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Black Mesa

Man. that game was hard. especially last fight before teleport. Barely survived it and just jumped into the portal with 20 shield and maybe 12 points of life.
They put so much work in this game. just love it and am impressed. can't wait for full release.
Theoclymenus: The only DLC I didn't play was Honest Hearts and I certainly intend to go back and play it.
That was the only one I didn't like. Joshua was an interesting character, but that's all...
Just finished Wing Commander V for the third or fourth time. Not really my favorite part of the series (that's IV, closely followed by III), but I grabbed it on GOG during the winter sale and I've never played it in English. I have to say that Maniac alone is worth it to play the game in its original language.

I'm not playing that much at the moment... Most of my free time gets eaten up by RPG Maker VX Ace and understanding Ruby (the scripting language).

Complete list of finished games.
Wheel of Time, finally.

Quite a different FPS game, mainly due to the unconventional weapons (which were more like spells, not actual weapons).

I think the latter parts of the game were maybe even easier than the beginning, as it seemed there was far more ammo available later in the levels. In the early parts, I seemed to constantly run out of "ammo", less so later. Or maybe I learned to conserve ammo better.

The gameplay wasn't that satisfying because quite often head-to-head fighting would end up you dying in a couple of seconds, so the best way to advance was to use the AI weakness to your advantage, like killing an enemy from around the corner with your "blow weapon" (unlimited ammo), while he was just standing there without noticing you.
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Shadowrun: Dragonfall

I really liked Dead Man's Switch, and I really liked Dragonfall too. There's just something about the Shadowrun universe (or how Harebrained managed to portray it) that I find really, really interesting. DMS got critique for not having a particularly open world, but I think those people can be happy now that Dragonfall introduced side missions to go with the main plot. All of them were very fun to play in my opinion. Character building was really interesting and fun, the plot was really me, everything just clicked. This was exactly what I'm looking for in a tactical turn-based RPG. To me, it was a perfect game and a perfect expansion. Highly recommended.
I finally finished Avernum 3.

Sadly the last part of the first trilogy isn't as good as Avernum 2. The explorable area is big but it feels empty. Most NPCs don't say anything and a lot of buildings in the towns a copy-paste.
Besides that it was still a good game which took me 86,75 hours to beat. Now I have to take a long break before I start the next Spiderweb game. It will probably be Nethergate, since I finally got it on eBay.

Here's my list.
Finished Metal Gear Rising: Revengenance(?)
It's a game I will be completing again in the near future. I love Platinum Games!

The list
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Overseer Tex Murphy (9:40pm 2nd March)

I like it more then PD but it wasn't as good as Under a killing moon. It is the best looking Tex game and the interface is better.

The only problem I had with it was the lack of reused characters. You met a few people at the being and there is no reason to speak to them later.

Ending was awesome
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Finished Paper Sorcerer. It was a nice dungeon crawler, to be played in short sessions (1h).

Full list here.
Just finished Jade Empire can't believe how quickly I went through it, it was just completely compelling, a play-through plus making all the 'evil' choices is tempting but there's a LOT of plot there that I'm not sure I want to go through again anytime soon and 7Gb is a lots of space top be taking up sitting idle
Can't believe it's over though...

Full list:
Managed to complete two games this weekend.

Broken Age
Yup, liked it! Of course the game is quite simple and streamlined for bigger audience, which I am fine with. The story and especially the way it ends is really interesting still. Kind of shame that they had to chop up the game like that and we have to wait for the second part. Also, IMO this is must be the most balanced Double Fine game. Or maybe polished is the better word. And I really like Double Fine! It just that all of their games have some minor flaws. Well not played Psychonauts, yet. Anyway, Broken Age is great! Should maybe go and look at making-of videos now, especially since I paid for that tier.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Finally! This is no doubt the longest it has ever taken me to beat a game. Started this back in November 2012, but had to put it on hold because of new country and new job and the lot. Picked it up after all this time about a month ago. Had made it about half way through and was determined to beat it. Even though was slightly tempted to start it on the PC, which I've already bought on a sale. Played the PS3 version. Anyway, getting back to a complex game like this was not easy. Adjusted the difficulty to easy so that I could handle the battles. Had even forgotten what kind of build I was going for. Seemed to be all social/hacking of the looks of it after getting my arse wiped several times. Anyway, completed the game last night finally. And it was so worth it! Of course the boss fights are messed up, but managed to put tons of money and upgrades to my revolver which become a really nasty thing with its explosive damage and what not. Was kind of breezing through the last levels and ignoring the side missions, which I slightly regret. Need to see about the missing link DLC. Wonder if one can get that for the PC version and just play through that without beating the game? Also getting slightly sucked into the Deus Ex again universe. That mobile game looks pretty sweet as does that Icarus Effect book ;) If they only had made a third game ;)
Guacamelee! Gold Edition

I liked this game. At first I thought it was a little too fast paced, and the screen flashes whenever I got a power-up, were really annoying. But I got used to both, and once I got the hang of the fighting and platforming, it turned out to be a fun game, if a little short. I also collected all the mask pieces, did all the sidequests, and got most (not all) treasures. The art style was nice too. Not a bad game!
Thief 4.

At 47 hours of playtime and not nearly all secrets/loot found, it was worth the money. Certainly a flawed game, but not nearly the negative mess that most people are whining about.
hucklebarry: Thief 4.

At 47 hours of playtime and not nearly all secrets/loot found, it was worth the money. Certainly a flawed game, but not nearly the negative mess that most people are whining about.
I'm 15 hours in (came out on Friday in EU) and feel the same way. Yes, you can blast your way through it in 10 hours but why would you do that? I don't get people that finish games super fast and then complain they are too short. T4 is not GOTY by any stretch but it's a fine game and damn, it's good to be back!
Chaser98: I finished the main questline in Saints Row IV a few days ago. Brilliant game. If there is a new Saints Row game, I hope it continues in that style.
Since writing that I've also finished How The Saints Saved Christmas and Enter The Dominatrix and have finished a lot of random side quests (like climbing the towers). Seriously this game is great, the only things that could improve it would be bringing back the Russian voice option (I would have preferred them keeping the Russian voice instead of Laura Bailey) and the ability to enter 1950s Steelport whenever you want.
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