transistor 6/3/17
#15 Crimsonland 6/5/17
y16 HunieCam Studio 6/22
#17 Hero of the Kingdom 6/24
y18 Ember 7/4
#19 Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge 7/30
y20 Nightmares of the Deep 2: Siren's Call 8/1
n21 Crush Crush 8/4
#22 Nightmares of the Deep 3: Davy Jones Regrets Agreeing to This 8/16
n23 Sakura Clicker 8/21
#24 Banished 8/29
#25 Sakura Fantasy Chap 1 9/19
#26 Crusaders of the Lost Idols 9/21
n27 Sakura Agent 9/21
#28 Eventide: Slavic Fable
#29 Rebuild 2 [kongregate] 11/8
y30 Epistory: Typing Chronicles 11/30
#31 Grim Legends 2: Dark Swan 12/4
#32 Anomaly Warzone Earth 12/10
#33 Clicker Heroes 12/25
#34 Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Campaign

Top 7:
Train Valley
Epistory : Typing Chronicles (flawed but exceptional at the same time)
Grim Dawn (ARPGrim!)

Sakura Agent
Sakura Clicker

Puzzle Quest (march)
Titan Quest (april)
Quest Quest (june)
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My first finished game in 2017 was Paper Sorcerer.
A short RPG. I finished it in 12 hours.
I like stylish graphics. In reviews, seems like many people didn't like BGM. but I actually like it.
The battles were too long. I got bored in the middle game. My score is 3/5.

My list is here.
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