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Fable Anniversary.

I enjoy the remake but I wouldn't pay full price for it
Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons
If you have so much as a passing interest in video games potential as a medium for storytelling this is basically a must play title.However if the only thing you care about is gameplay then I guess Brothers could be seen as an easily skippable title.You'll get about 4 hours of platforming with some puzzles thrown into the mix.None of it is challenging in any way however the amount of character development and emotion the gameplay alone manages to convey is outstanding.
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trentonlf: Sad part is I've invested 107 hours into TL II, played through more than once with different characters, and if you download some of the mods for the game it does improve your enjoyment. Although most of your complaints will not be fixed unfortunately.
Maybe I'll try the Synergies mod one day in the future. Or maybe I might just wait till the 3rd Torchlight gets released. Third's time the charm, right (one can still hope)?
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include me

1. The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo
2. Shadowrun Returns
3. FTL x3
4. Deadpool
5. Shadowrun: Dragonfall
6. Costume Quest
7. Hitman GO
8. Papers, Please
9. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
10.The Expendabros
12. Borderlands 2 + DLC (2nd playthrough coop)
13.L.A. Noire
14.Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
15.Uncharted 3
16. Wolf Among Us
17. The Age of Decadence
18. Huniepop
19. Witcher 3
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Include me.

1. Broken Sword 1 - original version
2. Broken Sword 1 - Director's cut
3. Deeper Dungeons
4. Shadowrun Returns
5. Broken Sword 2 Remastered
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First game of the year completed -

Warhammer 40K - Soulstorm.

In the grimdark future, there is only boredom.

Soulstorm is a rehashed version of the previous Dawn of War - Dark Crusade. It includes two extra factions of questionable value, hours of pointless additional padding, and some of the worst voice acting you're likely to hear from a supposedly professionally-produced game.

If you've played Dark Crusade, there is no need whatsoever to play this.

The plot is presented through a combination of ridiculous, painfully over-long cutscenes being voiced by people who were either drunk, deranged, or suffering from fresh head trauma, combined with text inserts being read by a narrator who evidently decided that every single syllable needed to be read with enough hamminess to completely nullify even the tiniest passing amount of investment in the absolutely garbage story.

And yes, the plot is complete garbage, by the way. Nine factions all show up in a single system of planets, and regardless of any alliances to other factions, they all decide to kill each other. I know there's more to it than that, but it's all so poorly presented, you'll stop giving a crap in minutes. By the time you've put in the 20 plus hours to complete a single run, you'll care infinitely less about any resolution than you'll just be happy to see the credits roll.

The gameplay is a joke. The only part of interest is figuring out which of your troops do what, and there are really only three options - things that kill infantry, things that destroy vehicles and buildings, and melee fighters to act as a screen so your other troops can keep on killing infantry or destroying vehicles and buildings. (And at least half of the time, you don't even need those.)

There's no deep thought involved. There's next to no strategy involved.

You'll find yourself doing the exact same thing, building the exact same troops and buildings, doing the exact same things, again and again and again and again and AGAIN AND AGAIN. You won't have to tailor your troops to anything more than more or less infantry or vehicle killers. You'll go for the same objectives, the same sequences of perks, every time. That's as complex as this game gets.

And as if all that repetition isn't obnoxious enough, once you capture a territory, you had better be ready to feel that sense of deja vu all over again, because every single time you have to defend something, everything you built previously is magically removed, leaving you to be the silly ass that does it all over again. And yes, this can happen repeatedly, so you'll find yourself fighting a carbon copy of the same exact battle two, three, four times in a row.

Also, unless you like the sound of the same few looping bits of music for over 20 hours, you might want to do what I did and run Youtube in the background. Hell, I've been running Netflix on the side while playing, and the game was so mentally engaging that it made absolutely zero difference in my success rate.

I could elaborate further, and I'm sure I will since I have eight more runs to go before I can tell this game to get the hell out of my existence.

