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Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut

I had already played the actual tabletop RPG of Shadowrun and since I quite liked the setting I really wanted to try this. Did not disappoint. I really like the way the game switches to grid based, turn based, tactical combat. And the simplifications they made to the system were great, as the tabletop RPG is pretty clunky. I would have liked it to be a little longer though (your team members only level up 5 times in the whole game). It also annoyed me that I couldn't bring my entire team along on a mission, especially the last one. Didn't make any sense thematically.
Grandia 2
Definitely,one of the best rpgs for me.Interesting characters ,who 'mature' throughout the game,great music,nice and varied sceneries,interesting combat system and fair customisation options.The combat system caught me by surprise.Your characters have to 'wait for their turn' but,you can also interrupt enemy spells,evade attacks by moving out of the way and counter,if you know your character's animation well,even if the enemy is already in the middle of an attack.The only negative for me,was the camera.It could be kinda disorienting.Highly recommended

Ys-the oath in felghana/Ys origins/Ys 1
If you know about YS,you already know about the amazing hack 'n slash and platforming that ensues.Out of the 3 though,The oath in felghana is my absolute favorite and i believe it's the one which has perfected the platforming aspect of YS.Ys origin offers 3 characters to choose,so it's more play time if you want to see the story from multiple angles.Ys 1 was good.......but omg,the bat and final boss!

Metro:Last light redux
I'm not a fan of fps,but i've heard this game offers a great atmosphere besides gunplay.It was true.You could feel the depressive mood and helplessness in the game.Great gameplay too.You can go in guns blazing or you can choose a stealthy approach and avoid most enemies.Highly recommended for the atmosphere alone.

Just wanna say that,this game is like methadone for a macross fan like me,because awesome macross games,like macross triangle frontier,are never released outside of japan.Sure the graphics are dated,it has some cheap deaths and glitches that piss you off(like the elevator one) but,if you can look past those things and are thirsty for destroying things inside your mecha,you will find a unique game and a good....substitute.

Spellforce:Shadow wars
I always liked the RPG-RTS blend,the rpg element kept me going.This game doesn't excel in any department,but it's a good game nonetheless.Sometimes though,i felt like it was dragging on for too long and had to take small breaks to keep going.The voice acting gave me a few giggles,especially when the characters tried to sound all dramatic and serious.The voice acting is pretty bad,but at least it's funny.If you're looking for a good and long rpg-rts blend,this one is a good choice.

Trails in the sky: Second chapter
The best for last.Everything in the first chapter,doubled.The great sceneries,the unique and lively characters,the awesome music,the stellar translation,the customization and spells,the game's length.Get closer into unmasking the secret society of ouroboros and their plans and bringing joshua back.Again,the only pet peeve is that,side quests may feel repetitive,but u are not forced to complete them.HIGHLY recommended for JRPG and RPG fans.
Finished Anodyne, what a strange game.
omega64: Finished Anodyne, what a strange game.
May I ask you what did you find strange about it?
I don't have a clear idea of what the game is about; at first sight, it seems a sort of disturbing version of The Legend of Zelda, but I wouldn't know if that could be a fitting description.
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omega64: Finished Anodyne, what a strange game.
Enebias: May I ask you what did you find strange about it?
I don't have a clear idea of what the game is about; at first sight, it seems a sort of disturbing version of The Legend of Zelda, but I wouldn't know if that could be a fitting description.
I've finished it and I still have no clue what the game really is about.
Seems like it takes place in the characters head but eh.
It's a bit unsettling at times.
It plays like a stripped down Zelda.

Very likely the final game I finish this year.'s pretty American alright. Or rather, 'Murican. The game takes itself seriously in no way, but I could see how the most hardcore 'Muricans would shout "F*** YEAH Taste Our Freedom!!!" after every two seconds. This was actually one of the reasons I hesitated to buy the game for so long: the other being that I absolutely, utterly despise the word "bro". But, as you can see I finally gave in and got the game. And it's pretty fun actually. The game features a huge roster of 80's and 90's action heroes, and thus getting a new one was always really interesting in the sense of "who's it gonna be next!?" Although honestly, by the end the game started to feel a bit repetitive. I guess get it if you really love explosive 2D action platforming (and in this game, the action REALLY is very explosive) and have a soft spot for classic movie action heroes.

