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I just played Escape From XP. Um, just go play it yourself...
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I just finished Escape Goat 2. I rescued all 16 sheep. I guess there are more rooms to be found, but I don't know how to get to them. I really enjoyed it. Here are my final stats:
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12.04.2014 - Under a Killing Moon
What can I say? I wonder why I waited so long to play it... Great game, great setting, great main character, glorious FMV. Two things came as surprises: dead ends (after playing the beginning I was certain they got rid of that relict of the past... only to find myself in a situation where three plot-essential items were locked in the room with insta-death thing without any option to take them out) and Loony Tunes humor at some parts (Flenn leaving the room, seriously? :))
Overall, great game worth recommending to any adventure fan.
Skulls of the Shogun

Pretty good. I like these type of strategic, tactical, turn-based games. The units had nice variety and each had their use, although I consider the archers to be a bit better compared to everyone else, especially in demon form (two shots, the best damage output of all the units). The game had some genuinely good humor in it too, and I also liked the graphical style. It could have been just a little bit longer, but that might be my opinion solely for the fact that I had such a good time with it. Most battles seemed very, very unfair when they began, but with careful unit management the game really wasn't that difficult after all. Well worth trying out if you're into these type of games!

Why not take a look which games I've finished this year thus far?
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Around two weeks ago I finished I/O revision II (52h) but was (for a reason unknown to me) not in the mood to post.
I/O is a Sci-Fi Visual Novel about virtual reality, quantum mechanics and parallel worlds. The story starts interesting enough but became a boring and confusing mess quite quickly. There were too many annoying characters and a lot of the bad events could be avoided if the characters would simply talk to each other.
"So you are the brother of my girlfriend? I won't talk to you but blame you for everything in every world and stab you with my katana. Of course you'll survive and 2/3 of your body will be cybernised for a reason not explained."

And today I finished Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter (9h).
I played the original in the past and I remembered the game to be more fun than this.
Every level looks the same and there aren't many different enemies. The thing that annoyed me the most were the many moments where the game tried to scare me but failed miserable most of the time.
I'll probably play the Second Encounter in the future because I remember it to be much better than the first one.

Here's my list.
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12.04.2014 - Broken Age, episode 1
What's there to say? I liked it very much. Beauty visuals, good story with great twist \ cliffhanger, likeable characters... Yes, the puzzles were simple, but I don't take it as a con any more.
The only bad thing was - the game is so damn short :)
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X-Com Enemy Unknown

Finished this on Normal level after about 60 hours with the Elite Soldier/Slingshot DLC. It's not really as long of a game as that number would suggest, but I was dead set on completing the Edison Steam achievement, which means I had to interrogate one of every alien type that could be interrogated: and at a certain point in the game, the regular Floater aliens just stopped appearing. I kept seeing a lot of the Heavy versions, but none of the basic ones. I played through probably 15 unnecessary missions looking for one of those little buggers before I finally found one in a Terror mission.

As a big X-Com UFO Defense fan, I was very pleased with this remake. Yes, it's a much simplier game than the original, but I didn't feel like it was "dumbed down" to appeal to a wider audience. Seeing the game with modern graphics was a real treat, and the soldier profession choices allowed for some varied styles of play.

My two biggest complaints were 1: This game is not stable. More than a couple of times I made it nearly all the way through a difficult mission, just to have the screen freeze up on me after all the hard work had been done. And 2: If your looking for something in the way of an original story from this game, it's not going to happen.

Now if I can find Enemy Within super-cheap.

My 2014 list
Sonic the Hedgehog

Finally tried playing the original after only ever playing the one with Knuckles. Pretty fun, casual game, although Labyrinth Zone was kind of annoying at first. Might give Golden Axe a try next on my list of Genesis games to play through.

Yet another Android Tower Defense game. Brad the Bardbarian's hometown is under attack by evil monsters yet again, but Brad is tired of fighting them himself. What is he going to do this time? Why, enlist the help of s̶u̶c̶k̶e̶r̶s̶ heroes to do the job for him. So, it's kinda different than your average tower defense game. Is it entertaining though? Yes, but not too much. There is only one stage, meaning that there is no reason to adapt your strategy since no enemies are coming from the North, the South or from the West, but only from the East. When you inevitably die, though (due to enemies becoming stronger, but your character/heroes do not), the game takes you to the upgrade screen, but I'm not really sure why they don't let you upgrade in-game. It's not like Rogue Legacy, where you take control of a successor; this is the same old Brad. But, it was a fun little time-waster and that must count for something.

