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NoNewTaleToTell: Fallout 3: Broken Steel. It's just more of the same, same weaknesses and same strengths as the base game. I'm probably done with Fallout 3 now, the rest of the DLCs can go finish themselves.
Austrobogulator: D: I was going to mention to you that you should play Point Lookout, but I didn't get around to it. I'd say that it's certainly one of the better parts of the game. But if you're done, you're done. I definitely know that Fallout 3 can get pretty tiresome.
I agree with you that point lookout is one of the better dlcs for fallout 3 but I don't think it does enough for someone feelings about the game seem to be "meh"

anyway just recently finished pillars of eternity. while I have a few nitpicks and the ending fell a little flat to me overall I really enjoyed my 119 hours of the game...

Now I want to replay bg2
Few games from past months which I hope havent mentioned yet.

04-26-15 - Saints Row IV
The last Saints Row that has gone super daft. It was decent enough with some really funny parts. As for someone who usually likes the driving in such open world games did not get to do much of that. There is simply no point with the super powers. And that is just minor complaint since I know most people don't care for driving. Well I do! Anyways, will be interesting to see how they can ever top this game.

04-19-15 - Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious (360)
A console game. And a free one! A sponsored standalone Forza game with Fast & Furious theme. Decent, short and enjoyable enough. Reminds me that I need to get around playing Forza Horizon 2 still. Really loved the first game. Just havent had time.

04-05-15 - Hinterland
A slightly older game for a change. And hardly an achievement to beat this. Always liked the Tilted Mill games and this is no exception. More rpg type of game, but way too simple. Did beat the game couple of times with different heroes and maps.
I just got my 'elite License' in Burnout: Paradise, it says I'm at 81% because of all the 'exploration' stuff and the 'road rules' still to do but I completed all the events and saw the end credits so I'm calling it
There's also the 'Bikes' DLC of course - I'll put that one back on my playlist 'to do' - some day

Anyway amazing game, combining racing and open world, later 'open world' racers from Criterion (switching to thE 'Need for Speed' brand) focus more on set racetracks for events and that's an interesting style too, It can be hard trying to race and navigate simultaneously in this one, spawning one of those gut-wrenching, crash sequences on the fly!

It doesn't quite take the crown for best PC racer from Flatout: Ultimate Carnage for me but Steam says I've spent nearly 60hrs on it and I wouldn't have done that if it was pish...

Anyways - Full List:
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Vroom!... Maybe if that counts as completing - I played all 3 tracks and set records, there doesn't seem to be anything else to do except try to beat those records - like you're Principal Skinner or something!
Controls are a bit floaty but this could have been an OK-ish Carmageddon wannabe if they'd continued it - maybe twice the tracks, more vehicles besides the one truck and some form of progression, as it is it's more like a demo than a game, even for a mobile port!

Incidentally, between Burnout and this I tried to get Le Mans 24hrs (a.k.a Test Drive: Le Mans) working, while the races themselves work OK, if you try to qualify the game quits to desktop so you can race - if you're prepared to start from the very back every race, which is a BIT of a dis-advantage! - If anyone knows a fix for that let me know and yes I've tried nGLIDE and Win 95 Compatibility mode...

Again - full list:
Colonization! - 3/5 difficulty.
It only took me 20 years :)
andysheets1975: King's Quest. I played through this last night while seeing how it ran through the Galaxy alpha. I've finished it several times. It stumped me as a kid (that damn Rumplestiltskin puzzle!!!), but playing it now, the solutions always come back to me quickly and I just enjoy how open-ended it is. You have a mission and the only way to finish it is to wander around and see what's out there. It's a crude game compared to Sierra's later games, but I still find it entertaining.
Just had to say that the Rumplestiltskin puzzle was a *#%!@ when I first played KQ, about 30 years ago. How much of an impact did it have on me? To this day, I can still spell the answer to it from memory. ;D

Very fun oldschool FPS with a great cell-shaded look. For those into that kind of thing, the game feature Score Attack and Time Attack mode on all the levels, so that can definitely extend the short length for you. One-click download of people's replays from the leaderboards is a very nice feature as well, and I don't recall seeing it in any other game.