But for now, my advice would be DON'T BUY IT.
Aningan: include me

And now to actually finish a game... hmmm, I need to find something short to get me started!
The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo.
Free and short.
And here's my first completed game of 2015 ! South Park: The Stick of Truth

I was pretty amazed about that game: it's a love letter to South Park true fans, who will search for every single little memory of episodes, while staying totally accessible to "South Park beginners". It's funny, it's gross, it's stupid, sometimes right down offensive... and that's exactly what I expected from a South Park game! ^_^

I'm impressed about how well the mechanisms are done in that game: inventive yet solid. If you don't succeed, it's not because of the game, it's because of you, so generally one more try is just what is needed to achieve what you're trying to do.

The story is really fun (the part about Canada made me literally rofl!) and frankly, this game gets a lot of inspiration from Costume Quest, I think. Not that it is a criticism: when a mechanism works well in a game, why not reusing it in another game?

So, yes, I'm really happy to have caved in to buy this game because it sets the bar quite high for 2015 in terms of quality!

So far in 2015:
The Wolf Among Us, Ep.1: Faith

At first I thought I'd only make the entry after I had finished all the episodes, but quickly decided otherwise once I actually began playing. I wouldn't stop and begin to review a regular game while it's still in an unfinished state, but since these are singular (lengthy) episodes, I feel it's more justified. I also have a feeling that after all this, there would be too many things to say that none of you lot would probably even bother to read through all of that, heh. But anyway, let's get on with the review.

I immediately fell in love with how everything look. The visuals and environments look really cool. I also liked the music, it's very fitting. Obviously, this only scratches the surface though - how's the actual game? Well, like most Telltale games, it's more of an interactive story than anything, but I'll be damned if it isn't an intriguing story. The game immediately starts with a bang; then it shifts to being more like a detective drama during which you get to know the other characters better, too; then later, it throws another big bang at the player, and finally the biggest bang of all. Wow. I was at the edge of my seat throughout the whole episode; great stuff. Can't say yet whether or not the game will top The Walking Dead Season 1, but it's off to a great start.

The only thing I was worried about, is that whether I should know all the Fable characters and their backgrounds beforehand, but even though I didn't recognize a couple, it didn't seem to matter in terms of being properly able to follow the story. Plus, there's a handy codex in the extras that gives you a brief idea of the characters (these are apparently unlocked the first time you encounter or otherwise learn new things about them).

The one thing I liked the most though, was the overall setup. All these characters we know from fairytales, now living a hard life among regular people: what's not to love there! It was always interesting whenever a new character was introduced: I immediately wanted to know who they were, how are they managing, and what kind of shit they've had to go through after the Exodus (the event in which they had to abandon their homes). There are still many locked entries in the Book of Fables, which means there's bound to be a lot of new individuals making an appearance in the future episodes. Can't wait to meet them.
Wasn't it great to meet Mr. Hankey and his family once more? :) And Canada really made me laugh out loud. I mean, that Dire Wolf's attack :)
Aningan: include me

And now to actually finish a game... hmmm, I need to find something short to get me started!
Austrobogulator: The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo.
Free and short.
Thanks! So I have my first finished game of the year! Yay :)
Game was ok and I was OCD enough to get all six endings. I did feel some suspense from a [mostly] text game so props to the author for that!
Novotnus: Wasn't it great to meet Mr. Hankey and his family once more? :) And Canada really made me laugh out loud. I mean, that Dire Wolf's attack :)
Hahaha, yes it was! And Jesus' special attack is badass to the max! ^_^
Ittle Dew.Very cute zelda-ish short puzzle game.Fun for a few hours.I enjoyed it.Some cute humor and characters in the game.
Novotnus: Wasn't it great to meet Mr. Hankey and his family once more? :) And Canada really made me laugh out loud. I mean, that Dire Wolf's attack :)
xa_chan: Hahaha, yes it was! And Jesus' special attack is badass to the max! ^_^
As bad-ass as Buddha's Palm attack against the Monkey King in that Chinese Journey to the West (prequel) movie?
Jan 6 - Freedom Fall

I really enjoyed everything about this game. I only played on the Normal/Easy difficulty, so I can't say anything about the Hard difficulty level. Regardless, I'm glad this game didn't have "lives" and had plenty of save points. Took me about 2 hours to make my way through, which was a good amount of time for me.

I thought the art was wonderful and the soundtrack was great. I enjoyed the humor and reading the writing on the wall to figure out the story. Gameplay and controls were fluid. Everything fit together very nicely. All around great experience.

I recommend this one for anyone who enjoys platformers.

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