Finally, I'd like to once again, as is tradition, name my top and bottom picks of the games I've finished this year. I purposefully decided I wouldn't play just anything any more, which is why my list of finished games is maybe half of what it was in 2014 and 2013. Thus, picking especially the bottom ones might be a challenge. However, after much consideration (of maybe 10 minutes), this is my list:

Top List:
#5 Fallout 4. As far as the Bethesda Fallouts go, this one is the best so far without a doubt. Sure, it has it's flaws, such as still not getting the Black Isle established atmosphere right, radiant quests, weak story and forgettable / annoying characters, but as far as open world games go, it does a pretty good job keeping you interested all the way through.
#4 Alien: Isolation. This game really surprised me by how good it was. Especially considering that the one Alien game before this one, was Colonial Marines. Isolation managed to be very atmospheric and tense, and it nails the look of the first Alien movie perfectly. Definitely the best horror game I've played in a long time.
#3 Ronin. A small indie game that played just perfectly. I loved the action, and how you chose your next move in pause mode. Since you always knew where the enemy would shoot, it made for some awesome-looking ninja action. I loved it.
#2 Hand of Fate. This game combined deck-building and Batman-style melee combat in a way that works great. Even after beating the campaign, I went back to it until I had unlocked every single card: it's just that addicting. Really awesome game.
#1 Grand Theft Auto V. It's bigger and better than ever. 'Nuff said.

Honorary mention: Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. My #1 pick of last year got even better with the free update. Since I technically had already beaten it before, I didn't include it in this list although it definitely would deserve it. Other games that just barely didn't make the list: Super Time Force Ultra; The Wolf Among Us; Pillars of Eternity; Lords of Xulima; Guild of Dungeoneering.

Bottom List:
#5 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Not so much "a bad game", but a huge disappointment. The first Hotline Miami was absolutely brilliant, but this one messed it up with a confusing plot and too much emphasis on guns.
#4 Ryse: Son of Rome. Looks gorgeous, but the gameplay is really, really boring. Mash mash mash, move forward a couple of meters on a tight corridor, then mash mash mash again. It numbs the mind faster than a lobotomy.
#3 Breach & Clear: Deadline. Again, another disappointment after a pretty good prequel. The gameplay is actually not that different from Ryse: Son of Rome: you move forward a little, shoot some zombies, then move forward some more, and shoot some more zombies. The plot is really stupid and forgettable, and suddenly the game just ends. Really poor writing.
#2 Hatred. Repetitive, dull and unfair. The epitome of "much ado about nothing". Killing helpless civilians might be fun for the first five minutes, but after that, you've seen all the game has to offer. The player character is an emo psycho killer for no apparent reason, and it's really difficult to relate with him or his motives, if there even are any. Gameplay consists of nothing but killing and getting shot outside the screen. Not what I would call fun.
#1 Paper Sorcerer. I feel kinda bad giving this "award" to this game, but I just didn't like it at all. It looks and sounds awful, the gameplay consists of simply wandering around and attacking floating cloud enemies until they decide to die ('cause there aren't any health bars), and...that's it actually.

So, that was it. Now it's almost 2016: there are many, many great games coming up which I'm already excited to play! If any of you have read my reviews: I hope you enjoyed reading them and maybe found them to be helpful in deciding whether or not they are games you yourself would maybe like to play. Also, thanks for any of the comments I've received. Happy New Year - and happy gaming!
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Woo, Got one more game done before 2016! Victor Vran. Great game, only played coop with my brother.
Can't wait for the expansion... if they are still planning on doing it now :'(
My final list :)

