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CMOT70: Time is something that should be saved at every opportunity...after all most people die with money or assets in the bank, no one dies with time in the bank.
You should read "Momo" by Michael Ende. ;)
Updated my list with the fifth game finished this year :)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing I, is my fifth game finished this year \o/

>The list is here :P<
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StorkV88: Yesterday I finished This War of Mine, great game!
One of my favorites. I'm working on a long project with this one. Another 2 1/2 playthroughs and I plan to do a long write up for this thread.
sebarnolds: As for me, I finished Edna & Harvey - The Breakout... with a walkthrough almost all of the game. Story and graphics are interesting but puzzles are, at best, lame. Most of the game is in the asylum, trying to clone a key and there are a lot of walking and backtracking (even when knowing what to do) and when we finally are able to open some doors to ease movements, we go elsewhere. Also some puzzles were absolutely illogical.
awalterj: After Enebias wrote about that game I finally decided to install it a couple weeks ago and lo and behold, I got stuck a mere 2 hours into the game and haven't played the game since. I'll try to persevere though and haven't consulted hints yet because I can't let those smug Daedalic designers win, who probably think they're oh so clever and oh so logical!
Maybe you have stumbled in the notorious non-explicit puzzle I mentioned. Imo, solving the vast majority of the puzzles is not really difficult, even if it requires quite a bit of backtracking... but that one, that one I could have never figured out. I wasn't even able to detect it. Really.
Also, be careful: a puzzle in the kitchen might be bugged (it should be fine in the German version, but it is definitely not in the English one).

budejovice: One of my favorites. I'm working on a long project with this one. Another 2 1/2 playthroughs and I plan to do a long write up for this thread.
I'm really interested in reding it! :)
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ScotchMonkey: Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack The Ripper

A lot of obtuse puzzles and poorly thought out mechanics kept me from fully enjoying what is a very creative take on the Whitechapel Murders.

Outside of the main characters the voice acting is pretty bad. Like something that wouldwind up in youtubepoop.

Somehow this game actually looks worse than Awakened which cameoutyears prior to this. Very strange.

I found this game much better than Awakened in almost every aspect.
I liked the story more, puzzles and graphics were glitchy for me in Awakened while they were fine in Jack the Ripper and those various deductions and re-constructions and similar stuff made RIpper better for me.

Coincidentaly I came here to recommend other Sherlock Holmes game. The last one in particular. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishements.
I am not much of adventure player but I found this one great and think it is one of the best ones I ever played. Maybe even the best one detective games.
It is everything that L.A. Noire should be.

The game is split into 6 cases each with its own story and what makes it great is that each case can be failed. It makes it really tense when you are trying to put all clues together and figure out who is the real murderer. The fact that you can fail and send innocent person to be possibly executed makes it great. One can also after choosing the murderer choose whether to let the person go give them to police. In a lot of cases the morale side of the case is quite interesting and it makes sense to let person go. It's not like you are letting go serial murderer who just loves killing.

Cases are in most parts really logical and it is always possible to figure out the correct solution. There are few parts when one has to choose thing in deductions that he doesn't really agree with to get the rest of things correct but it is never something outrageous and completely unplausible.
The game is somewhat on the easier side of things and I personally would appreciate it even harder but it can be also attributed to the game being quite logical. The game also gets easier as it progresses. Partially it is because player already understand how the game thinks and works but last 2 cases are simply just easier. I was a bit surprised that the second to last was solved by 90% of players correctly because I dodn't think it was that obvious and the last one was so easy that I was surprised it was solved by "only" 96% of people.
The game shows the percentage of correct solutions and I think no case had less than 50% percent succes and at least 4 had over 65 or 70 I think.

I still am not sure if I am happy that we did so good or if I wanted it to be harder but as I type this I feel it is indeed good thing because it shows the game makes sense and can be solved with good thinking. Only in the last case you barely have to think to find the true solution.

Also each case is a bit different and features something new.
Besides of normal solving of murders and interrogations the game also features puzzles of various kind. We mostly enjoyed them and got them all but good thing is that if someone doesn't each of them can be easily skipped. Right at the beginning of puzzle or when is not able to figure it out for some time.
There are also some QTE but usually short ones. Few of them can be failed and they change the following story a bit but never failing prevents from succeeding the case I think.

