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The Wolf Among Us, Ep.2: Smoke & Mirrors

So, Telltale Games are all about twists. I think there's always one at the very end, but this one had an extra twist very early on, too. And to be honest, I didn't really like it at first. It instantly made everything very confusing. However, they were quick to thoroughly explain how it all happened, so after that I was okay with it. It tied to the overall plot very well after all, after it had the chance to progress a little bit further after the initial "what the hell".

This episode was much less action-oriented than the first, although there was a little bit of that here too. At this point I should mention, that those scenes seem to be very well directed. Yes, they are nothing but QTE's, but the action looks really cool. I always get extra-excited when I notice one's about to happen.

Well, not much else to be said about this episode. It mostly focused on progressing the story, instead of constantly throwing "Holy Shit! What the fuck! Who's this guy? Oh my God" -moments at you like the first episode. It was a nice chance of pace. Not really sure how I feel about the ending - I mean, I kinda had my suspects, but it was still... a little creepy. Very interesting to see how the next conversation with a particular character will go.
I felt sick at the end of chapter two. So much so that I was unable to continue playing for about a month. In the end I'm glad I picked it up again, though :) It will be interesting to see your thoughts on the next chapter XD
Jan 9 - Commander Keen 5

Another fun game from the Commander Keen series. Played the game on easy difficulty and it was fairly easy with only a few troublesome spots. The music is good. The graphics are good for that time. Game play is smooth, though I did experience some flickering, which may or may not be due to DOSBox.

Also: Include me, please. Thanks.
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9/1 MURI

Retro dos platformer.Short and fun for a while.
09.01.2015 - The Shopkeeper
A thing I got from Humble and decided to play because it looked nice. I liked what I've seen but I didn't like I've seen so little. If you played Escape from Monkey Island, you probably remember Prostetic Shop puzzle where you need to fill some gaps in Deadeye Dave's story. Well, that's The Shopkeeper for you. A customer enters your shop, you tell them a story about one of your items and then a scene plays (the scene is always the same, no matter what you pick) where you need to fill missing parts to determine the scene' progress. Depending on how you told the story, the customer buys the item (it's always the same item, no matter what you pick at the beginning) or not. If not, there is a chance for a short part on the street where you play as the customer and can talk to a florist about how weird the shopkeeper is.
And that's it. You can listen to some stories about shopkeeper's items, determine how a story is told and talk to a random florist.
It looks nice and plays nice but it's way too short. Would work as a demo for something bigger. As a full product with a price tag, well, there's not much to it.
Jan 9 - Commander Keen 6

Another fun game in the Commander Keen series. The music is good, though one of the songs felt a bit too short and repetitive. The graphics, again, are good for when it was released. There aren't a lot of enemies on easy, but the obstacles in the maps were a challenge in a couple of the levels. I experienced some flickering like I did in Keen 5, but again whether or not because of DOSBox, I don't know.
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1. Talisman Prologue
2. Carmageddon

3. Broken Age
4. One Way Heroics
5. Metal Dead
6. Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse



7. Tormentum - Dark Sorrow


8. Goodbye Deponia (3)
9. King's Quest 1 - Quest for the Crown (AGDI remake)
10. Payday - The Heist

11. Rock of Ages
12. King's Quest 2 - Romancing the Stones (AGDI remake)
13. Wolfenstein 3D
14. Kairo

15. Wolfenstein 3D - Spear of Destiny
16. Fester Mudd - Curse of the Gold
17. Oblivion + Shivering Isles expansion.
18. Journey of a Roach
19. Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood
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Bret Airborne

It's a rather short match-3 based game but with a very cool twist. Basically you are fighting your opponent on a 8x8 board and by matching 3 (or more) tiles you can attack him, repair your balloon or gather resources - there are three types of them and if you collect enough you can perform special moves (a lot of interesting types!) which you can buy in a shop. So where is the aforementioned twist? The board is divided and you can move tiles only on your half (4 columns). But! If you create a match that is partially on your side and partially on enemy's it's still counted as your match! Heck, by creating a cascade you can even create a match that is entirely on his side and it's still you who'll benefit from it. The best fun is when you manage to match 4 or more tiles. Then you get an extra turn and the border is moved by one column to the right, meaning that until the end of your turn you can move tiles in a larger region. If you fail to make a match in your round (sometimes it's not possible) then it's your enemy's turn and the border will move to the left giving him more space so always try to create a match, even a useless one! Of course the same rules applies to your opponent. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any match-3 fans, it's a very unique experience in that genre, one of the best I've ever played (10000000 is perhaps my favorite).

Full list
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10.01.2015 - Spartans vs. Zombie Defence
As a crappy games collector I couldn't skip this one. And I was disappointed. I expected some unplayable offensive utter shit and all I got was rather boring repetitive tower defence game with 60 waves.
Most of copyright infringing material has been removed.
Microtransactions don't work (not that I would use them :)) so grinding is the only way to get money.
And the first of the year is Maniac Mansion... with a walkthrough as it is pretty hard by today standards (some pixel hunting and weird puzzles).
10 JAN 15
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.
3 FEB 15

It wasn't as bad as I'd feared, and while there's very little depth to the game play, the game itself is loads of fun and is really quite entertaining. It's really fun to murder orcs with other orcs and eventually control large portions of the entire map.
You can include me on the front page too.
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1954 Alcatraz

Nice little adventure i liked the story and the mechanics.
11.01.2015 - To the Moon
First of all, I'm a stupid asshat for having it in my backlog for so long and never finishing it before today. David Cage can learn making emotional games from Freebird.
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Novotnus: 11.01.2015 - To the Moon
First of all, I'm a stupid asshat for having it in my backlog for so long and never finishing it before today. David Cage can learn making emotional games from Freebird.
awesome little game, I think A bird story was made by the same people.
Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2

Great game, one of the longest DLCs I've ever played. I enjoyed it well, but it was confusing as hell. To be honest the storyline went right over my head.