2014 list.
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Duke Nukem 1 (Duke Nukum)

I don't know if it was nostalgia or what, but the game was strangely fun to play. Except the last level of the 3rd episode - repeating the level every time I died at the boss was a pain...

Jasioar: Sonic the Hedgehog

Finally tried playing the original after only ever playing the one with Knuckles. Pretty fun, casual game, although Labyrinth Zone was kind of annoying at first. Might give Golden Axe a try next on my list of Genesis games to play through.
Did you beat it without cheating (using emulator Save States)? For the life of me I couldn't do it, due to that very same Labyrinth Zone's boss fight (chase really).
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Thief Gold
I finally completed Thief Gold for the first time (I think I quit at the Escape! mission more than 15 years ago). It's still an amzing game with a great atmosphere even if there are some missions that are a bit too mazy in my eyes and there's also one mission that I really hate (I'm looking at you Return to the Haunted Cathedral).

I really had great fun playing this game and certainly will also play part II and III in the future (especially because I read that they are more about heists and don't have so many supernatural elements).

Complete list of games finished in 2014
I did finish Far Cry 3 some days a go.. And good riddance I owned it too long anyway. It was pretty good but there was some forum about Far 2. ..and I liked it better with a mod.

It seemed so long or perhaps I crafted too much but still..

Why I must climb towers in every ubisoft games.
Finished off Arcana for the SNES this week. Was an old game from my childhood, wanted to see how it held up. And the answer to that is....not well. At all. The art style always struck me as interesting (characters and monsters as Tarot card-style representations always struck me as novel), and the music was nice at the time. But dear gods, has it fallen apart in retrospect.
You know what kills a nice soundtrack? Repetition. And what do you get when you start down the path of random battles every two to five steps? A whole fuckload of repetition. Example - enter dungeon. Walk two steps. Get attacked. Fight. Win. Try to turn. Get attacked. Fight. Win. Walk two more steps. Get attacked from behind by surprise, complete with the game showing "Yikes!" on-screen every single gods-damned time it happens. Think to yourself that some Japanese game developer was one sake-fueled Scooby Doo marathon away from just putting "Zoinks!" in the fuckin' thing, like you're in a Saturday morning mystery where every culprit is a horde of palette-swapped monsters. Cry a little inside. Notice the music looping for the fifth time. Feel the urge to cry being replaced with the urge to scream. Repeat the walk two steps/fight/win cycle about 50 more times. Find a companion who, while perfectly capable of killing enemies in the quasi-cutscene intro for them, needs to be escorted back to town for equipment since they apparently shoved their armor and weaponry up their ass like they're trying to smuggle it into a foreign country as soon as they join up with you. Teleport back to town. Groan when you think about having to repeat running through the dungeon. Run through it anyway, because you feel you deserve to be punished for some reason. Spin around in circles hoping you don't get attacked while trying to restore health and magic points to the main character's elemental sidekicks. Feel incredibly silly for spinning around in circles for two to three minutes to build up your sidekicks in case the upcoming boss fight is one wherein your human companions suffer some contrived reason as to why they have to run off, leaving you to fight the boss alone. Continue to spin around because there is NO WAY IN HELL you're going back to town for an inn stop and another 150 random battles (AT LEAST). Continue fight/walk/win cycle until you get attacked out of the blue by the boss d' jour. Breathe a sigh of relief because at least if you've found the boss, that round of random battle torture is almost at an end. Beat boss. Sit through disjointed fragmented localized English cutscene dialogue. Go to new town. Repeat. About 8 times. Win game.
FLT-advanced edition

and im done with it. i unlocked stealth ship, federation and engi one. of course on easy. I havent touched the normal since release when i barely got to fifth system. way too difficult to play. hard would be just insane.
Max Payne and Max Payne 2:The fall of max payne

can't say anything that hasnt been already said about these classics.oh remedy why did you sold mp to rockstar:/
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