01 | 21.01.2015 Murasaki Baby (Vita)
02 | 24.01.2015 Far Cry 3
03 | 10.02.2015 Grim Fandango Remastered
04 | 15.02.2015 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
05 | 23.02.2015 The Night of the Rabbit
06 | 02.03.2015 Costume Quest 2
07 | 08.03.2015 Castle of Illusion
08 | 14.03.2015 Journey of a Roach
09 | 19.03.2015 Still Life 2 - horrible :/ inventory, puzzles, dumb protagonist. I liked the first one, but this is horrible
10 | 29.03.2015 The Samaritan Paradox
11 | 30.04.2015 Broken Age Act 2
12 | 09.05.2015 Rayman Origins (Vita) - finished all levels (including Land of the Dead)
13 | 17.05.2015 Bulletstorm
14 | 30.05.2015 Jurassic Park: The Game - meh
15 | 07.06.2015 Professor Layton and The Pandora's Box (3DS) - finished all puzzles in Story Mode
16 | 21.06.2015 Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
17 | 29.06.2015 Hitman GO (iOS)
18 | 18.07.2015 Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Vita)
19 | 09.08.2015 The Room Two (iOS)
20 | 09.08.2015 Botanicula
21 | 18.08.2015 The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks (3DS)
22 | 27.08.2015 Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking (my first game with my kid finished :) I wonder if he'll choose one the Humongous games next or another Teddy Floppy Ear game :))
23 | 01.09.2015 Freddi Fish and The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds
24 | 01.09.2015 Lara Croft GO (iOS)
25 | 03.09.2015 Teslagrad - OMG, those 1 hit deaths!?!?! But it is done. Complete.... 100%!!!
26 | 22.09.2015 Valiant Hearts: The Great War™ / Soldats Inconnus : Mémoires de la Grande Guerre™
27 | 01.10.2015 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
27.1 | 10.10.2015 - The Lord of the Hunt
27.2 | 11.10.2015 - The Bright Lord
28 | 06.10.2015 Perils of Man
29 | 10.11.2015 - Spider-man Shattered Dimensions
30 | 31.12.2015 - Lumino City

I thought I was going to add Darksiders 2 on the list, but I won't make. No more time to play this year, plus still lots to do :) Hopefully, I'll get to play a bit more next year :)
This year was more about quality than quantity, so here goes:

The Banner Saga (02/2015) (nice, but thought was a bit overhyped)
The Walking Dead: Season Two (03/2015) (Telltale continues the story strong)
Metro: Last Light (probably my favorite FPS of late, great graphics, atmosphere, and story)
Pillars of Eternity (07/2015) (well done, but somehow felt disappointing)
Alien: Isolation (09/2015) (this is the one Alien game you need to play)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + Hearts of Stone (12/2015) (110+ hours of pure bliss - bring on Blood&Wine!)
Transistor (12/2015) (very clever and stylish game, similar to Bastion and yet so different)
The Silent Age (12/2015) (short and sweet adventure which plays great on the Surface 3)
The Fall (12/2015) (dark atmospheric sci-fi platformer adventure - )
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse (almost done, 82% complete, plan to push trough before the clock sounds midnight :))
Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon

This is a fun and amusing point-and-click game with a unique visual style. Normally mystery games cause my eyes to glaze over, but this one was actually kept me interested and engaged in the story through the constant humour. The mystery itself was not very difficult to solve, and the game itself took me several hours to complete (including all of the sidequests). Overall I’d recommend it to point-and-click lovers who enjoy pixel graphics and humour.
Is there a thread for 2016 yet? I need to list a game.
thebream: Is there a thread for 2016 yet? I need to list a game.
Grargar wanted to take over for next year, the thread is already created but not officially open yet.
thebream: Is there a thread for 2016 yet? I need to list a game.
moonshineshadow: Grargar wanted to take over for next year, the thread is already created but not officially open yet.
Thanks champ!
thebream: Thanks champ!
What part of "PLEASE DON'T POST YET!" did you not understand?
thebream: Thanks champ!
Grargar: Sigh...
What part of "PLEASE DON'T POST YET!" did you not understand?
Reading is hard.