The game also looks very good. Much better than previous games from the series. It also ran very well with minimum of hiccups.

Overall I find the game great with only tiny flaws and with no real reason to not reccomend it.

I am not posting here anymore much but I figured I should because the game deserves it and I saw only 1 other person from my friend list on Steam has it so I figured it needs recognition.
Beyond Good and Evil,

Great game, i enjoy ever part of it
Even the stealth sections and the voice acting and the fixed camera angles? And the ending?
Moto Racer - A fast motorcycle racing game, you're always at the edge between control and wrecking in this one. The stripped down nature of this game, compared to modern day racing games with their unlocks and credits, is refreshing. All the tracks are available from the start, as are all the motorcycles you need. The championship mode takes you through all the tracks (as well as their reversed layout). It's a simple game in its construction, but gets quite challenging.
Yesterday I finished Project Snowblind.

I got it in a Steam sale sometime ago (more or less a year, I think) because it was bloody cheap and I had seen a video review of it somewhere claiming it was good, but not awesome (though I can't seen to remember which video review it was, the only reference to it I could find in my usual subscribed channels is a brief comment by MetalJesus, and I don't think that was it).

It was reasonably fun and entertaining, it didn't overstay its welcome. It's also very much a product of its era, a weird mix of console and PC FPS, though certainly more consoley than PC.

You can carry all weapons all time, but you can only save at certain machines in levels (though as many times as you want, even if you're most likely no coming back to them after saving) and there are these nano-somethings that work as extra lives if you die. You find a lot more of them than you really need, but you can't stack more than a couple, I think.

The game isn't terribly challenging, levels are a bit on the short side, but it was a fun little trip, as I said before.

It supposedly began as Deus Ex 3, before being turned on something else entirely, and I'm glad it did, because it feels nothing like a Deus Ex game.

Also, a few days ago I finished the main campaign in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

There's still stuff to be done, but to be fair, I think most of my enjoyment of it comes from the fact that I'm a Dragon Ball fan. It's hard, extremely grindy, frequently unfair, it explores most of the events of the original manga/anime in very incomplete and confusing ways, it has a huge selection of characters, but some crucial to their respective sagas are simply missing for no reason, and it's more of an RPG/beat'em up hybrid than a fighting game.

Still, the gameplay tends to be fun when you're not stuck in unfair battles and I had a very emotional connection to the double Kame Hame Ha with Goku at the end of the campaign.

Last, but not least, creating a somewhat large hub city just so that it can serve as a menu and then make moving through it extremely slow was a dick move by the developers.
budejovice: One of my favorites. I'm working on a long project with this one. Another 2 1/2 playthroughs and I plan to do a long write up for this thread.
Enebias: I'm really interested in reding it! :)
1 1/2 playthroughs to go! But that last one could be rough. :)

Really looking forward to getting through - haven't touched another game in weeks and things are a touch... grim... around my house. :)
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long live the queen
Quake 1 Expansions.finished quake in 1999 but never played expansions
AquaNox (GOG)

A pretty average space shooter, but with the main difference that it’s set underwater instead of in space!

It’s pretty straightforward: you have a ship with guns and missiles/torpedoes, and as you complete missions (blowing up other ships) you earn money to upgrade all three, allowing you to blow up more powerful ships on future missions. (Note: I skipped all the plot/talking which is possible to skip, but from what I heard of the rest it’s not very good). The missions are each pretty short.

Overall it’s not too hard and not too complicated, but it’s good simple fun if you’re in the mood to shoot stuff.
RottenRotz: Quake 1 Expansions.finished quake in 1999 but never played expansions
I'm trying to get through Quake. It's so boring to me though. :(
RottenRotz: Quake 1 Expansions.finished quake in 1999 but never played expansions
omega64: I'm trying to get through Quake. It's so boring to me though. :(
Original or expansions?original is an interesting game,for me at least,but i got fed up by expansions pretty fast.finished it anyway