Wrack uses both a quicksave and a "limited lives" checkpoint system, however if you play on higher than Medium difficulties the quicksaves are only there to be able to quit the game at any time without losing progress, so quicksaving actually dumps you to the Main Menu. This means on Challenging and above difficulty you have to survive on those limited lives - and considering how many times I died on Medium during the playthrough, I figure that's not for me.

The game uses a kill chain system - killing enemies in a quick succession start's the kill chain, and longer the chain, the more points you get. Additionally, the kill chain has 4 "finisher" levels, and once it reaches one of them you can activate a weapon's finisher move, which has different affects depending on the weapon, and additional power per finisher level reached. These are all necessary to get high points, which is important for higher difficulties since you get an extra life every 50k points, but the more I tried to score high, the more I died :)

Despite the short length, the gameplay does get kinda repetitive. The only other minor criticism I have is that with everything being so colorful, it can be pretty hard to spot the small health, armor and ammo drops. I often had to run several times over the remains of downed enemies to make sure I didn't miss anything.

My early impressions were right, i just finished the game in 3 hours, unlocking the survival mode but honestly i don't feel like playing more of it.
In the Story mode you crashed your submarine and you need to collect 9 pieces so that you can rebuit it (realistic, yeah, i know) and travel back to the surface, i wasted sometime mining and gathering other resources so that i could at least get deeper into the ocean(because of the pressure you need better diving suits), i guess that with the 2nd suit it would be enough to collect all parts and complete the game so i would say that if it wasn't for the experimenting what the game had to offer i could have completed in less than 2 hours (maybe even less than 1 hour).

The problem is that the game doesn't have much content and this isn't minecraft, i doubt many people will wast their time making different bases because all look the same and you don't even need some of the stuff that you can craft.
Oh, you can plant vegetables on your base? Why bother, get better ammo for your speargun, get a couple of droids and just fish whatever you want.
So we have a game with low content and the existing one doesn't even feel needed...

I guess the gameplay is ok and the visuals are serviceable, paid 1$ for it and don't regret it but i also don't feel like i want to play more of it or anything that the dev might come up with...

Decent gameplay with an overly juvenile dialogue. A few frustrating spots with combat and trying to figure out where to go next, but otherwise fun if you can get past a whole lot of filler words with very few jokes to pad them.
hucklebarry: Unepic.

Decent gameplay with an overly juvenile dialogue. A few frustrating spots with combat and trying to figure out where to go next, but otherwise fun if you can get past a whole lot of filler words with very few jokes to pad them.
I believe there's actually an option to turn down the stupid humour.
hucklebarry: Unepic.

Decent gameplay with an overly juvenile dialogue. A few frustrating spots with combat and trying to figure out where to go next, but otherwise fun if you can get past a whole lot of filler words with very few jokes to pad them.
Austrobogulator: I believe there's actually an option to turn down the stupid humour.
Interesting. Wil look for that if I play it again. Thanks.
Soldier of Fortune

A replay, 15 years later. GHOUL still makes it appealing, especially since no one has bothered to duplicate it. It's a campy shooter that pretends to be realistic, which is as realistic as I can bear. I actually made a mistake: I played on a custom difficulty, combining the highest AI level, very limited weapon carrying, and two saves per level, in exchange for no respawns. I despise respawning that much - it takes away from the sense of accomplishment when you desolate a level. But the game of course did continue to spawn enemies on at least two levels, not to mention all the awkwardly placed enemy spawning points, where they materialize out of thin air (or doors that are just muddy textures). Eh. Spent ages reloading and replaying entire levels or large chunks of them. And the chief appeal also was diminished - due to most enemies utilizing body armor, there were less freely flying limbs than I remember from my teenage days. So now the game thinks I finished it in ~6 hours, but it really took me ~15 hours. Though it was still fun, next time I'm playing it like the B action movie tribute it is.
front mission evolved
6 hours and its over
The Last Tinker: City of Colors

A nice action adventure. As others have said, it doesn't do any one thing particularly great, but it keeps you entertained throughout after the slow start. I didn't mind the auto-jumping either.

I recommend playing on Hard so that it's not a complete cakewalk.
Shadowrun Returns: Game has some rough edges and I found the difficulty was uneven at times, but DAMN! I do love the setting. Looking forward to Dragonfall, which I think is next on my plate.

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