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Hey, guys. I finished a game finally.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Yes, I've finished it before, but this time I did South America. Only Africa to go. I would say go here for the full list, but there's only one item so far.
I did quick run through Saints Row 2 after less than 2 years from playing it last time. I wanted to refresh story (yes, I played Saints Row for story:-)) before finally going through complete Saints Row 3 which I was never able to. So I did only all story missions and some activities to gain needed respect, not everything in game like last time.
SR2 is still good game with ton of fun and with good music. It is also awful port and has really wonky physics. Enjoyed it the same as last time but do not intend to play it anytime soon again. :-)

My list.
Mass Effect 3 with all DLC done.

Eh. Great, great game. People had issue with ending because you get three choices and it doesn't matter what you did during the game, nothing matters as long as you got enough points to be able to fight reapers.

skipping that fact....
it was brilliant. I really really enjoyed it and im saddened that the trilogy ended. According to steam I got ME1 on 2nd of January 2010 and I presume I played the game the same day. So four and half years with my commander Shepard. I didn't change his looks, his class since creating him the first time. Amazing space adventure that was.

Listening to ENT intro at the moment as it seems so fitting.

edit: link to my full list
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Quite a few over the last weeks.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows, Legend of Zelda: A link between worlds, Borderlands 2 (and most of it's DLC) and Unreal Tournament GOTY (damn, that last fight was hard...).
Just finished RAGE and Brothers - the tale of two sons. Brothers is absolutely superb.
Gomo and Braveland.

I played Braveland on medium, I found it easy (except for 2 battles) and repetitive. The end battle was kind of disappointing and is not even one of the hard one.
I suggest playing it on hard for any grognard out there who have it in their library. You can change difficulty during the campaign.
Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Fun but pretty short rhythm game - in 5 hours I completed the story on Normal, Hard and Chopin difficulties and beat my head against the Arena mode for a bit. I liked the music and weird story, but couldn't get used to the keyboard controls - ended up using the mouse with only a little assistance from keyboard.
I think I'm gonna call Project Diva F complete. There is 1 song on Extreme Mode I've been unable to pass called NegaPosi Continues, and its likely I never will without an amazing stroke of luck. My fingers just don't move that fast, and if I try my arm goes numb about halfway through the song.

Definitely a fun rhythm game, especially if you're a Vocaloid fan. But if you are, you probably already knew that :P

While I call it done, I'll more than likely keep playing casually just because its fun. Maybe shoot for the last few trophies I'm missing, not that they're important.
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This year:
South Park Stick Of Truth
Arkham Asylum
Pokemon Leafgreen & Pokemon X
Walking Dead: 400 Days
Ducktales Remastered
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30-May: Star Fox Adventures

So I have a bunch of GameCube games and most of them I never completed (like most games on any platform). I bought the game towards the tail end of my GC playing days because it was so cheap. I think it was $5 new. I loaded up my save from years ago and I only had played it for 40 minutes lol. I must have played it once and never touched it again.

Well, I can't say I hated it, but I probably would have been happier if I picked another game to spend 18 hours with. I don't care about it not being a regular Star Fox game. It just wasn't that good. First the positive: it is one of the best looking games on the system (with the exception of the Airwing missions). Rare always knew how to get the most out of the hardware. The fur, grass and other particle effects were all nicely done. The music for the most part was good. The controls worked well, I definitely liked how they made use of the C-stick to go through inventory, powers, etc.

The combat sucked. They took the Ocarina of Time mechanic and dumbed it down. You can't control targeting, the game auto-targets. If you want to focus on another enemy, you have to leave combat mode, enter combat mode again and hope the game picks the one you want. Then all you do is hit the A button. You can vary attacks by pushing a direction on the stick but all that does is change the type of attack animations that play. There is a whole lot of backtracking and item collection - the latter being common in a lot of Rare platform/adventure games. Most items didn't even serve much of a purpose except to progress in a particular area, then you never use them again.

And then those Airwing missions they threw into the game - terrible.

It might sound like I did hate the game, I didn't. It was just average gameplay and at times a bit tedious.
Beat Tex Murphy: Mean Streets last week.
Mr. Bree++

Fun punishment platformer with a slight twist, but the 60 levels start seeming rather monotonous after a while since there are basically only 2 locations (forest and slaughterhouse.) Also the 30fps frame cap is rather annoying in a game like this.
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iippo: Just finished RAGE and Brothers - the tale of two sons. Brothers is absolutely superb.
And RAGE? ;)
lukaszthegreat: Mass Effect 3 with all DLC done.
Currently playing my 6th ME3 playthrough! =)

And have yet to finish the Witcher...damn, I'll probably only finish the games in autumn, have other plans this summer.
iippo: Just finished RAGE and Brothers - the tale of two sons. Brothers is absolutely superb.
Leroux: And RAGE? ;)
It was quite fun fps really. shootingwise. the story was utter BS and i think they run into deadline at the end - but it was really nice looking and the action was well done. i can recommend it at discount price.